21" Wheels Longevity

21" Wheels Longevity

OK, I've heard plenty about how the 21" wheels crack and bend. How about going the other way? Any high mileage owners with 21" wheels that haven't had any trouble?

Boonedocks | 17 februari 2017

I have allllmost 50k miles on mine. One tiny have to look to find it nick, my fault, and they still look and perform like new. I am thinking the cracked wheels have been under some extreme force of some kind. Daily driving on my 100+ mile roundtrip they have performed perfectly.

carlk | 17 februari 2017

I can't say I am one because I did have a bent rim. Partly my fault of course for hitting that pothole which probably could be avoided if I was paying more attention. But that happens just like accidents happen. Pay attention for those potholes and curbs and budget some extra for "accidents" it's not that big a deal.

Made in CA | 17 februari 2017

2 years of driving in Southern California and no problems. I love them. We have the gray 21's on both the cars.

I have accidentally gone over a couple gnarly potholes in both cars and never had a problem. One was so bad I pulled over to check the wheel and tire. I thought for sure it was going to be damaged.

carlk | 17 februari 2017

I hit the pothole so bad the car had excessive vibration right after that. I immediately knew what happened. I also had a bent rim before with my Porsche but I did not feel anything was wrong at the time. It's only when I took the car for the regular maintenance months later dealer service told me about it. They said it's up to me to replace it that it will be fine long as I don't drive at a high speed. I replaced it anyway just. I think you have to hit the pothole just "right" to bend that wheel.

Eletrek | 17 februari 2017

67000 miles and no problems.

TytanX | 17 februari 2017

Just get the 19s. Carlk's comments above are all the endorsement the 19" wheels needs.

carlk | 17 februari 2017

No. I was just letting op know my opinion of issues that concern him. I assume he already knew why he wanted the 21".

bishoppeak | 17 februari 2017

Already have the 21s on my P100D, just wanted to know what to expect. Thanks to all for the inputs.

carlk | 17 februari 2017

Congrats. I wouldn't go any other way. Those wimpy wheels don't do justic to your P100D.

Boonedocks | 17 februari 2017

Not only do the 21's make your car even more "slot car" like performance, they are like the icing on the cake to the look of your car

NKYTA | 18 februari 2017

50k miles in just over 4 years, 21" rims are in NorCal. Dodging potholes is the new normal with all this rain.

carlk | 18 februari 2017

I hope one day AP could detect and/or geotag potholes.

WayneMa | 18 februari 2017

5 bent 21" wheels in 14 months. Potholes will bent it almost every time since the car is very heavy. Lucky, you can have it re-shaped for about $100 each. But for the look, it worth every pennies.

2015P90DI | 18 februari 2017

Living in L.A., potholes appear to be inevitable. Low profile tire struggle to provide enough cushion between the potholes and the wheels. Especially when putting a 5,000 pound car on them. I've had to replace 3 wheels so far and 1 that I haven't replaced yet, but is slightly bent. Two of those times, they were bad enough to the point that the tires lost air quickly. If you have the option, I'd find a set of 20" custom wheels. Seems to be the best alternative of both, better appearance and still providing some security from bent wheels.

DonS | 19 februari 2017

40,000 miles in CA has 3 out of 4 out of round. They can still be used, but I notice a vibration at 35 mph.

inconel | 19 februari 2017

WayneMa does the wheel structure get weakened a bit every time it is reshaped?

mrjjp | 19 februari 2017

21' are rough riding. too choppy for me. 19" takes you from a 35 aspect ratio to a 45. The higher side wall will help to keep their shape and ride well. You do loose the sharpness in handling with the 19"

2015P90DI | 20 februari 2017

I'm surprised Tesla doesn't offer a 20" wheel. They do for the Model X. One of these days, i may pick up a set and see how they fit. I was told the offset was a little more than the S wheels, so they'd reach further out toward the edge of the fender. Personally, I think the stock wheels are too recessed, so maybe the X wheels would actually fit well? Figured someone would try it, but haven't seen anything where someone has yet. Maybe I'll be the guinea pig if I can find a used set of X wheels. Naturally would have to change the tires from those that come on the X.

Tropopause | 22 februari 2017

Pothole dodger here as well. Cal-Trans left a nice divot in a stretch of new asphalt costing me one rim. Hit so hard, my glove box was forced open. Otherwise no probs in 40k miles.

Agree with Carlk, wondering how FSD will handle potholes.

christurbeville | 22 februari 2017

4 years 8 rims and just cracked another pair on a pothole. Not sure if our Dallas roads are terrible or I'm unable to miss the potholes but I've thrown in the towel for "19s.

rdr1rx | 22 februari 2017

One thing I've learned after driving cars with 35 or 30 series tires the last 10 years, always look ahead and dodge what you can. But if I miss a pothole, I've always added 3 psi above specs for the fronts and 2 psi more to the rears. I've done 19k only my S70 and not one bent wheel (yet), even after a jaw shatterer the other day. I'll take the sharper ride quality over bent 21s anyday.

donaldmeacham1 | 22 februari 2017

3years 56k Miles in 21" no probs thus far. Try very hard to avoid pot holes.

vp09 | 22 februari 2017

So glad I took 19" wheels on my car, and more glad that my wife wanted 19" wheels on her red S90D.

inconel | 22 februari 2017

FSD will do better, they will be able to see pot holes but also know of them in advance because other cars already reported them :)

Jack The Driver | 22 februari 2017

You all know the state or municipality is typically responsible for damages caused by potholes? It may be a pain to file depending on jurisdiction, but 21 inch rims don't come cheap.

carlk | 22 februari 2017

Tried that. It does not work, Caltrans (CA agency responsible for all highways) needs you to prove they are aware of the pothole but did not act on it for repairment.

WayneMa | 23 februari 2017

inconel, the wheels repair shop told me that it does not weaken the wheels at all when they are repaired. They also welded any cracks on they they see. In other words, don't throw your 21s rims away! Get them fixed for about $100.

carlk | 23 februari 2017

WayneMa That's very interesting. Could you provide some more information like where is the shop located?

bill.wead | 22 februari 2018

second cracked 21" wheel at 47,355 miles. 2013 Model S P85. I'm done fighting these issues and switching to 19".

NKYTA | 22 februari 2018

Still going strong after 77k miles with the 21" grey rims.

gominers | 6 oktober 2019

Passenger rear wheel crack at 87,000. When challenged, Tesla stated that the wheel must have had an impact event. BS...IMO, the crack appears to me to be a classic fatigue cracking of aluminum. The crack is a hairline fracture on the inner rim. The wheel runs straight and true with no indication of any sort of impact event. I had asked the service center to elevate this to the engineering team as it appears to be a weakness in the design or the manufacturing process. I've had alloy wheels on my cars for the past 25 years and have never seen a crack before. I'm changing to 19" wheels as it appears that these rims are much less susceptible to failure.

NKYTA | 6 oktober 2019

Still going strong after 110k miles, original grey 21”ers.
Included some three big potholes at night jarring the front left, in the rain, in MI and IN. Forced an early day in MO after I noticed the sidewall bulge and associated scratching of rim. Discount tire guy suggested rim was ok. Seems to be.

hiimphilll | 6 oktober 2019

35 profile on a ~5000lb vehicle does not leave much room for error. if you have nice roads and are p good about maintaining proper inflation pressures, (~42psi and up), they should hold up okay. If you let the pressures drop to the mid/low 30s and don’t adjust up (in the winter months for instance) , your risk of tire/wheel damage increases substantially, due to the high curb weight and reduced tire carrying capacity

nicholas94920 | 12 november 2019

Hit a pothole last week on 680 in CA that blew the sidewall. I went to Costco to get new tires put on the rear but the rear wheel was cracked and wouldn't hold air. Total cost 7$48 for 2 new years Micheal super sports tiers and $1485 for a new 21in turbine wheel. That's one expansive pothole. I'm now looking at swapping all four wheels to 19in. CA roads are just too beat up for performance cars, my mom replaced 4 wheels over 5 years on her BMW 135i and I'm just not capable of spending this much every time I hit a pothole. If only we had nicer roads.

GoldAK47 | 17 november 2019

160k and no visable issues.

Bighorn | 17 november 2019

I went 100k miles before bending a 21” rim. I’ve since bent two 19” rims in 150k miles.

saldem22 | 17 november 2019

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