Non-GW believers read this

Non-GW believers read this

This is an excellent statement of the problem, with all of the supporting evidence, from several reputable sources, including NOAA, EPA, NASA, American Meteorological Society (not government) and others. This data has been vetted by many climatologists worldwide and is widely used.

Easy to view, in slides from University of CA, Riverside:

April 7: "Earth Under Fire: How and Why our Climate is Changing"

Time to get informed and do your part to improve the situation so we don't have more catastrophes in the next 25 years and so you leave a planet to your children that they can enjoy like we did. If you want to do your part, here are some things that will make a difference (and don't tell me that one person will not make a difference). Its the population of the earth that is causing this, along with our fossil fuel addiction:

1) Reduce your consumption of electricity/gas/oil
- Change your incandescent light bulbs to more efficient LED's
- Turn out lights if you are not in the room
- Use your programmable thermostat to reduce demand
- Replace your heatpump with a more efficient one
- Turn off devices that are not in use
- Replace your older inefficent kitchen appliances with efficient ones
- Improve the insulation in your home
- Conserve water to reduce the energy required to process wastewater
- Run dishwasher only with a full load

2) Reduce your transportation emissions
- Replace your ICE vehicle with an Electric Vehicle (EV) (CEC - over 90% renewable energy)
- Reduce the number of convenience or unnecessary trips - consolidate trips
- Turn off your engine when you are not driving (bank, Post Office, railroad crossing etc..) (BC, Canada actually has a law that you must turn off the vehicle when you are at border crossings. They also have a 3-minute idle law in Vancouver. Also in Denver, Aspen and Washington DC.)
- Don't start your engine until you are buckled-up and ready to drive - wait until after you are done texting, talking or surfing on your smart phone. It's a myth that engines need to be warmed-up first. Its actually better for the ICE to start driving immediately.
- Replace an older vehicle with a more gas efficient one or a hybrid
- Keep your ICE vehicle tuned-up
- Keep your tires filled to the proper pressure
- Improve fuel economy by removing excess weight from the vehicle
- Ride a bike or walk for short trips

3) Reduce other unneccessary emissions
- Avoid burning your fireplace unless you need the heat
- Avoid burning your pine needles, slash or trash - have them taken away
- Replace your woodstove with an efficient one with catalytic converter
- Avoid campfires if you are not cooking

4) Change your lifestyle to reduce Methane emissions - this is only 3% of the problem in the US, but bigger worldwide
- Reduce your Beef consumption
- Reduce or give up dairy
- Become a vegetarian
- Recycle trash, particularly cardboard and paper

SCCRENDO | 22 maj 2016

Excellent post. Thanks

SCCRENDO | 22 maj 2016

Kudos to Portland Oregon. More cities need to do this. It's equivalent to teaching evolution denial in public schools

Portland public schools ban textbooks that cast doubt on climate change

sbeggs | 22 maj 2016


I'm on board with everything except giving up beef or dairy.

SCCRENDO | 22 maj 2016

@sbeggs. You are doing a lot more than most so we forgive you if you still eat beef and dairy. However it's probably in everyone's health interest if we cut back. A lot of the increase in cow population relates to increase in humans and more overall earth affluence.

Dramsey | 22 maj 2016

How about "Don't fly your private jet from Cannes to the U.S. to pick up your environmental award"?

SCCRENDO | 22 maj 2016

@Dramsey. Would be better if he didn't. But his overall contribution overwhelms what he burns. It's interesting that global warming deniers who don't care about how polluted the world gets are quick to criticize slight missteps from those who do. If we all got on board we wouldn't need to give out these awards

nightwolf9ss | 24 maj 2016

""Change your incandescent light bulbs to more efficient LED's""

Incandescent light bulbs give a more natural light than LED or fluorescent bulbs, very important for health, esp. eyes, better make the electricity 100% obligatory from renewable than ban incandescent bulbs.

For the rest except meat and diary consumption, they're good.

The problem is human overpopulation and overeating, we eat too much and not natural food, that's what's in need of correcting.

nightwolf9ss | 24 maj 2016

As a side note, I do most of the points you made to save money, but for richer westerners I guess they must be taught since in West there is a lot of resource waste and overuse.

SCCRENDO | 24 maj 2016

What about the Donald. He is a global warming denier yet will still build a giant sea wall to protect against sea level rise eroding an Irish golf course. His of course

ram1901 | 24 maj 2016

While I remain a denier, I do many of the suggested items in your post because, in many cases they save money as well ask contribute to cleaning air and/or water. Just because one does not accept the bad data models used to preach the gospel of global warming does not mean that they are not interested in a clean environment.
Keep that in mind as you continue to preach your gospel of 'Climate Change' aka global warming...

Another important note regarding your 'become a vegaterian suggestion':
Keep in mind that vegetarians ( many of whom substitute beans for meats ) are subjected to :) increased
methane emissions that exceed those of meat eaters and the average grass eating/corn fed cow. :)

Just sayin' :)

SCCRENDO | 24 maj 2016

@ram. Glad you are doing what it takes sometimes. But you are a denier . Which means that you are telling others that global warming and climate change are not real. However this does need to be addressed and if people continue to believe deniers it won't be. The models are good not bad. You have concocted reasoning for accepting clean air, but ok.

Methane on a large scale such as with a large cow population will increase greenhouse gases. Your bean farts won't do much more than annoy your wife and any friends you used to have. but it does warm the bed on a winter's night

EmpiricalAudio | 24 maj 2016

Nightwolf - Like most things , the devil is in the details. Most LED bulbs that you find at the big box stores are not great, even if those that are rated 2700 degree temperature. However, if you do your homework, you will find that many of th Sylvania bulbs are virtually identical to a halogen. The state of California has specified only these for halogen replacement in public buildings. I have these throughout my house and they are great. Many areas now make it almost impossible to purchase incandescent bulbs now and they will become even harder to get in th future. The right Sylvania PAR20 and PAR30 bulbs are actually superior to the best halogens.

If you noticed, I said that if everyone in the US gave up beef and dairy, it would reduce th equivalent CO2 emissions by less than 3%, so fix your hoise and your car first. These will make a bigger difference.

I frankly cannot understand how anyone can watch this slide presentation and still be anti global warming, but I guess you probably didn't watch the slide show.

EmpiricalAudio | 24 maj 2016

Nightwolf - your comment about waste in the US is dead-on. For a dev loped country, we have to be the most wasteful society in the world. Trying to get people to recycle is like pulling teeth. Trying to get people to turn their engines off hen they are parked is even worse. Trying to get people to consolidate trips and reduce unnecessary road trips is violating their civil rights. Its ridiculous how people behave in this country. 30 years ago I stayed a summer in Munich and even back then the fluorescents in the halls of the hotels would automatically turn off and on to conserve. Virtually every roof on commercial buildings in China have. solar panels. I cannot wait even get my local doctors office and clinics to change to LEDs.....

SCCRENDO | 24 maj 2016

@EmpiricalAudio. I am an owner/physician in a large multi specialty medical group in Southern California. It took me 2 years to get a charging station at my office. I wanted it to be open access to anyone with an EV but the group nixed it. The compromise is that I do have my own NEMA 14-50 with a reserved parking spot. In the first few weeks I got ICED a few times by my colleagues. I persisted through dirty notes, threats of towing, blocking them in and stretching my UMC cable and getting the administrators to badger them to move the cars. I have been ICE free for about 15 months. But it's a tough battle even against highly educated individuals

bb0tin | 24 maj 2016

You talk about the 'gospel of global warming'.
There is no gospel. There is science. There is the observed increases in temperature, sea levels, ocean acidity, droughts, floods, heatwaves, glacier melt etc. Your denial of the observed data is the real 'gospel' i.e. there is no AGW simply because you say so.

nightwolf9ss | 25 maj 2016

EmpiricalAudio Maybe those OSRAM Sylvania led bulbs do "recreate" halogen light chromatic but like ALL led and fluorescent they will flicker with the frequency of the current input as all residential current is AC. Incandescent don't have time to switch on and off as the frequency is too high and the incandescent filament is too slow so it stays always ON when powered, but LED,fluorescent do flicker. Not observable with the naked eye but the flicker is there and is very annoying and tiring for many people, especially those with eyes problems such as myself which need to work on a LED screen PC for a living, last thing I need is LED bulbs at home.

The bandwidth of incandescent colors can be recreated by LED with "warmer" colors eliminating some of the very harmful LED blue light but the flicker problem is not solvable at the moment, maybe in the future.

bb0tin | 25 maj 2016

LED are DC driven not AC. The flickering is due to poor design of the AC-DC driver, mismatches in the circuit or because a dimmer is used which deliberately chops the DC. You can get non-flickering LED.

EmpiricalAudio | 25 maj 2016

bb0tin is correct . Leds do not flicker like compact fluorescents do. They are DC. I am a EE. I know this.

Tesla-David | 26 maj 2016

@ EmpiricalAudio
Thanks for doing this. Also worth considering is Project "Drawdown" provides meaningful solutions to carbon reductions that are needed to make serious reductions in our AGW emissions (, which is also highlighted in this Bioneers talk by Paul Hawkens, worth viewing. (

nightwolf9ss | 26 maj 2016

EmpiricalAudio ,bb0tin I'll take a look to see if I can find such a LED with lower flicker than Incandescent.

Brian H | 26 maj 2016

Human-caused warming is nugatory. And salubrious.

Brian H | 26 maj 2016

The title is a lie. The issue is human-caused warming, and outside of UHIE there is none evident (excess over normal post-LIA recovery).

SCCRENDO | 26 maj 2016

Brian I would suggest that most of what comes out of your mouth is nugatory
At least the solutions we post are possibly Salubrious according to Webster

"Simple Definition of salubrious
: making good health possible or likely"

Brian you are an idiot. AGW is real and most people with half a brain understand that. I cannot believe that if you read the science you cannot fail to understand it. But perhaps I overestimate you.

Dramsey | 27 maj 2016

But his overall contribution overwhelms what he burns

Really? It's pretty easy to calculate how much carbon Leo puts into the air with his jetting about (and he does a LOT of jetting about). How would you quantify how much he's taken out?

It's interesting that global warming deniers who don't care about how polluted the world gets are quick to criticize slight missteps from those who do.

SLIGHT MISSTEPS? Leo DiCaprio has a carbon foot a THOUSAND TIMES LARGER than mine. As far as I've been able to find (i.e. one minute of Google searching), he's done absolutely NOTHING to reduce his personal carbon footprint. NOT. ONE. F**KING. THING. I drive my Mod S everywhere. I have a house completely lit by LEDs. What's he done? He's famous for jetting around the world and partying on gigantic yachts.

And he's not the only one. Mark "The Hulk" Ruffalo has said that he'll dump his investments in companies "that contribute to climate change" three to five years. Think anyone will check up on him?

President Obama probably puts more carbon in the atmosphere than any other person on earth. It's common for him to travel one one commercial-sized private airliner while his wife and kids travel on another.

At the time of his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's mansion used 10 times the amount of electricity the average home in his area did, and he had four gas-powered SUVs.

None of these people believe in AGW. None of them. They take not the simplest, easiest steps to reduce their personal carbon footprints-- at least not until their utter, staggering levels of hypocrisy are pointed out (Gore installed PV on his giant mansion, I believe), and generally not even then (Leo certainly hasn't). Why should they? They've bought their indulgences.

They throw what would be vast amounts of money to you and me (but trivial to them, and likely tax-deductible) at trendy enviro causes so they can continue their Caligula-level lifestyles without having to endure the criticism of their fans. It's a staggeringly cynical level of manipulation, and it works. People will bend over backwards to spin excuses for these disgusting hypocrites.

SCCRENDO | 27 maj 2016

@Dramsey. Frankly I don't know that much about Leonardo but it is immaterial. In fact even Al Gore's lifestyle is immaterial. Realistically we may all be hypocrites to some or other degree. The bigger picture is that we recognize a serious issue. Then we find the causes. Next we find the best way to address it. We are completing phase 1 where most of the world recognizes the issue. Again 100% consensus will not happen. We even have people in this country that deny evolution. Phase 2 is addressing the problem. Now in an ideal world we would all have a perfect footprint. However we need to address what we can without being too disruptive to everyday life. Transportation is the biggest contributor and by moving too alternate fuels we can make a significant contribution. It's impractical to ban air travel. Too disruptive to the worlds economy but we also need to try clean this up. Overall the contribution of cars is far higher than planes because of the sheer volume of cars compared to planes that carry 100s of people at a time. Private jets may be a different issue. However a voice like Al Gore has done more to give voice to the climate change movement that any personal transgressions pale in comparison. Although in would agree that people like him and even Leonardo should be called out for personal transgressions. But that should not refute good climate science nor is it a good excuse for the rest of us not to comply

bb0tin | 27 maj 2016

Your argument seems to be that if someone is hypocritical then what they say is not true. If a doctor tells you that smoking causes cancer, but is a smoker themselves, then you think that somehow the science of the link between smoking and cancer has changed. This does not make any rational sense.

You made statements such as 'None of these people believe in AGW. None of them.'
This is patently nonsense. Not only does it go against what they publicly say they believe, but you do not have the ability to read their minds.

You said "Leo DiCaprio has a carbon foot a THOUSAND TIMES LARGER than mine."
You are incorrect. You also had no basis for that hyperbolic statement.
I am prepared to bet you that not only is his carbon footprint not one thousand times yours, it is essentially zero.
Put your money where your ignorant, plucked out of the air, incorrect mouth is.

EmpiricalAudio | 27 maj 2016

Dramsey - so what you are telling us is that if one or two people or companies dump toxic waste into the fresh water supply, then there is no point in trying to achieve clean water for everyone?? Its really okay by you if everyone puts toxic waste in the water? Eveyone can just buy filters and filter it?

This analogy is actually benign compared to what GW will do to us in the future.

bb0tin | 28 maj 2016

You posted a reasonably long diatribe full of ignorant suppositions, falsehoods and attacks on others.
I have offered you a chance to stand behind at least one of your attacks but you do not respond.
Why is that?

bb0tin | 29 maj 2016

You have posted on other threads recently but not replied to this thread.
I will take that as an acceptance on your part that what you posted was false.