What car would you like to see electrified?

What car would you like to see electrified?

OK, we've all have (or had) a favorite car (ICE) . If you could wish for your dream car(ICE) to be offered as an electric car rather than with ICE propulsion, what car would you like to be offered in electric?

yongliangzhu68 | 15 april 2016

I don't want or like to see cars designed for ICE converted or modified to be offered in electric. I want to see models designed as electric.

clindon | 15 april 2016

That's and easy one in terms of current production cars - the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. I would even sort of settle for a top trim Fusion with a BEV drivetrain if I had to. In fact I have had several discussions with Lincoln/Ford staff at car shows about this but it will probably fall on deaf ears until the Model 3 is actually on the road and the public desire for BEVs is even more "in Ford's Face". And even then......

And once it is released this fall I'll probably add the new Lincoln Continental to my wish list. Both and MKZ and Continental BEV could be built in the same manner as the Focus electric on the same line as their ICE counterparts to keep initial investment and production costs down. We can all dream at least ...

But of course when all is said and done I still want a Model S but that comes down to $$$$s

Thanks and Cheers

RedShift | 15 april 2016

BMW 3 series

sp_tesla | 15 april 2016

Luxury: Mercedes S, Lexus LS, Audi 8

Model 3 price range: Toyota Camry

sosmerc | 15 april 2016

Full size Transit Van or Wagon.

Boredwithnames | 15 april 2016

Bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

You know why.

Bob.Calvo | 16 april 2016


skygraff | 16 april 2016

Acura Integra (94 era); already has no grille.

bigd | 16 april 2016

Bob.Calvo +1000

Ross1 | 17 april 2016

Walt Disney's Grandma Duck had one. I'd like to see that.

blue adept | 18 april 2016