Orange Roadster 1.5 For Sale

Orange Roadster 1.5 For Sale

Hello- If anyone is interested in purchasing a very orange tesla roadster 1.5 (VIN 191), 17,500 Miles and in perfect condition, please let me know! Hard top and soft top and covers, upgraded lights and insulation, limited ed orange/black leather seats, and 4 charging adapters.


adufort | 26 december 2016

What is the max range charging ?

Robert7 | 10 januari 2017

I am looking for a Roadster Charge Cable and/or S/X adapter. Email me at if you have one of those to sell.

D9 | 14 januari 2017

Hello sheela.agarwal, if this is still for sale I am interested.

anyons6 | 29 maj 2018

Do you still have the Charging adapters for the roadster?