The era of a silent EV is ending 2020

The era of a silent EV is ending 2020

I like the sound of silence

Your favorite song, poem over a speaker. Maybe the sound of a waterfall.

Maybe SNOWFLAKEs hunting for a safe place, and their crying buckets of tears

Efontana | 15 november 2016

This creates Model 3 demand and is good for Tesla.

Remnant | 15 november 2016

Sound cancelling technology might help the driver and his/her passengers:

vperl | 15 november 2016

A good AC/DC tune, like "Hi-Way to Hell"

is my suggestion for the Tesla sound

RedShift | 15 november 2016

'Another one bites the dust' FTW.

vperl | 15 november 2016

Well, that is good, but. THUNDERSTRUCK

Hope we can change from a bell or horn, retrofit if possible. Use thumb drive Christmas music, or whatever.

McLary | 15 november 2016

I Can't Drive 55

Nexxus | 16 november 2016

Okay, Sammy H...

KD7UFS | 20 november 2016

I have heard a rumor that all electric vehicles will need to be preceded by a man carrying a red flag by day, and a red lantern by night.

Red Sage ca us | 21 november 2016

"Love is like a bomb, Baby come and get it on..." -- 'Pour Some Sugar on Me', DEF LEPPARD

Yeah. That would work for me.

lilbean | 21 november 2016

I like the Def Leppard one!

codyb12889 | 30 november 2016

I will take Peter Griffin making loud horrible fake engine noises. People will beg me to do 20 MPH through the neighborhood.

flight505 | 1 december 2016

I listen to ICE cars pull out of a parking lot and their engines are very quiet - tire noise seems to me higher decibels than the engine like on a new Buick or Cadillac I would like to know for sure. Tire noise on my Model S, I think, is high enough as to not require artificial sound. Have there been any tests done to justify adding noise to EVs?

codyb12889 | 2 december 2016

@flight505 Here is the best I could find.

Take a look specifically at pages 11 and 12.

I would still like to see an updated study.

Remnant | 3 december 2016

As an alternate to this idiocy, why don't they require an automated system to detect the approach of a BEV or hybrid and then flicker the pedestrian crossing light accordingly, unless we all have to abide by the requirements of blind pedestrians without companions?

The noise requirement law is an abuse on its face ... !

vperl | 5 december 2016

I suggest a series of twenty to thirty seconds of honks on your horn if the vehicle senses a human within 10 yards using onboard hardware.

Remember the objective to warn the idiots not to walk in front of a moving vehicle.

The law is changing soon where pedestrians are not responsible when walking-into or out of a roadway. Much like a guy on a bike, he can run red lights, stop signs and not get caught by the authorities. If hit by a vehicle while doing these things, the vehicle driver is guilty.

So horns, blasting might be a good thing. How much is a do citric air horn set up

Silver2K | 5 december 2016

red, you forgot "Rocket" from Def Leppard

From Pearl Jam "GO" and "SPIN THE BLACK CIRCLE"
From Rush "YYZ" "By-Tor and the Snow Dog"
From Zeppelin "rock and roll" "Achilles last stand" and "Bonzo's Montreux"
From Pink Floyd "one of these days"