Today's Top Story: Monkeys Escape Palo Alto Zoo

Today's Top Story: Monkeys Escape Palo Alto Zoo

From the AP news wire: (that's Associated Press, not Auto Pilot)

An unknown number of Chimpanzees have escaped from the Palo Alto International Zoo and are unaccounted for. Police say a massive monkeyhunt is underway and are pursuing all leads. SWAP (Serious Walls Around Primates) has been alerted.

An unconfirmed report states that the chimps may be heading to Tesla Motors HQ to join the long rumored "infinite" number of monkeys purported to be living under the floor of the IT computer room at the maverick company. Operating under the code name MOLLOM (Monkeys On the Lam Liberating Other Monkeys), this band of heckling hominids create chaos by sneaking into the computer room at night and randomly tapping on any exposed keyboard, just to witness the pandemonium they can create in the Tesla enthusiasts forum. The latest result of the monkey shenanigans is that members cannot change their user name, thus some members revert to the random name they were assigned when they registered.

This monkey mischief is getting out of hand and a solution must be found. Some are speculating that the Justice League of America has been summoned to help round up the cheeky chimps, but apparently the league declined the request due to a personnel shortage (summer vacations, early retirement, repetitive motion disorders, and PTSD).

If anyone has additional details or photos please post them here.

Film at 11.

Posted by: The forum member formerly known as Coastal Cruiser

lilbean | 11 juli 2016

Love it!

Mike83 | 11 juli 2016

Well. It is the year of the Monkey. So the WSJ didn't get the exclusive?

SCCRENDO | 11 juli 2016

I was wondering what happened to vperl

Drdpharris | 12 juli 2016

No doubt will be on all the 'outlets' by tomorrow ... Devastation to the stock.

Ross1 | 12 juli 2016

I love it.

Actually I can see SCCRENDO looking for vperl right there in front.

BB just behind.

Mike83 | 12 juli 2016

That monkey on the balcony looks like the chief editor telling the monkeys what to write.

Brian H | 12 juli 2016

on the lam
formerly known

EcLectric | 12 juli 2016

So that's Brian?

Ross1 | 12 juli 2016

@tesla: please tell us the back story of that pic?

Is it photoshopped? How? Did you do it?

tesla | 12 juli 2016

Ross, are you talkin' to me?

Ha ha. No, I just googled "images of monkeys and typewriters". That image was closest to what I was looking for.

I tried to include the link here to the search but was denied. I hope the monkeys aren't hip to me spilling the beans on them.

Here is another image from the same page. From Family Guy...


Coastal Cruiser. | 14 oktober 2019

Here is a nice video of a 1st year Model 3 servicing. Service was performed by a factory trained mechanic at a 3rd party facility. Video by Rich of Rich Rebuilds.

16,000 mile card needed:

- front wheel alignment
- corrosion removed from ancillary parts of brake assy
- loose and missing hardware tightened and replaced on undercarriage
-replaced cabin air filter with the Hepa upgrade filter

They also swapped in a 12v Lithium battery to replace the factory lead-acid battery

Coastal Cruiser. | 14 oktober 2019
Tesla2018 | 17 oktober 2019

They were heading to Tesla to get jobs as Trunk Monkeys. A new opinion called Monkey Mode will keep the car cool for them and open the glove box intermittently to dispense bananas.
This will be a modification to Sentry mode since instead of playing music, it will have vent mode open the windows so the monkeys can exit and pummel those who attempt to break in the car.