Upgrade 60D to 90D later

Upgrade 60D to 90D later


I checked this with the model S and they say it would be possible. If this would be around 15000 - 20000 bugs I think this would be nice if this realy would be possible. Does someone have better Information about if this would be realy be possible?
(On the S the Motor's of the 70D and the 90D was the same)

Dcp9142 | 15 augusti 2016

It's just a very uneconomic thing to do. Buy the battery you want. You will use it for a decade or more.

onautopilot | 16 augusti 2016

I think any answer will be speculation only. Tesla does not currently sell upgrade batteries... For the S or X. However they are doing it for the roadster. With the GF coming online T is placing a big bet on reducing the price of batteries. There is undoubtedly some core value to a used battery. So if Li batteries get cheaper and if T wants to sell us new packs perhaps it'll be possible and make financial sense in a few years.