Barstow Supercharger

Barstow Supercharger

Should this Supercharger location be expanded to at least 24 stalls? This location is extremely popular. Congestion will only get worse with the release of the Model 3, Plus Model Xs and Ss continue to be added to the Tesla Fleet in California. I think this is going to be a huge challenge for Tesla in 2017 and onwards.

SamO | 27 december 2016

No. In fact that wouldn't be as helpful as a dozen charging stalls in Baker and a dozen charging stalls in Victorville.

Bighorn | 27 december 2016

I imagine since they only expanded to 8 from 4 pedestals that they are space constrained.

Al1 | 27 december 2016

The video below shows a long line. Tesla needs to find a better way.

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Al1 | 27 december 2016

Barstow seems to need three times as many pedestals just to handle current Tesla fleet at peak time. With expansion plans taken into account the number has to be much higher.

Tesla might also want to consider different charging rates at different locations.

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 december 2016

Barstow, Las Vegas, and I-15 in general have an extremely difficult peak-to-average problem. They are nearly vacant nearly all of the time except for Friday, Sunday, and holiday evenings when they are completely swamped. It is hard to justify investment in infrastructure to handle the peak rush times when it isn't used most of the time. Getting gasoline at those times and even driving on the road is challenging. I'm thinking that the low operational costs of Superchargers may be a very strong point in favor of Tesla for this extreme route.
It will be interesting to watch how Tesla handles it.
I watched the cellular networks deal with this same issue of balance between expanding coverage (I-10 anyone?) and capacity (I-15, I-5, I-95 ?) to meet customer needs and expectations. Tesla will undoubtedly need to do similar things as they grow from a luxury to a commodity.

Al1 | 27 december 2016

Free Or Fast? That is the question.

Justification for investment in infrastructure is already there. It sells the cars.

I hope the "fast" end of this is truly around the corner. That would be the only explanation to why third party owned commercial superchargers do not yet exist.

SamO | 27 december 2016


I've driven LA to Vegas 50 times and it's never empty. I used to charger there by myself in 2014, but my trips this year (during the week) involved 50%+ full Superchargers every trip and full chargers twice.

This route needs capacity added in Victorville and Baker.

William9 | 27 december 2016

This sort of crash demand at peak times needs to be communicated to the Nav System. If you're coming from the Central Valley and you learned of issues at the Barstow SC, would be easy to divert to Mojave so as to avoid Barstow by topping up.

chenfamily | 27 december 2016

Well my family had it's first brutal travelling through Bartow on Monday, 12/26 to Vegas. We started in Fremont at 6am and all superchargers are fine (Harris Ranch, Buttonwillow, Mojave). We arrived at Bartow at 3pm, and were around the 14th car in line. There were soon 3 more after us.

2hrs and 15 mins later, we were able to start charging. One install was bad, and another started to act up on two Model X but OK on Model S, which was weird. While charging, I counted another 16 cars in line at 5:30pm.

There were some mighty angry and frustrating families. Some travelled with other families with ICE cars and they were gloating. One even revved his engine to Tesla owners waiting in line! There were a lot of spectators attracted to the line behind Chili's and were in awe of the line of Tesla cars going around Chili's and Country Inn Suites. This location has Outlet and many other restaurants and stores, so not a good publicity for Tesla or electric cars.

With colder weather (low 40s) and stop-and-go traffic between Bartow and Primm/Las Vegas, even had I fully charged X at Mojave, the chance of making to Primm would've been impossible. I will have to leave Vegas at a time to fully charge at Primm and bypass Bartow and make to Mojave on the way back...

I think this trip passion to advocate were lost among my family, families in waiting, and the shoppers/dinners for electric cars because of the insane wait at Bartow prominently on display.

If there is a setup like Buttonwillow or Reno where there are two supercharging stations (perhaps one for inbound and one for outbound), then that should alleviate this problem..until Model 3s...

upgrade | 27 december 2016

The Supercharging struggle is real! I just got my Tesla a few weeks ago and this was my first trip supercharging. It was so horrible. First time arriving in Barstow 1 hour wait. On my return 2 hour wait. Holy snaps. Plus 1 hour to charge, just enough to get to the next charging station. Total trip time 11 hours because of traffic getting home at 2am, left my relatives house at 3pm. In addition, I also didn't have autopilot which made it so much more stressful. For having paid for a premium luxury car, I didn't feel so luxurious after this trip.

upgrade | 27 december 2016

I agree there should be more superchargers in Victorville and Baker not more in Barstow. Having more in Barstow just makes more crowded.

lilbean | 27 december 2016


vperl | 27 december 2016

Wonder how many Barstow California folks charge their Tesla there and not at home ?

Just asking

lilbean | 27 december 2016

I can't imagine there would be many at all.

lilbean | 27 december 2016

From Wikipedia:
During 2009–2013, Barstow had a median household income of $42,354, with 26.2% of the population living below the federal poverty line.

SamO | 27 december 2016

And a population of 23,000. Extrapolating from ownership rates, median income, there may be 2 or 3.

Why pick the day after Christmas to charge near your home, with a line of 20 cars?

Because he's a Trump voter. Grab 'em by the charger.


chenfamily | 27 december 2016

After taking look at the map, Victorville and Baker would be perfect locations for coverage!

@upgrade00 sorry you had to go through without AP. Using AP1 was crucial for what ended up to be a 19 hour trip. The joke of the house is we could've flown to Australia with 2 stops!

William9 | 27 december 2016

How about a report on today's activity? Lots of stuff about yesterday, but has it improved?

carlgo2 | 27 december 2016

The Supercharging model is past its time and will get worse. Simple as that. Time to drop it and move on to something with a future, and to attract partners.

Suggesting that travelers should be re-routed to other cities with shorter SC lines...(Insert huge long rant here).

It's all about batteries and battery charging.

vperl | 27 december 2016

Negativity reigns

Counting out Elon and Tesla is foolish .

Cilifid07 | 28 december 2016

Because California has the largest Tesla fleet, the average stalls per Supercharger should be increased to 20 per location. It can become very challenging to constantly try to predict every single occasion/event a particular Supercharger location may have a bottleneck of Teslas waiting to charge. Tesla should encourage third parties to build Supercharger stations, Tesla could provide them the Hardware/technology/setup/maintenance at a reasonable price, they can form their business model to generate a profit. This would saturate the driving environment with more Superchargers, hence one day there maybe a Supercharger every 20 miles of each other. That would be great progress.

CSFTN | 31 december 2016

Its not just a matter of building the charging stations .. its also a matter of getting adequate electrical supply. Superchargers use a huge amount of electricity in a short amount of time, so the local grid has to be able to handle that same load 24/7/365. Its not easy and frequently not possible (without the local utility investing in new capacity, which they plan for in decade long steps) to support more than 8 units at any one location.