Model 3 Screen in steering wheel

Model 3 Screen in steering wheel

Elon stated the model 3 steering wheel that was at the launch was not the one that will be in production. He also stated that the steering wheel will looks as though it is out of a space ship and would be shown in the part 2 of the unveiling. He also stated that the lack of speedometer will make sense in part 2.

This got me thinking, will the model 3 have a touch screen on the steering wheel with controls and show the speed? I would have to say that would be pretty cool.

henry | 7 april 2016

It would be cool but the design might have issues. Staring @ the steering wheel while driving can be a problem (lower the the dash is). Also there's the airbag problem.

I also have a thread about the dash screen and I think maybe a heads up display that crushes whats currently out there might be the answer.