What does the electric car future look like?

What does the electric car future look like?

Let's say that production of ICE is are going to be more or less phased out by 2030. What will that look like?

I live near an Interstate highway exit where there are two truck stops and half a dozen more fueling stations within half a mile. There are a multitude of fast food franchises and some lodging.

It seems to me that charging will become a regular value-add to retail and lodging. Locals are going to expect charging (perhaps free) at malls, strip malls, restaurants and fast food locations. I think that the number of local energy stations per se will be limited, but that the number on major roads has to increase: it just takes longer to fuel an electric car than it does to fuel a gas car and yo have to charge more often, meaning that you need more fueling points. It means more cars sitting for a longer time with folks needing something to do. Twenty-minute fitness franchises? (Of course by 2030 charging may be a lot faster. Fitness too?) | 26 november 2016

Good points. About 90+% of charging occurs at home overnight. While long-distance traveling will need more charging stalls, Tesla already offers vehicles that have range of many ICE cars (300+ miles), and in 15 years, I'd expect an EV would be available that goes 600 miles. This means many people will not need to stop and charge 'along the way'. Most owners today design their travel (ICE or EVs) to arrive at a fueling/charging area around meal times. For EVs it takes 10 seconds to start charging and then go get the meal. When the meal is done, the charging is typically done too. With ICE you have to spend 5-10 minutes fueling gas and staying with the car, so a stop often takes longer in ICE vehicles than EVs!

David N | 26 november 2016

Gas stations will be around for awhile.
Let's assume that 2029 is the last year you can purchase a ICE, average car lasts 20 years ( w multible owners),so millions of ICE will still need gas thru 2049.
But change is indeed coming. My thought is we will see all Lodging ( hotels, motels,B&B) will need to to offer some kind of charging for their guests or they will go out of business.
Vacation destinations will either havecharging or wil make sure it is close by.
Gas stations will begin installing high power chargers and will increase as demand increases. All rest areas along main highways will chargers.
Capitalism will fulfill any need that arises. If there is money to be made, capatilism will fill the need. That's our nature,that's what we do.
Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

Mike83 | 26 november 2016

Ruby Tuesday is installing Superchargers and that will definitely bring business.
Smart business will succeed.

kevin | 26 november 2016

After writing my comment I discovered that Spinx gas stations along the Interstate close by in my area have EVGo commercial DC chargers--about every 30 miles.