Debadging a leased MS

Debadging a leased MS

Has anyone done this? Did you ask the SC to do it, or do it yourself after taking delivery? If you performed it yourself, did you reapply the badging when returning the car?

I prefer the cleaner look of debadged cars, but don't want to be hit with a fee when I return the lease.

ST70 | 27 augusti 2016

ummm...why? What badge do you have?

wdn | 28 augusti 2016

That's not the point. It's a matter of aesthetics. The badging is the only thing that makes the rear imbalanced.

Silver2K | 28 augusti 2016

uh the rear badging balances it actually. model s one side and the version on right side...

lilbean | 28 augusti 2016

I love the debadged look!

Silver2K | 28 augusti 2016

I hate that they changed the fascia. I was going to purchase the p100d letters and then realized my nose cone is a dead give away! :)

gguinto | 28 augusti 2016

@Silver - get 2 sets and combine them so you can have a "not yet released" P110D :)

ST70 | 28 augusti 2016

@dana and @lilbean- curious what folks don't want to see the badge...those with 40 KWH or those with P90DL.

lilbean | 28 augusti 2016

@ST70, The one Model S I saw that was debadged looked really awesome. I was behind it for 20 minutes. It turned out we were both headed to the service center. When we parked, I noticed his calipers were not red. Maybe he would not have debadged if he had the PwithL.

Silver2K | 28 augusti 2016


hahahaha! imagine at the supercharger stations? oh that's a nice silver tesla, I wonder what ver.......... What the......

lilbean | 28 augusti 2016

It was intriguing to see the debadged S. The message I got from it was, "it's none of your business what I got".

Peter Gregory | 28 augusti 2016

Do the same people debadge as remove the front license plate? Lol

ST70 | 28 augusti 2016

No...I haven't removed the front license plate...just never had it installed

TeslaF1 | 28 augusti 2016

Most likely NOT the P90DL car. I definitely would't remove my P90DL from my car. Besides the red calipers, it's the only distinguishing difference. Subtle, but meaningful in so many ways.

Captain_Zap | 28 augusti 2016

The original Model Ses did not have badges.

Bighorn | 28 augusti 2016

We don't need no steenkin badges. I always debadged my previous cars but not this one because I consider myself an ambassador for a largely unknown marque. If I lived in SV, different story.

ST70 | 28 augusti 2016

I thought of taking off the badge to keep the police from noticing my P85DL

BinaryGeek | 28 augusti 2016

I debadged mine. I think it looks better with a clean "ass" (no matter which version). To me the badging is put there for Tesla to advertise to everyone else on the road what is being driven. Which they aren't paying me to advertise and I know what I bought and don't give a crap if someone thinks I have a 40, 60 or 70 or some other number that they think I'm "ashamed" of.

secureme | 28 augusti 2016


lilbean | 29 augusti 2016

@BinaryGeek, #1

lilbean | 29 augusti 2016

@BinaryGeek, How did you remove the adhesive? Thank you.

Silver2K | 29 augusti 2016

@secureme said it best...

Bighorn | 29 augusti 2016

Citrus based Goo Gone is a common choice.

Silver2K | 29 augusti 2016
lilbean | 29 augusti 2016

Thank you, @ Bighorn. I opticoated and wonder if it will be noticeable that the badged sections weren't coated.

lilbean | 29 augusti 2016

@silver, lol.

gguinto | 29 augusti 2016

@Silver, that would take off the trunk lid too!.. LOL

High Plains Drifter | 29 augusti 2016

I personally would not alter the physical appearance of a vehicle that I do not own. That said, hair dryer, dental floss, goo begone.

jordanrichard | 29 augusti 2016

Well, since you are renting the car and don't own it, I don't think you are allowed to mess with it.

Also yes, the original MSs had a "badge", it was simply Model S. What they didn't have were the numbers.

Millionmilesorbust | 29 augusti 2016

I would suggest the only thing you do to a leased car would be to tint the windows and add things that are removable when you turn it in. Anything that you remove that requires money to reinstall they will most likely charge you later on. Now it is possible to use a hair driver to warm up the double side tape on the badges and you slowly peel them off. If done carefully enough you should be able to cut out new tape and re-install very carefully before you turn it back in, but that's all on you if you do that.

jasonshelton777 | 29 augusti 2016

Yes the SC will de-badge your Tesla. I have a S75 with red brakes and de-baged so other cars think its a P90DL! It makes them not want to race me anymore :)

Silver2K | 29 augusti 2016

lil and gg

Know I mean business when I de-badge a vehicle. If you need help, let me know. Don't worry I'll bring the de-badger!

gguinto | 29 augusti 2016

@Silver - I might actually do a re-badge to a P110D or a P600D when my S60D comes out. Perhaps paint my calipers that bronzy/yellowish paint that ICE cars use to signify Carbon Ceramic brakes. That should reduce my 0-60 times to 1 sec flat.

Kidding aside,
@dana - I wouldn't mess with it if it was me, but it doesn't matter what I think. When it comes down to it, it's your car and you can do what you want. As everyone suggested, heat gun, dental floss and goo gone. Make sure you start sourcing the 3M industrial, double-sided tape prior to your lease end and slap those back. No one will notice. \m/

Silver2K | 29 augusti 2016


I would never mess with a lease.

redacted | 29 augusti 2016

I like SilverP85plus's suggestion of fake badges. I want a P120D

redacted | 29 augusti 2016

Doh. P120D(L). Clearly UL isn't an html marker for underline.

jordanrichard | 29 augusti 2016

gguinto, "it's your car and you can do what you want", not when it's leased, which is what the OP is talking about.

gguinto | 29 augusti 2016

I'm not here to split hairs with the technicality of ownership with the lease vs finance. Unless you're buying it cash, it's not yours as well.

I guess the bottomline is, as long as you can put it back to stock, it's your call. I don't think Tesla will chase after you during your term, nor the bank where you're financing it. So many folks modify leased vehicles (stereo systems, speakers, radar detectors, wheels and tires, etc), which to me it's more of a pain in the butt than pulling innocent little decals that can be reattached later anyway.

UnshodBob | 29 augusti 2016

@redacted - ul means unordered list. The u tag used to underline text but it stopped working quite a while ago.

Will this be underlined? P90D

I expect not. I surrounded P90D with u and /u tags

ir | 29 augusti 2016

> "Did you ask the SC to do it"

Just remember that Tesla Service charges about $175 / hr for non-warranty work. Though the leasing company probably dings you pretty hard too for unauthized modifications.

steven | 29 augusti 2016

Had my lease P85D debadged before delivery. Message for me is to get the stealth look and not being provoked at stoplights. I got the P85D for my own pleasure, not for street racing at every stoplight

PhillyGal | 29 augusti 2016

Definitely just ask your deliver specialist to debadge it for you. Otherwise, I don't think it's worth the potential hassle to modify a leased vehicle.

Though I often see very darkly tinted windows on cars I have a strong feeling are leased. I guess that's allowable.

ST70 | 29 augusti 2016

OK...I want to remove the Tesla and replace with Datsun B210

TPilot | 29 augusti 2016

If there was ever a thread for a McClary appearance this is it.

ab-tesla | 29 augusti 2016

I debadge all my cars. I always have. Sometimes I buy the top of the line model, sometimes not. It's irrelevant. I do it only for the aesthetics. It's just what I like. I also black out the chrome. Regarding debadging on a lease, no problem. I've done it to several of my leased cars in the past. Never had a problem. Regarding the process, if it's not a super hot day, get some dental floss, hair dryer and some goo be gone. I also do a thorough wash and buff of the area afterwards. I have probably debadged >20 cars (all of mine and some friends asking for help).

Silver2K | 1 september 2016

I don't know if you still wanted to de-badge the lease but this is de-badger is on sale and free shipping too!

2015P90DI | 1 september 2016

FYI, Red Calipers are not an absolute determination that a car is NOT a P version. I chose not to get the red calipers on my P90D. Just not a fan of them on a dark car. Personal taste. There's no price savings, but it is an option you can deselect and the car came with black calipers. Second, I debadged my car because it's nobody's business. And secondly, in my business, some people get jealous and make snide comments that I drive a $150,000 car and think I make too much. Not that it should matter, but when you're charging them for a service, it can make them feel like they're paying you too much, even though there are a million other reasons why I can afford a Tesla that has nothing to do with what they're paying. But at least without the badging, I can lie and tell them it's a used car that I bought for $45,000. They have no way of knowing and just keeps the peace.

ST70 | 1 september 2016

@twoisbetterthanone- good explanation....I hate people :-)

Bighorn | 1 september 2016

Also helps ward off car jackers

lilbean | 1 september 2016

+1 @two and @big