5 seater in Los Angeles for custom Lloyd's mat fitting

5 seater in Los Angeles for custom Lloyd's mat fitting

I am to receive my new 5 seat Model X next week. I'd like to get a Lloyd's Rubbertite mat set for the back, but so far Lloyd's hasn't seen a 5-seater to do the measurements. I live outside Chicago or else I'd do it. Evannex ( tells me the person who volunteers to let their Model X get measured/fitting gets a free mat, so your time may be rewarded. I'll gladly help coordinate so if you have your 5 seat Model X in the Los Angeles area (specifically Northridge), please let me know.

carteriii | 26 december 2016

Bumping this with the hope that someone in Southern California has recently received their 5 seater.

vperl | 26 december 2016

Call Jerry he is the Tesla mat guy with your custom design

maLEEgic | 17 januari 2017

@carteriii, we picked up our 5 seat X on Dec 31. We live near Northridge. Do you still need someone to get their car measured?

MisterT2 | 17 januari 2017


carteriii | 17 januari 2017

@maLEEgic Yes, yes, yes, please and thank you! Just this week I was emailing with Mike P. in customer service at Evannex. If you would, please email to coordinate, asking for Mike and telling him that "Carter" referred you. I suggest going through Evannex because Lloyd's has been pretty miserable about replying to anyone. They want to push everyone through their resellers, for anything & everything.

For what it's worth, Lloyd's apparently got hold of a 5-seater but that person didn't have the back cargo shelf. They specifically need the back measured with the seats down. For what it's worth, I went ahead and bought the black Rubbertite mats for the frunk front mats, & 2nd row floor mats. I have a few smaller issues with them but overall I do like this them.

Saxman | 17 januari 2017

Can Lloyds custom make a rubberized backing for the back side of 5 seat bench ?

We have a white Labrador that shedS hair all over when in the cargo area. I would like to be able to fold down bench seat and have rubber area face up.

carteriii | 17 januari 2017

I don't think it would be a "backing" that stuck to the seats when up, but otherwise I believe you & I are looking for the same thing (except my dog is a German Shepherd). With the 2nd row folded flat, I want that huge flat surface covered from the back of the Model X all the way up to the backside of the headrests of the 2nd row. Part of me would prefer that to be in three sections (one each for the two shelves and one for the back of the 2nd row seats) but that probably wouldn't be ideal if water spilled between the sections. I'd ideally also like a cut along the 60/40 split of our 2nd row seats so I could have one up & own down, but again I realize others may not want that. I guess if they make one huge piece, I can make any cuts that I want.

Saxman | 17 januari 2017

Yes we want the same config,
Usually dog in cargo area with bench seat NOT FOLDED. She berry's white hair all over. It's like velcro ed to carpet back & difficult to vacuum.

Subaru Outback has exactly what we want & is removable to clean/wash

Saxman | 17 januari 2017

Auto correct messed my post


maLEEgic | 17 januari 2017


I emailed them. I will let you know progress.

maLEEgic | 4 februari 2017


I hope you were notified, but we did have our car measured so they should be all set. I don't know how long before they manufacture them. Sorry about the delay in letting you know. We have been working and travelling.

carteriii | 4 februari 2017


Lloyd's is now manufacturing them. I purchased them immediately and they arrived just today. Generally I'm happy with them EXCEPT for the one in the very bottom of the trunk. The basically cut out a "U" shape, leaving completely uncovered the center part closest to the rear which is raised a bit. I would think they could have included that portion and simply provided cuts along the side (so part could be up & part down), but that one part at the button of the trunk wasn't my focus. I have the entire back now covered when the back seats are down which is 95+% of what I needed. THANK YOU!

Saxman | 4 februari 2017


Is there a good solution to keeping the BACKS of 2nd row covered when in the UPRIGHT position?

carteriii | 5 februari 2017

I'm not aware of anything that would do that "out of the box".

In the "home-made hack" category, I intend to cut a small slit in my Rubbertite mats just above the child seat anchors on the back of the seats to attach a tether (for a dog crate). Something else could attach to the same mount point on the back of the seats to hold the mats half-way up the back. You'd still need something higher up to hold up the top of the mats. You could try putting some amount of velcro on the back of some mats that might hold to the backs of the seats, or attach some strap directly to the mat that goes over the seat and down to the lower anchors for child seats.

shkvalu | 5 februari 2017




Saxman | 5 februari 2017


What about using Lloyds :
" 1pc over 2nd seat (when folded down)"

If we velcroed that to 2nd row seat back, it should stay in place when in the upright position. The only downside would eliminate folding down ONLY one side of 60/40 bench seat.

Do think that would work?

ScooterJim | 5 februari 2017

I received the Lloyd Northridge rear cargo mat behind the second row seats. It does not fit perfect. The mat rides up on the wheel housing about 1.5 inches on the side and the front part of the mat rides up several inches. For the back of the seats, I used a 3mm Yoga mat. It is much lighter than cargo mat and will stay up when the seat is in the up right position. I will try to attach photos from my phone.

ScooterJim | 5 februari 2017

I sent pictures of the mat to Auto Anything who will forward them to Lloyd to see if the mats fits as design or needs to be revised.

Saxman | 5 februari 2017

carteriii & Scooter

Do either of you have good contacts with someone influential @ Lloyds?

Would Lloyd consider making a rubberized 60/40 split bench seat back, that would stay in upright position and be easily removed. The Subaru Outback offers that exact bench seat back option.

I think pet owners & others would be a market for this.

ScooterJim | 6 februari 2017

I think the Lloyd mat material (Rubbertite or Northridge) are heavy and good for laying down. How rugged you need? Cargo mats have those little needles to keep them from moving but not enough surface area to attach adhesive velcro fastensers. I cut a 3mm Yoga mat, one for each of the 60/40 seat and velcro them to the back of the chair and they stay up with the seat in the upright position. My purpose was to keep boxes and ice cooler from sliding when i brake or accelerating. You can get thicker Yoga mats up to 1/2". Yoga mats are softer than actual cargo mats. I can send you a picture from my phone. There is a more rugged material, smooth gray rubber that goes under a washer from HD that can be used easier than the Lloyd mats..

Saxman | 6 februari 2017

Scooter Jim

Thanks for response.

Don't need all that rugged.

Mainly for White Lab that shedS like crazy. She likes to lean against seat back when she rides in cargo area.

Her hair is very difficult to remove from that carpet material. I think rubberite would be easier to clean.

Do you agree?

ScooterJim | 6 februari 2017

Rubbertite would be a little easier to clean but more difficult to affix to the back of the seat and keep it from falling off. I think the Yoga mat work around would work just fine and easier to install. I recommend us the 4x2 heavy duty velcro fasteners. Yoga mat is a foam rubber material is much cheaper than the Rubbertite ($10-20 vs $100).

Saxman | 6 februari 2017

Thanks Scooter

ScooterJim | 7 februari 2017

@saxman: If want to see my pictures, text me at 404-606-0666.