VW eGolf 2017 more expensive than M3!

VW eGolf 2017 more expensive than M3!

VW made public their 2017 eGolf prices in Norway. These are even slightly over Ampera-e(Chevy Bolt European version). Means eGolf will be more expensive than M3. I wonder what eGolf will sell and if this pricing is carried to other future VW BEVs.

brando | 11 januari 2017

Might we suspect after diesel cheating, pollution adding fiasco, that VW corporate insurance rates went up along with balance sheet liability and warranty account reserves. So more costs, higher prices? Limiting demand? Battery supply limitations?

Will be interesting times.

KP in NPT | 11 januari 2017

well that's a shame.

Tropopause | 11 januari 2017

Just means more reservations for Tesla's!

danielpf | 15 januari 2017

Perhaps they don't really want to sell too many EV's, as better margins are done on diesel cars. Meanwhile they can improve their image as offering new EV models.

codyb12889 | 15 januari 2017

Even after the rollback on incentives Norway has very strong incentives on electric vehicles. Going there first with high prices could be just a way of funding development.

I would suspect that @brando is also correct about VW being way out of position on battery supply chain. Targeting a smaller market with a higher price would slow demand until they are able to build proper supply ability.

Silver2K | 15 januari 2017

People pay more because of fanboism. The car will sell just like the bolt is selling when it actually costs more than a model 3. If chevy can selling at a higher price than M3, so can VW