5 seater delivered today

5 seater delivered today

Got my X60D today. In general good (not great) experience. Got to my appointment on time to see the beautiful X. In general fit and finish just ok. The service center was overwhelmed with the amount of appointments. The car was not properly cleaned including wheels and tires that were "muddy". Glue from the protection film was visible in a couple of spots. Windows had greasy marks in several places. Dust over dash, etc. The most annoying thing was that the car was missing the cargo tray behind the second row of seats. One of the Pegeon Wing Doors makes a grinding noise when flexing which they couldn't fix today as they were busy. Drive was great...will see how quickly they solve the minor issues. Is clear to me that they need to expand the amount of SCs quickly and pre delivery inspections should be on par with other luxury brands. For now like Vperl would happy.

Teslapalooza | 26 december 2016

My first impressions are pretty much that same as poloX, with some differences. I already mentioned in my previous post about the missing trunk area floor panel and seat back panel behind 2nd row, and also the absence of AutoHeadlights. Thankfully I have not had the wind noise that poloX seem to have come and go.

One other thing I am seeing is a message on Dash and console about the second row being Unsecure. This happens when a person is seated in the 2nd row seat, even though that person is fully bucked up. So far I have been ignoring the message and driving with it displayed o dash. I have written to Tesla support about this. Let us see what they say.

PedanticOne | 26 december 2016

@ramseshan2001 I've heard that the warning about the second row seat being unsecured will be fixed in a software update. But please do report what Tesla says when they get back to you.

lilbean | 26 december 2016

@Polo, that is interesting. I'm wondering if it stopped charging because it though you were going to get ready to drive. I'm not sure though because my car is usually done charging when I go to my car. I know that it doesn't stop charging at the supercharger when I open the doors.

poloX | 29 december 2016

All 5 seater owners, my climate control does not have the front and rear as seen in the user manual on page 114. Is it the same for yours too?