The Model X Design Studio is now live

The Model X Design Studio is now live

gfb107 | 12 april 2016

Yes, and the 70D is now a 75D

EVino | 12 april 2016

Yes, there's a 75D. Nice price point too.

DarthB | 12 april 2016

And optional hitch is now $200 instead of free?

EVino | 12 april 2016

I don't think it was ever free, was it? If free, that wouldn't be an option.

Odelle8 | 12 april 2016

The default included decor has also switched to dark ash wood.

EVino | 12 april 2016

I wonder if the silicon-enhanced battery chemistry is now standard on all models. The chemistry update turned the 85 into the 90, and it might follow for 70D --> 75D. The pure graphite battery might be history.

aesculus | 12 april 2016

The optional hitch was free very early on. It was also 1 3/4" and could not be used for towing. For those that ordered it that way they were automatically converted to the standard hitch without the extra towing strength to go to 5000 lbs, limited to 3500 lbs.

socalsam | 12 april 2016

So if I order today- i can get a 90D next month? Dang- what happened to the 30k reservations???? 2700 hundred cars delivered so far and you can get a new X next month? So that means about 5k people have confirmed - I'm vin # 42xx and no car yet- its coming soon.

does that mean that 20k reservations have decided not to proceed with ordering the car??


Triggerplz | 12 april 2016

Don't feel bad I'm vin 10xx and still no car and I ordered all the good stuff... April/Early May and To add insult to injury my vin came out straight in the lottery a week after I got the Vin. $30 ticket woulda paid for the P90DL, XPEL and Opticoat

TonyInNH | 12 april 2016

Just checked the spec for the car I ordered, it has already been changed to 75D from 70D

eric.zucker | 12 april 2016

Whoa... Not so fast. I'm waiting for my P90DL Sig. 6 seater, blue, tan, white, subzero, carbon fiber, towing. Configured March 1st, confirmed and set in stone March 15, no news from Tesla since. No VIN yet. Plus 8 weeks delay to ship from Fremont to here (EU).

Vperl claims to be waiting for a 5 seat config all over these forums.

I don't know what the confirmation ratio is, but Tesla has a bunch of X's to build. At 750 a week, they ought to still be busy for a while.

socalsam | 12 april 2016

Im not feeling bad- Im april to early may as well which hopefully means any day now. Im just flabbergasted that you can order a car today and get it next month. 25k of the 30k "reservations" did not follow through with an order. That is mind blowing to me.

dortor | 12 april 2016

careful socalsam - if you say anything negative - you'll be accused of being a troll and short - or worse yet a short-troll…

all is find - Tesla X is perfect - there are no flaws - the great Elon has chosen well for all the disciples - the car is fine - the orders are fine - the 3rd row seats not so much - they are being recalled - but everything else is fine - your deposit was well used…no one has canceled any orders - because there never were any orders…

it's all fine.

Ankit Mishra | 12 april 2016

These 5000 VIN do not contain 70D confirmations, European, Chinese, Australian etc orders.

socalsam | 12 april 2016

Im not trying to start a flame war here or say anything negative about tesla. Ive wasted enough time on these boards and really don't care about that.

I was just making an observation that one can place an order today and get their X next month. Im just surprised by that information.

NumberOne | 12 april 2016

Many people want a 70D Do not pay too much attention to statistics of how many are choosing the 70D. Tesla would like to sell as many 90Ds as possible before they start producing the 70D.

I doubt that anyone ordering a car today will bet it next month, no matter what Tesla says. First, it is a generic message. Second, if you order today, you will still have to wait a week to confirm the order (some can configure sooner), and then it will take another 3-4 weeks before you get a VIN. That already puts you at the end of May. Add 2 weeks for actual assembly, and you will not see the car until Mid June. That is still not too bad, but much more realistic.

Waldek | 12 april 2016

I see that High Amperage Charger upgrade went up from $1k to $1.5k and also Obeche Wood Matte is at $750 now - it was free back in January when I confirmed my order. looks like $1.25k savings for me :) I am gonna drive my X and treat myself and my wife to nice dinner :)

NumberOne | 12 april 2016

Clearly I was not paying attention! The 70D is gone... Replaced by 75D. My guess is that people who ordered the 70D will not mind paying for the upgrade to 75D. Amazingly only 20 miles less range than the 90D.

TonyInNH | 12 april 2016

My spec changed, but the price didn't.

elguapo | 12 april 2016

You pay for the acceleration - that's effectively it now. 20 miles of range is nothing. The 75D is a relative steal now.

I love my P90D and I love having it early, but if I were ordering today, I would get a 75D and load it up with options and save some money. At $10,000 delta between 75 and 90, you pay $500/mile of range - not necessary given all of the superchargers, IMHO.

So as I said at first, you now pay for acceleration. It will be interesting to see if the "Active Spoiler" works on the 75D as it does on the 90D...

Like2bcheap | 12 april 2016

We are picking ours up this afternoon, yay!! Didn't expect to get it till summer but somehow it only took about 6 weeks and this includes a 10 day delay. Although we did get the 90D, so that might have something to do with it.

I feel bad for you guys that forked out the funds early and still waiting for delivery. That is just wrong.

elguapo | 12 april 2016

@Like2bcheap Are you in CA? It probably says that somewhere upthread, but I Like2blazy...Your 6 week beginning to end is awesome.



NumberOne | 12 april 2016

I thought the base price was $80k not it is $83k, but then I was never interested in the 70D, so I did not pay close attention.

NumberOne | 12 april 2016

It looks like you lucked out if you ordered your 70D early. People who delayed are going to cry, but that is their problem.

elguapo | 12 april 2016 long until the S is a 75D? It can't make sense to have a 70D and 75D unless they're just software limiting again. I guess I will move this over to the S board.

NumberOne | 12 april 2016

Also, the Active Spoiler is still listed as only being available with the P90D, so later versions of the 90D and the 75D may indeed have a fixed spoiler. Again, people who delayed may not be happy.

Like2bcheap | 12 april 2016

@elguapo Yes sir, Rocklin. And I'm about 3 miles from the service center. I definitely got lucky with my X ;-)

Sorry couldn't help it.

@LeonardD I remember for sure it was $80k because I considered it. Not sure Tesla figures the vin assignment but it seems a little unfair. I'm a good example for this, getting vin 25xx when I didn't reserve one till almost end of Feb.

pvetesla | 12 april 2016

Funny. When I saw the change this morning I priced it with the 75D and it showed at $80k. Now it shows at $83k.
Cool. At least the people who confirmed and committed get a good deal. Although the 75D is a great deal too. | 12 april 2016

Are there just a couple of us reservationistas that didn't cancel?

Hi_Tech | 12 april 2016

@socalsam - I had similar thoughts on another thread. Here is what I said:

Side question about where we are now with Model X planned deliveries, etc.: From last I heard, there were over 25k reservations for Model X. From the design studio, it looks like if someone orders one now, they can get it in about 1-2 months. Which means one of two things to me (maybe there are other options):
1. "Glass half-full": Tesla has been able to ramp up production significantly and plan on going through all of the reservation holder needs in a very short period of time.
2. "Glass half-empty": Not all of the reservation holders have transitioned to order yet and still working on that transition.


NumberOne | 12 april 2016

Remember also that at this point Tesla can produce nearly 4k per month. That means that by the end of May more than 11k will have been produced. Then there are those that are waiting simply because they opted for the less expensive model or were on the fence. We need to consider that this is the most expensive vehicle many people have ever bought, and the 75D will likely be at the top stretch of the budget for those who are getting it.

Brian Vicars | 12 april 2016

@dortor. There's no use brown nosing, as you will not get your vehicle any faster. I know, I already tried it. Your will, however, receive your vehicle later or not at all if you are rude to the big chief.

Hi_Tech | 12 april 2016

@LeonardD - Understood. Which is why I gave the "glass half-full" scenario. But, if they are truly able to keep up with the transition of the reservations to orders (assuming most of them are converting), then it's a fairly impressive ramp up!

Also, thinking that many of these Model X reservations were around the globe... and these estimates of May and June are for US based (when I was logged in, in the US). This could also help account for the deliveries of June time for new orders.

I'm very curious to know what the demand ramp will be once these initial reservations are converted... especially if they seem to be able to fulfill these in the next few months. That could also mean they will hit their 80-90k figure for the year very easily.

Then again, that is only for the "glass half-full" scenario.

Haggy | 12 april 2016

Now that it's live, even if you consider the price increases for the Model S, if you compare the base Model X to to the base Model S with AWD added, it's still $1500 more than what Elon said it would be. Perhaps you could get there if you compared it to a Model S with a hypothetical 75 kWh battery.

Frankly, I don't see that as a problem given that at the time the Model X was announced, a 60 might have seemed as if it would be the entry level battery, and an 85 might have seemed as if it would be the lowest that many people would want to go. At the time, the tech package was optional for the Model S, and if you look at the options you get with a 75, they are decent for the price.

It's still surprising how short the wait is, considering that yesterday you couldn't order on line or schedule a test drive unless you had a reservation, unless I missed something. And if I did miss something, so did the general public.

elguapo | 12 april 2016

@HiteshBhatt I think demand is not what they thought it would be and conversion rate has been low. Total guess, but hey, that's what the Internet is for.

I love my X, but I don't think enough people want to pay the premium for it, yet. They may, once they stop hearing about door issues and a recall, etc.

When I got my S my VIN was in the 9,000s and I ordered in February 2013 and took delivery in May - 90 days or so. Not sure how that compares here, plus TM has more experience now, etc.

NumberOne | 12 april 2016

I am sure it will not be a May delivery. I configured my 90D, which I reserved in 2012, in November and still have no idea when I will be getting car. There has to be some kind of shipping schedule already if I am to get the car this month, since it is only 19days before May 1st. I do not think the delivery information on the configuration page is totally accurate.

socalsam | 12 april 2016

My delivery is "April to Early May" - If I don't get the car in May-Serious fail on Teslas part. I might have to fly to India just to smack Ankit. :) (its a joke folks- relax)

sp_tesla | 12 april 2016

socalsam | April 12, 2016
My delivery is "April to Early May" - If I don't get the car in May-Serious fail on Teslas part. I might have to fly to India just to smack Ankit. :)

I'll join you, can we also stop at vpert? (its a joke folks- relax)

socalsam | 12 april 2016

Lets smack em both! Although I like Vperl. He is going to buy me a beer in San Antonio.

Hi_Tech | 12 april 2016

The ,more I'm thinking about it, the more it appears not to be an issue.
The original reservations included global count. Tesla probably wants to get the US reservations out first to get the ball rolling, like they did during Model S roll-out.

Being at 2700 delivered by end of March, and a weekly production rate of 750 at that time, it's not hard to assume about 10k produced by end of May. To keep this delivery getting to customers as fast as possible, they are probably planning on fulfilling US first (repeating myself). That means that they can probably get about 13k delivered by end of Q2.

In this scenario, I'd assume European deliveries start in Q3, which would slow down deliveries due to transit period, in Q3. I'll assume roughly 10k deliveries in Q3, then 15k in Q4. Total of just over 35k for 2016. That is well above what I was assuming. But, if you maintain the 50k for Model S, then that gets you in the 80-90k range which is their estimate.

All of this assumes the demand for Model X now grows, as people can actually see them in person. | 12 april 2016

Reservation 9738. 90D with 7 seats. Promised delivery in "late April-May" confirmed in an "exciting" email from Tesla today. But without benefit of a reservation I can get the same car at about the same time for $700 less? (According to the configurator on the website) Hmm. Something doesn't jibe. Explanations have been requested.
If there were over 25,000 reservations, about half for the U.S. And, if U.S. Reservations get exhausted first, that's about 12,000 cars. By the end of May they will have delivered 9600 tops. This suggests about 20% cancellation rate.
Not a perfect company but my MS has been absolutely perfect for 14 months now and has many more features than when I bought it as a demo. Hoping the experience is repeated with the MX. | 12 april 2016

Wait a minute. Some folks ordered 5 seaters and have to wait. Some ordered 70Ds and will have to wait. Don't know the numbers but cancellations have to be <<20% based on those delayed orders.

Gayatrikr | 12 april 2016

Where on the design studio does it say one month delivery i could not see that

eric.zucker | 13 april 2016

The timing rough indication is in each box with the battery choices.

Hi_Tech | 13 april 2016

@georgehawley - Someone mentioned the following website for some info on Model X figures tracking:

Basically, (as of end of Sept 2015) there were roughly 28-29k reservations still standing (original reservations or about 32k, minus about 4k cancellation rate). Of these 28k, about 19-20k of these are in US.

From these figures, the 70D models are not being delivered yet (I think). Based on the price difference for the few added miles, I wouldn't be surprised to see a reasonable percentage of 70D reservations.

elguapo | 13 april 2016

@HiteshBhatt As I said upthread, I love my P90D, but given the 70 is now a 75D with only 13 miles less range than my P90D, I'd load up a 75D today if I had it do over and keep the $30,000+ for other stuff (like a Model 3).

I honestly can't think of any reason to get a 90D or P90D today unless you want the acceleration. That's really the only differentiator. I think the spoiler will go up and down on all models, and that's all people seem to care about, not whether it moves 5 degrees at 45 mph. You can always buy the red calipers after you take delivery (if the S is an indication), and that just leaves acceleration and badging. | 13 april 2016

Because of the website glitch, I failed to select the matte obeche wood decor which is now a $700 option that was free when I placed my order. Also the high amperage Charger has increased from $1000 to $1500, so I would be paying more if I ordered now.

Nexxus | 13 april 2016

I'm beginning to wonder if people didn't ultimately pass on their reservation for the X, after the reveal and taking longer to get production sorted out, and go for a Model S and reserve a Model ≡ as well. | 13 april 2016

I don't remember seeing the word "upthread" before. What a great word for use in a forum post! In addition it's kind of "woody". | 13 april 2016