Tesla Supercharging Stations!!!

Tesla Supercharging Stations!!!

Are we going to see more Tesla Supercharging Stations in US-Canada-Mexico, in each state and most cities on the highway diners and gas stations at least 30-50 miles apart, and at the popular Fast-food-diners/Gas-stations/Walmart/Malls that opens late and mostly 24/7 something like that ???

Dithermaster | 9 juli 2016

In April 2016, Elon Musk said the Supercharger network would double in size by the end of 2017.

AlexM3 | 9 juli 2016

Awesome thank you,that might just boost the sales more in US and Canada in each state)

jordanrichard | 11 juli 2016

They don't need any boost in sales.

Mike83 | 11 juli 2016

They have been opening and constructing more than usual it seems. I see one near Mexico City ALREADY.