Why won't Tesla Sell a Supercharger?

Why won't Tesla Sell a Supercharger?

Or does anyone know how to build one?

yongliangzhu68 | 23 april 2016

Not an engineer but I believe you would need special wiring (440 volt????) from the utility compony.

priustech | 23 april 2016

There was an article on one supercharger sold to someone in Europe. It was maybe an old one but was 60kw.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 23 april 2016

If a company wanted to install some for private use you may be able to get Tesla to install it for a price. I think a taxie company has done that in Holland but that's a guess based on articles I read some time ago. Have you officially asked anyone?

TesMD | 23 april 2016

I think for a price, you could get Tesla or a private company to construct a SC for you but the question is how much are you willing to pay and why do you need one? With dual charger, you can charge up to 58miles/hour which for most people would be suffient.

elguapo | 23 april 2016

$250,000 would get you one, I think.

elguapo | 23 april 2016

Everything has a price. Better question is why would you want one?

jordanrichard | 23 april 2016

There may be zoning regulations that wouldn't allow it in a residential neighborhood.

barrykmd | 23 april 2016

Simply building your own probably wouldn't work. There's more to it than just the power. There's communication between it and the car.

tesla | 23 april 2016

It would require significant engineering work to build one without having any specifications on hand, in addition to needing the propriety parts like the 'beefy' connector. You would probably need a 200KV step-down transformer as well, along with commercial power service.

Mostly, I am guessing they wouldn't want people using a SC for daily use because of the degradation on the batteries. That said, money talks, I am sure they would sell you one given the right price. The price would need to include the lawyers fees in preparing the mountains of documents would need to sign before taking delivery :)

negarholger | 23 april 2016

Sure Tesla does sell you a supercharger if you want one, but it is not offered off the shelf. The Schiphol taxi company has several superchargers at their depot and a person in Sweden has a 60 kW version (lower power due to the limited available grid power). Superchargers are modular and the max is 12 charger modules, but they can easily be configured with 3, 6, 9 or 12 modules.

danielpf | 23 april 2016

According to there are three superchargers in Jordan, which are
not mentioned on the official Tesla Motors map. Somehow somebody could install them.

s.grot | 23 april 2016

The reason I ask is I think soon establishments might want to put some in without waiting around for Tesla to decide to do it. So why couldn't a commercial establishment just buy one and install. Interesting about a 30 or 60 kW version . That might be even better to keep patrons even longer.

jordanrichard | 23 april 2016

Ok, everyone as you can tell by the replies thought you meant for personal use at your home. Now, you are talking about a commercial establishment.

So basically you are talking about using superchargers as part of the Destination Charger program. Well, if I were a business owner, this wouldn't be tempting to do because the people charging are going to be there for far less time that if it were a HPWC. Meaning they are less likely to come inside my business to spend time/money. I know that when I travel, a number of times I just need a quick 15 min charge. So, a trip to the bathroom and clean the windows and I am back on my way.

Spacebird | 23 april 2016

I could see it for a fleet of taxis or police cars.

Tâm | 25 april 2016


Done! Finished! It happened just like you described!

Sweden business owner wasn't about to wait for Tesla to move on the free Superchargers so he offered to pay for and he bought 2 60kW fast charger version.

He sealed his lips and wouldn't tell the exact cost in a number. He said they are less than the cost of a Model S.

redacted | 26 april 2016

@Tesmd since the max is now 72 amps, as it would seem, I suppose that's about 53 mph charge rate. | 26 april 2016

US input power is 480V 3 phase. I talked to PG&E (our local power company) and they said no way for a residential location. I suspect money does talk, but they might have to lay in 3 phase power from some distance (not just the pole). For our location, I'm guessing it might cost $100K+ just to get the power. There could be local regulatory issues too, but I didn't check into it.

Small commercial locations might also only have 240V service, but as you get to larger commercial establishments, 480V 3 phase should be available.

Keep in mind if you do install and pay for the Supercharger, you'll also be on the hook for the power it uses. That's fine if you (or a fleet of Teslas you own) are the only users but could get expensive if open to the public.

Speedy P | 26 april 2016

I was talking to a guy from Tesla while he was changing the coolant inside the SC's just last week while I was charging. Keep in mind you need a 600V service to the SC so it can charge at up to 480V (80%). At least that was what he said when I asked what went into the decision to place one here or there. He said the first thing is of course accessibility, but the most important factor is whether the local grid can supply 600V to their proposed site. They rule out ~80% of suggested sites because of the 600V requirement. He said he wished Tesla would just tell people that is why it takes so long to get them in place. He said even if you have a 600V service as a possibility, it's tough to get people to ok it because it's for a charging station and not something "important" in their eyes like a hospital or something. I don't know how much of this is speculation or true, but I did get to see the inside of a SC and it was neat. I think he was a solid resource because he was adamant that I not take any pictures of the SC with the door open.

milesbb | 26 april 2016

You can find a wide variety of CHAdeMO chargers that will provide 50-60 kW DC charging. The charger does not have to come from Tesla. You will need a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.