No Sound?

No Sound?

So I am the one that picked up my car last week and apparently when I left the service center the harness wasn't properly attached and the car had to be returned. I got it back today and everything has been running perfectly. I just got in to pick up my daughter and have no sound.

Is there a glitch in the update? Did I hit a wrong button or is there another issue with the car? Im so skeptical now. Anyone else not getting sound? Not even a ticker when I put my blinker on--not seatbelt signal, radio is playing but no sound. Suggestions?

Bighorn | 27 december 2016

Try a reboot by holding down the two scroll wheels until the center screen blanks out.

jessicapearce1 | 27 december 2016

ok thanks! that worked!

Bighorn | 27 december 2016


pal | 14 januari 2017

Hi, I have the same problem. Happened to me twice the last two weeks. I have tried to reset panel and touchscreen. nothing seems to work. I need another workaround or software update. Please assist

p.c.mcavoy | 14 januari 2017

@pal - is the phone display showing on right side of dash like it is calling itself? I had that happen a couple times. This would block sound from everything else. If that's it, I found doing a restart of my phone clears it up.

Babaron | 15 januari 2017

I had the same phone thing happen to me. But it also happened in my other car so it seems to be an Iphone problem, not a Tesla prob. Did the phone restart fix it for good?

BaronVonManouch | 16 januari 2017

I have had my car since Dec 24, 16. Yesterday, after a brief stop, all audio disappeared, like jessicapearce1 above. It is like a mute function has been activated improperly. I have rebooted both displays a couple of times, turned off bluetooth, moved my phone out of bluetooth range and rebooted displays, and all that with no luck.
Has anyone discovered/come-up with a definitive cause and solve for this issue? Thanks!

BaronVonManouch | 16 januari 2017

Update: Called Roadside Assistance and I was transferred to tech support. These are the steps that restored the audio in my car:
1. Step on and hold the brake. Simultaneously press down and hold the thump wheels of steering wheel.
a. Hold until Tesla symbol "T" appears on the screen; let go of thump wheels.
b. While still holding the brake, press and hold the two buttons above the thump wheels until "T" appears.
c. This reboots the instrument panel/screen in front of you.
d. When screens have rebooted check audio. Is audio restored? If not...
2. Open the media screen (Music) and on the far right top row tap the equalizer Icon.
a. If all equalizer levels are set at the bottom (-12 dB), bring them up to Zero. Is audio restored? If not...
3. Completely power off the car by:
a. Tap the Controls Icon > Tap "E-Brakes & Power Off' tab on the left side of screen.
b. Tap "POWER OFF" in 'VEHICLE POWER' section to turn off all power to the vehicle.
c. Keep the car off for two minutes.
4. Turn ON the car by stepping on the brake pedal. Reboot the center display as in step 1.
a. The audio should be restored. Verify the Equalizer levels have remained at zero.

This should have done it. Otherwise, call Tesla.

bdumd | 26 juli 2019

In another forum (somewhere), this (much simpler) audio recovery trick worked fine for me:
Pick call phone and call your own phone #. Hang up and audio was restored. How did he/she think of that?

akikiki | 26 juli 2019