Title says it all

drklain | 27 februari 2017

Bought some more at 245. Have never sold any of my TSLA. Let's see a few days of volatility and then some steady climbing again once all the short sales clear out...

222 | 27 februari 2017

@barry - If it does get to 200 (which i'm not sure about) I'm sure all of us are gonna have a yard sale to get more cash to buy in. This is a cult stock .... the dips dont seem to last very long.

@BH - being upsidedown shouldnt be an issue if you're in the long game. I think if we hit 280 in Feb, then 280 isnt unreasonable with the M3 launch.

@Tropopause - I agree. I'm sure we're not the only ones buying in.

(disclaimer - I'm not like you guys who have been doing this for years in your profession or as a hobby. Just my 2 cents)

222 | 27 februari 2017
Ross1 | 27 februari 2017

Every time the stock rises, out come articles with quite compelling reasoning about how the price is too high and Tesla wont reach M3 rampup or it will drive them broke.

There lies the problem. the articles, alternative facts.

I think I saw such an article under 'SHORT NEWS' or similar which popped up.

Ross1 | 27 februari 2017

It may have been this

http://fortune DOT com/2016/12/02/tesla-model-3-stock-elon-musk/

Mike83 | 27 februari 2017

I just saw a Short Interest report. On 2/15 there were around 32 million shares shorted About 2 million were covered from 1/31 having 34 million shorted. Looks like long position is increasing but possibly today they shorted it down again? Nice to accumulate shares before the M3 is released which I have ordered. The shorts seem to have an influence on the news

Mike83 | 15 mars 2017

I think I see a cup and handle. I am so happy with Ruby Tuesday as well.

carlk | 15 mars 2017

Tesla just announced offering of common stock and convertible senior notes totaling $1.15 billion. Financial markets would see this as positive. The offering is likely already well subscribed when they are making the announcement.

SamO | 15 mars 2017

Did you buy Ruby in June because of the overall deal with Tesla?

Mike83 | 15 mars 2017

Feb 20th RT was my buy point. Tesla at 261after hours. Happy days.

acegreat1 | 15 mars 2017

Waiting now for 225. I don't think we are going to see it this year

AlMc | 15 mars 2017

Over the last two weeks $242 (critical SP) was challenged and held. With recent news, while I am a cautious/pragmatic bull, I don't think we see @225 SP again unless there is a stock split. GO TSLA

Captain_Zap | 15 mars 2017

That means a lot coming from you, AIMc.

AlMc | 16 mars 2017

@CZap: Thanks. It won't be 'clear sailing' but we are derisking more every quarter. ;)

***The other reason I feel this way is that I sold the bulk of my J19s bought at SP 180-200 about a week ago as it appeared to me we would break the $242 support and I could buy them back at SP 220. Uggh. ****

Mike83 | 16 mars 2017

Just my chart reading is that when it breaks 287 we may be clear sailing.

carlk | 16 mars 2017

AlMc has spoken. This run is confirmed.

AlMc | 16 mars 2017

If the Reddit transcript of the newest cap raise *press conference* is correct this could get interesting, TSLA SP wise, real fast.

drklain | 16 mars 2017

I bought some more at $245 and appear to have caught the drop just about perfectly and am now enjoying the bounce. Of course the shares I bought at $171 look even better! :-) That said, my Nortel stock is still worthless.... :-(

SamO | 16 mars 2017


You mean about "no betas"? Employees excepted :-0

AlMc | 16 mars 2017

@SamO: Yes, no betas and very unlikely (80%) that they will not need more cash this year. Many (including me) were nervous that timely execution in the release of the model 3 was not going to happen given the push back of timelines for the S and X production/deliveries. **Yeah, I know, the model 3 was built for ease of manufacture and 'pencils down' last year, BUT, EM has rarely met a deadline he proposed.***

So skipping the beta stage saved time and money and makes the timeline of July production of release quality vehicles possible/probable.

Ross1 | 17 mars 2017

TSLA just raised another billion on sale of shares/diluting stock. Today.
Elon bought another $25 million at $262.
Which is what I paid in 2015. Copycat. lol.


Mike83 | 17 mars 2017

Some dilution. 0.8% He definitely wants to protect the shareholders.

Bighorn | 17 mars 2017

$250M in stock issued on a $43+B company or about 0.6%

Ross1 | 17 mars 2017

Dilution is not the point. The point is they are raising momey

Bighorn | 17 mars 2017

You said diluting stock so I inferred you meant something by it. Yes, they raised $1.2B.

Mike83 | 24 mars 2017

For those following the Short Stock position. It actually increased as of 3/15 to over 31 MILLION SHARES.
Very pleased to see this. Lots of Shorts screaming lately which I understand.

carlk | 24 mars 2017

I got an extremely good feeling about Tesla now. Not that we did not have confidence of the company before but the company has been in spending and developing mode for a long time. It is ready to enjoy fruit of the labor now. I got a feeling from this point on we will continue to see a lot of good things coming out of there.

sentabo | 24 mars 2017

I feel good too, carlk. But TSLA is one of the most volatile stocks out there, so I'm still prepared for a roller coaster ride. But I fully expect the buy and hold strategy to ultimately pay off, quite possibly in a very big way.

Ross1 | 31 mars 2017

$278, for the record

carlk | 31 mars 2017

sentabo Yes it will be volatile and yes the volatility will not affect one that holds the stock for long term a bit. Buy on dip is still the strategy for people who want to acquire more although I'm all done with mine.

Mike83 | 31 mars 2017

When a stock makes a new high and it goes higher you may not get a chance to buy at a lower price. I find to make a killer profit you have to buy at new highs. The skimmer type traders usually miss out on the largest profits. I think you can see why.

AlMc | 31 mars 2017

@Mike83: Or you leverage at that point with LEAPS. ;)

Mike83 | 31 mars 2017

LEAPs are something to consider. How far out to go is the question.

acegreat1 | 31 mars 2017

@Carlk, what price point will get you back in for more?

carlk | 31 mars 2017

It's impossible to guess short term variations. You could always have picked the high point or the low point no matter how it looked at that time. The more disciplined way is, as an example, to use 25% of the fund you dedicated for the stock and buy shares whenever it dropped 5%~10%. Do the same the next time it dropped 5~10% no matter it continued to drop or if it shot up since your previous purchases. You will do good either the stock goes up or down in the short term. It does not beat pick the bottom but no one is able to do that without having extremely good luck.

AlMc | 3 april 2017

Just might be a good time to be in TSLA. Wether it be stock, Leaps or short term calls. ;)

acegreat1 | 3 april 2017

Might be time to sell and buy later in the week

AlMc | 3 april 2017

@acegreat1: You may be correct but it depends on what we see today with the SP. I will be surprised if we go north of $300 today but if we do I will sell my short term calls and use that money to buy shares if there is a pull back.

I don't think selling and buying back my stock or LEAPS is a good plan for me. Too much risk of having to chase a rising SP if I sold at say ' $300 ' hoping to buy back at $290.

Again you may have a great strategy but for me it would be like trying to pick up pennies in front of a steamroller.

Mike83 | 3 april 2017

I see a breakout and will not sell.

carlk | 3 april 2017

I never buy and sell. I know I am not that smart or that lucky every time.

Captain_Zap | 3 april 2017

Still holding. Watching for a squeeze.

carlk | 3 april 2017

I wonder what those shorts are thinking now.

barrykmd | 3 april 2017

I am confident the stock will tank when the M3 is delayed. That will be my rebuy point.

J.T. | 3 april 2017

@barrykmd You might be right, but by that time tanking might mean dropping below 350.


Captain_Zap | 3 april 2017

Good point J.T.

carlk | 3 april 2017

It's interesting to look through this thread that started six months ago when the stock ~200. Most strategies of timing the market mentioned by people would have been disastrous. Buy and hold when you see a good or great company is still the only tried and true method to invest in stock.

Captain_Zap | 3 april 2017

Tack this thread onto the reading list and you get some interesting perspectives. This thread starts at $35.

Captain_Zap | 3 april 2017

I just noticed that the thread is having its 5 year anniversary today!

barrykmd | 3 april 2017

JT - You may be right, too. Only time will tell.

My other concerns, at this point, are the current woefully inadequate infrastructure to support a large volume of deliveries and service; and the claim the number of supercharger locations will be doubled in 2017, yet with 25% of the year already behind us, there has been almost no additional build out.

I've only been in and out of TSLA once, and did quite well (180 -> 270). I do my best to look at it analytically, without emotion, and without fanboyism. In the meantime, my money will remain in index funds, where I do buy and hold, until such time when I think TSLA is a good buy.

Mike83 | 3 april 2017

They have yet to figure in Tesla energy. The new high is not yet determined.