Upgrade of autopilot for model X

Upgrade of autopilot for model X

Suggest the upgrade of software that allow driver to see the side and back view, as currently it only see the front view.

~ Alex Mond

speyerj | 4 juli 2016

Not sure what you mean. You mean you want to see the icons of the cars? In addition to the proximity "waves?"

aesculus | 4 juli 2016

I think the problem is there is not enough real estate on the dash for both front and rear icon.

elguapo | 4 juli 2016

I think OP is referring to a side and rear view akin to what you see on the dash for he front view.

The issue is that's hardware the X doesn't have. That front view is a mix of what the camera sees and (mainly) what the radar "sees". The existing rear camera in the X is a "dumb" camera that is only capable of showing pictures/video. And heres no rear radar. So what you see in front dash is all you can see with this set of sensors. AP 2.0 (which will likely require new hardware and a new car), may be able to help here. No time soon though.

Influencer | 6 juli 2016

The Chevy Volt has a helicopter view from above as well as front and back that you can pull up. Maybe Tesla will have some of this in AP 2.0 or v8 of the nav software.