The last 60D inventory gem left??

The last 60D inventory gem left??

I was looking at the studio designer and this popped up. If I didn't just take delivery 2 weeks ago I would buy it, but I am confident one of you all will!

tjhayes | 10 oktober 2016

I was looking at it, but didn't like the seat color choice. While I was debating, someone else must have snagged it :(

Pryoritiesinc | 10 oktober 2016

Inventory 60's were hard to find, I knew that this one would be gone fast.

Tarla's Driver | 10 oktober 2016

Why wouldn't they take all the inventory 60s and rebadge them as 75s? It's just a software setting and the badge on the back, after all. It's just like the CPO Model S cars--if they get an old 40, they sell it as a 60. If they get a 60 without Supercharging enabled, they enable it.

If they were keeping the 60 as an option, then they should just double-list all the 75s as 60s and let the buyer choose.

Pryoritiesinc | 10 oktober 2016

Well, the buyer use to be able to decide. If I wanted a lower cost entry point I could have customized a 60 and ordered it then any time after I could pay $9,000 and get a software upgrade to the 75 for the additional range.

I do not now the total number of 60's vs 75's vs 90's that were sold, but the interesting thing is the inventory 60 from the OP was VIN # 21125. It literally must have just cleared the factory.