Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Survey

Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Survey

Hey fellow res. holders!

I’ve decided to create another survey (By now you must think I’m the survey guy).

Last March I conducted a survey with almost 300 responses to my 22 questions. While this survey has some of the same questions, many of them vary. This survey uses Logic-Jump, which allows me to create several different surveys within one, allowing the survey to ask questions that are only relevant to you. (Pretty cool!)

Key Survey focuses: Tesla customer ecosystem, reliability, and level of enthusiasm with Tesla.

Survey Link:

This Survey is open to Owners, Reservation Holders, and Fans!!!

Who am I? Check out:

Feel free to email or DM me: with any questions

This survey is a clear evolution in the process, allowing me to collect more data efficiently and more accurately than previous surveys.