Question about the $1,000

Question about the $1,000

Anyone know if the $1,000 is refundable if you end up not getting the car?


Shesmyne2 | 7 april 2016

Yes it is

Still Grinning ;-)

yongliangzhu68 | 7 april 2016

It is a deposit and NOT a down payment.

acuoio | 7 april 2016

You call the sales number on the Contact page and give them your RN and cancel. Takes 10-15 days to refund you.

Haggy | 7 april 2016

It's not a deposit but a reservation payment. It will convert to a deposit if your reservation converts to an order. That won't happen until Tesla is within months of producing your car, and it will be up to you. That's when you will pick configuration options. At that point, you will probably still have a week to change your mind on the configuration or cancel with no penalty. After that, you will probably not get a refund on your deposit.

If you got an email confirming your reservation, see the attached document.