Siri blows while in my car

Siri blows while in my car

I like having my phone connected to the car in the event I get a call. But I also use Siri quite a bit while in the car.

Unfortunately when I tap the Siri icon on my phone, rather than being able to dictate right away I have to wait a few seconds for the car to start listening and dictation is far far less accurate

So two questions:

1) Is there a way to stop my Tesla from hijacking Siri?

2) why is Siri so terrible when used in conjunction with my Tesla

lilbean | 23 augusti 2016


Mathew98 | 23 augusti 2016

SIri still has a very important job to do in your car...

Hey, where'd you get that grin from?

txakoli | 23 augusti 2016

Your thread title suggests to me that your Siri is preferable. ;)

sentabo | 23 augusti 2016

Wow, I'll have to try that so I can get rid of the doll.

sentabo | 23 augusti 2016

Seriously, there have been many complaints regarding the interaction between iPhones and the Tesla software. That needs to be addressed, hopefully "soon."

martin | 23 augusti 2016

Your Tesla does not hijack Siri.
I have my iPhone connected to the Lightning adapter in the Center console to make Siri work without touching the phone.
I say "Hey Siri" which is picked up directly by my iPhone's microphone. Only when Siri responds with the recording sound does the car activate the hands-free and everything else works through the car's mike and speaker

zubinanary | 23 augusti 2016

You can configure Siri to use your iPhone Microphone instead of the Tesla Microphone. I'm running iOS 10 Beta 7, but I think the option exist for iOS 9.3.4. When you activate Siri, on the bottom left or right, there is a little grey Bluetooth icon. Tap on that and select iPhone instead of your Tesla.

At least for iOS 10.0 Beta 7, it remembers this settings, but it's specific to the Bluetooth connection you're on, so if you own both a Model S and X, then you need to do this one for each vehicle's Bluetooth connection.

Hope this help.

codymail | 23 augusti 2016

Zub: thanks. I'm running iOS 10 beta 6. I'll give that a shot.

kevin | 24 augusti 2016

As far as I am concerned, Siri blows any time and any where.

buchholtz3 | 24 augusti 2016

@martin +1. "Hey Siri" is all I need, and I can hear her very well over the car's speakers.

robgorman | 26 augusti 2016

Based upon the title to this thread I was going to say "she can ride with me!"

Silver2K | 26 augusti 2016

I switched to the iPhone because I saw the title to this thread....

Wondering why @trixiew has not chimed in....

tes-s | 26 augusti 2016

I must be doing something wrong.

Three years and 80k miles with Siri in my Tesla, and still nothing. Nada. Lot of talk, but no action.

Story of my life.

lilbean | 26 augusti 2016


frankie.fingers | 26 augusti 2016

Be very careful of the headphone port. It's a lot smaller than it looks...

Silver2K | 26 augusti 2016

fingers +1

rxlawdude | 26 augusti 2016

I suppose the thread title could have had us talking about interior cleaning methods if it was "Siri blows chunks in my car "