Window tint in Arizona

Window tint in Arizona

Just took delivery on my 2016 model S. Can anyone recommend the best resource for window tinting in Phoenix AZ area. Thanks.

72echo | 4 juli 2016

I'm in N. Scottsdale. My MS will arrive in August and your post made me realize I'll need to get the car tinted. I knew good tinters years ago but in last 5 years the dealer has always tinted my car. Please let me know if you find someone good.

Copythat23 | 4 juli 2016

Desert Shield Window Tinting
1900 N McClintock drive Tempe

They did mine and it looks amazing

ron8853 | 4 juli 2016

Suggest obtaining quote from;
Bobby Hurtado
Installer skill is hugely important in tinting. Bobby has been working around AirPark for many years. He will come to your location.

james.wood310 | 4 juli 2016

Cactus window tint in Scottsdale did my windows and paint protection. Computer cuts patterns so they fit perfectly. A couple of blocks from Service Center but I don't have the phone number with me.

avanti5010 | 4 juli 2016

Desert Shield did mine too. Been going there for years.

Ps | 29 juli 2016

To update - I did get my windows tinted. Went to cactus tint right down the street from the Tesla service center and they did a great job. Nice to deal with beautiful job.

sp_tesla | 29 juli 2016

Ps | July 29, 2016

How much did it cost?

awpd13 | 15 augusti 2016

I live in Avondale, AZ. How much did Cactus window tint cost?

How much did Desert Shield cost?

quaker9198 | 30 april 2018

Update on prices.

**Detail Boss
We offer Suntek carbon (non ceramic), Suntek cxp (mid level ceramic) and Suntek CIR (high end ceramic)
Prices are either $400, $650 or $750 for side/rear glass for your model 3

**Cactus Tint
1 Suntek CXP is 600.00
3M crystalline is 800.00
Spectra Photosync is 1000.00.

**Desert Shield Tint
Ceramic 525.00 No brand given

**A Better Tint in Gilbert
3M Crystalline $500

Made an appt with Gilbert place; had my previous cars tinted there.

FYI - You should ask how the rear window is going to be tinted. One or two pieces.

Bill_75D | 30 april 2018

I had Cactus do my Tesla with Spectra Photosync. They did superb work. The heat rejection is much better than my last car with cheaper tint.