The Model X and Hannah Elliott drive up to Big Sur. Beautiful.

The Model X and Hannah Elliott drive up to Big Sur. Beautiful.

aesculus | 3 maj 2016

That is the perfect color for that locale. :-)

darlin | 3 maj 2016

How many times can the same video be posted here?

jordanrichard | 3 maj 2016

Sorry, I didn't like the review. She only reinforced the stereotype that you have to wait for ever for the car to charge every time. Also whenever these reviewer quote the price of what they are driving, they need to qualify it by stating that "as optioned, this particular car cost XXXX"

Red Sage ca us | 10 maj 2016

Hmmm... Great pictures. I did like that she was tall enough to see over the car. Apparently no one explained 'one foot driving' to her before she left with the Model X. Oops.

carlk | 17 maj 2016

I think it's a great review. That she's a little EV challenged is not really that a big fault. Most people still do. That's why we still need to a lot of education for the public. On the other hand did anyone notice this is the only article of X in recent memory that did not use the cliche of FWD reliability to show author's insight, even thought none of them has experienced any issues during their tests and some did not even test the car at all. Yes you know who I am talking about, that unbiased and objective organization Consumer Reports.

mjt.private | 17 maj 2016

The review demonstrates, once again, the folly of displaying a meaningless estimate of miles left in your battery. It sounds like she was using this instead of the Energy app. Maybe if the car was in % mode she would have had to use the app / sat nav estimates, and would have started off her with more realistic expectation of range.

Like the one-foot driving, TM really should have educated her a little better in the handover.