USB C/Tunein/et al

USB C/Tunein/et al

Just got my model X and swapped the iphone phone dock to the available android dock (a pain int the buttocks to do, but hey we have cars with "personalities")
I do not see any email on support to ask when, and if, a usb C connector will be available.
Are these after market, or specifically tesla gear?

Also, has anyone been able to log into the Tunein account? I verified my account on a pc and the email and password are correct.

MyXinTx | 26 september 2016

All you need is a short (6 or 10 in) charging cable to replace the MicroUSB or lighting cables that come with the Tesla, even a longer one will work but need to store the looped excess. Way cheaper on Amazon than from Tesla, if ever available.

The little MicroUSB to USB-C adapters are not good since the phone sits too high up.

However, have the Note 7 that uses a USB-C but I prefer wireless charging so I installed a QI capable wireless charger for the car that just requires a microUSB.

Plus I hate the provided location for charging since I can't see the screen at all without a major distraction, so I mounted just next to the hazard flashers switch and power it with a OBD port adapter that provides USB power.

It's always charging even when the car is off, and is in almost perfect view between the steering wheel and the screen...since Tesla has failed us with a reasonable Text Message integration... so far.

Wireless charger

Installation location - (sort of)

Realure | 27 september 2016

I wish they had a USB-C adapter already as most new Android phones come with that. Just because we are Tesla fanboys, doesn't mean we have an iPhone.