Window Tint Question

Window Tint Question


I finally made my appointment with Al and Ed's in Venice to tint 4 of my windows. (light tint, not dark. Maybe 50%?)

My question is whether to tint the rear view window as well. Any recommendations? or should I just leave it un-tinted?

I'm a little nervous for night driving, but I think the 4 windows at 50% tint should still be okay?


carlk | 27 augusti 2016

Not only back window but windshield too. Those are where you got most heat from. I know state law says no tint on front windows and windshield but no one would notice a light tint and they will not impede night vision either. I have PhotoSync 75 on windshield and 55 on all windows. The nice thing about PhotoSync is it does not have to be very dark to be effective on heat and IR rejection. It does cost a little more but it's well worth it. Ask your tine guys if they carry it.

White Lightning | 27 augusti 2016

I agree with CarlK on PhotoSync. I had all four side windows and the rear done in PhotoSync 45 the day I picked up the Tesla. And I'm delighted with the results. They recommended doing the windshield but I was really nervous about the exposure. All I need is one cop with a bad attitude, and I'll end up having to have it all removed. It wasn't worth the risk. Besides, I use the ability to turn on air conditioner 15 minutes before going out to the parking lot, and the car is nice and cool for me.

But side and rear windows - I highly recommend PhotoSync 45 or 55.

torst1 | 27 augusti 2016

Tint rear window as well, as dark as possible. You got side mirrors and rear view camera and you should have no problems with night driving. Listen to Carlk and tint your front side windows as well as the front windshield as well, but in a lighter shade. And pitch black behind B pillar and all the way back. Ceramic coated tint is great for heat reflections.

dpena23 | 27 augusti 2016

Thanks for the recommendation... I'll ask about putting a photo sync light tint on the front windshield and rear window. As for putting super black tint on the other 4 side windows.....I've never liked super black tints cus I think it's overkill in aesthetics...I've always thought something shady going on behind those cars with super black windows like they came from some ghetto neighborhood. I know, tsk opinion. (Unless they're SUVs hiding celebrities.)

vpoz | 27 augusti 2016

Now consider if you've had an accident and your insurance company gets to know about your front side / windshield modification...likely interesting discussion about whether you're covered for your accident, especially in it was in anything other than blazing midday sun.

eztider | 28 augusti 2016

Also Photosync'ed with various degrees of tint...front, rear, front windshield, back windshield and pano, by Extreme Autowerks in Cerritos.

miyamky | 28 augusti 2016

How much did that set you back eztider and do you recommend them?

eztider | 28 augusti 2016

Yes, I recommend them wholeheartedly. Let's just say they charge between $1000-$1500, and the price is negotiable depending on your method of payment. I checked other vendors in a 100+ mile radius and they all quoted around the same price so I'm confident their price is fair. And they did a beautiful job. You can get a full or partial wrap, and ceramic coatings from them too, but that's another thread. Talk to Ryan or Sam. They do a lot of Teslas.

mscott | 28 augusti 2016

Add my vote for Photosync. And I strongly recommend tinting your windshield. Yes, it helps with heat, but it also helps with safety. I didn't realize how much until huge chunk of snow fell from a highway sign and shattered my windshield at 65 MPH. There were some very small, very sharp shards of glass on the dash and my pants. Every piece had black on it, so they clearly came from the edges of the windshield. Without that film on the inside, I very likely would have been in the emergency room having glass removed from my eyes.

Photosync offers a 90% tint that is invisible on the windshield. And in my state (CO), it's legal.

dlake | 28 augusti 2016

Yep. Photo sync 75 on windshield and darker (55, I think) on back and side windows keeps heat down with no loss in visibility.

johnchagler | 30 augusti 2016

Just tinted today 75 photosync on windshield and 35 on Pano and all other Windows. Had photosync on my prior car Chevy Volt. Worked well and lasted. $1300 total in Central Cal