What Might a "Beautiful Solar-Roof-With-Battery Product "

What Might a "Beautiful Solar-Roof-With-Battery Product "

I agree with Elon that current panels can be considered an eyesore, and that aesthetics are important. Just trying to imagine what a good-looking solar setup might look like. Any ideas?

carlk | 25 juli 2016

I have no idea but it's suffice to say it will be something home owners will be proud to display on top of the roof for all jealous neighbors to see and admire.

EcLectric | 2 augusti 2016

Current solar installations are separate panels on top of the roof, a few inches above it, and metallic conduit running between them and down the side of the house to the inverter or sub-panel. A 'solar-roof' sounds like the panels will be built in to the roof itself, and the wiring will be enclosed within the attic. This would look a lot better than add-on solar.