Window rolling down by itself while driving

Window rolling down by itself while driving

One week old Model S. Surprised by passenger window rolling down by itself while driving (slow speed).
No rain or accidental knee pushing buttons (as mentioned in Model X forum). Wonder if others have
seen it.

miyamky | 31 januari 2017

Maybe a short? Take it in

TesMD | 31 januari 2017

I know you mentioned that it is not accidental knee pushing but It may actually be that without you noticing it happening. Happens to me few times a day at least.

LeesS90D | 31 januari 2017

Yep, the old leg against the door panel trick. I've lowered both front and back passenger windows. I have to remind myself to stretch my left leg out to avoid this.

mrjjp | 31 januari 2017

Knee......... me too.

sabuson | 31 januari 2017

Hmm. I'll keep checking my knee for the next few days.

mindone | 31 januari 2017

Duck tape is a cure

Silver2K | 31 januari 2017

The bighorn gangsta lean does that!

rxlawdude | 31 januari 2017

Mine doesn't spontaneously open, but I am vexed with a problem where windows that are down only go up a third of the way and return to fully down. Have to repeat the up button many (up to 10!) times to get it to finally close.

I've tried the "window calibration" process multiple times. No effect.

lilbean | 31 januari 2017

Rxlawdude, would a full power off help?

redacted | 31 januari 2017

The knee. Happens all the time. You'd think the company that developed autopilot could detect this sort of thing ;)

rxlawdude | 31 januari 2017

@bean, nope.

lilbean | 31 januari 2017

Bummer, dude!

TeslaMD | 31 januari 2017

Rxlawdude - I've had the same issue for over a year, but it's intermittent and not repeatable on command to show anyone at the service center.

poorsifu | 31 januari 2017

Rxlawdude -might sound stupid, but an issue with many vehicles and simple fix. Lube the window runners with silicone spray lube. Run the windows up/down fully a few times then leave them up. The silicone dries leaving a dry lubricant film that will allow the windows to go and down easily. Is the number 1 reason for window regulator failure, and also button failure due excessive holding of the buttons causes contacts to carbon up and sometimes melt

rxlawdude | 31 januari 2017

Thanks @tesla MD and @poorsifu!!

2015P90DI | 1 februari 2017

Tesla definitely oops in their design of the window control location. Really ticks me off when my knee rolls down the passenger rear window, I don't realize it and it rains!! Surprised they didn't fix this with the recent refresh. They either need to be moved higher up or moved forward to a location where you're knee can't possibly reach it. Haven't been in a Model X, are they the same as the Model S?

tes-s | 1 februari 2017


Silver2K | 1 februari 2017

knee-how :)

sabuson | 1 februari 2017

After a day of observation, now I'm also convinced it was the knee. Was reaching out to badge in to work when it happened a couple of times. No problems now since I'm aware of it. I think if it was recessed a little bit more it might have helped. I could pad my knee probably instead of holding my palm now when I badly want to rest unwanted left leg there. Maybe a pedal for generating energy to charge phone...never mind:-)

tes-s | 1 februari 2017

Glad you got it fixed. Sorry if we came across as being rude when we ignored the "No rain or accidental knee pushing buttons" part of your original post.

bobrobert | 7 februari 2017

rxlawdude, thanks for mention of window calibration technique -- found it at
I had a window that would stop closing about 3 inches short & go back down, and require multiple attempts before fully closing. I'd intended to have it addressed at next month's service, but the user calibration seems to have resolved it for me (1 week now without the problem repeating.)

StarKiller | 7 februari 2017

It happened to me a couple of times as well. It was my knee hitting the power window button on the door panel. Try driving with the power window lock button.

Bighorn | 7 februari 2017

I don't think the power window lock impacts the driver's controls.