Activiating Auto Park

Activiating Auto Park

how do you get the auto park feature to come on? I have never been able to get it to come up.

EVRider | 25 februari 2017

The Owner's Manual explains how to enable and use Auto Park. If your car is very new, it might take a few days or weeks for the sensors to calibrate before Auto Park will work. I don't have a HW2 car, so I don't know if there are any temporary restrictions on how Auto Park works on HW2.

avesraggiana | 25 februari 2017

Does Auto Park work even if you did NOT order Full Self-Driving Capability?

Bill_75D | 25 februari 2017


steveg1701 | 25 februari 2017

but only if you DID order EAP (AFAIK)

avesraggiana | 25 februari 2017

I did do that, order EAP. My lighter, thinner wallet certainly tells me I did.

jake | 26 februari 2017

It took me a couple of tries to remember that once you see the P you must put the car in reverse - then the screen pops up with the start auto park button.

reed_lewis | 26 februari 2017

I tried it today and it worked quite nicely. It was about the same speed if I had done it myself.

Pus it is much more automated compared to my wife's Chevrolet Volt's auto parking. With that you have to apply the accelerator pedal in order to move.

skunal | 1 april 2019

Does Summon comes as part of EAP or you need to get self-driving capability? I got Modle-3 with EAP on Friday but didn't see any option for either Auto Park or Summon.

raffidesigns | 1 april 2019

@skunal Summon is a part of Enhanced Autopilot/FSD. If you own EAP, you will receive Summon/Enhanced summon. If you purchased FSD recently, you will still receive the features.

EVRider | 1 april 2019

@raffidesigns: Are you sure EAP will get Enhanced Summon without FSD?

@skunal: Are you sure you got EAP and not the new basic AP? EAP is no longer offered, and the new AP is only TACC and Autosteer (without Auto Lane Change).