What Car Should I Get?

What Car Should I Get?

SamO | 14 oktober 2016


Buy a used/CPO Model S60. You can find them for a $35-45k range.

Or . . . put your $1000 deposit on the Model 3.

makobill | 14 oktober 2016

Your inclusion of 'manual' is an odd one on an EV forum - especially Tesla. SamO nailed the recommendations given the input response IMO, especially if you have crossed GM off the list.

SamO | 14 oktober 2016


People are confused and need some guidance with affording a Tesla. Or operating heavy machinery.

poloX | 14 oktober 2016

You come to a tsla forum and asked about buying a prius, the civic, and manual stick... and what else? There is only one answer folks here will give you, a model 3. You won't regret.