Range & Supercharger

Range & Supercharger

Hi All,
newbie here.
I'm interested in pre-ordering the Model 3, but 1 thing is blocking me from doing so.
I need to be able to drive at a constant 120-130 kmh (=75-81 mph) on a highway for 280 kms (=174 miles).
1- Do you think , with the latest information we have now, that it will be feasible ?
2- if not : how can i know if there will be a supercharger installed in the next year on my route ? (north of France : )

I need to be able to drive that distance in less than 3H30.
Thanks for your advice.

KP in NPT | 15 mars 2017

Your drive is very similar to my regular commute (185 miles one way from my home to JFK airport in NYC) - I drive a 70D which has 209 miles of range at 90% charge. before my Tesla it took me on average 3H30 with traffic. (sometimes more, if I was lucky, less.) How long does the drive take you now? Are you going to CDG to fly somewhere? Or if not, will you have charging options at your destination?

According to the current supercharger map, there is a supercharger on your route, in Senlis on the A1, just north of Paris. To do this trip in a base battery Tesla (assuming around 215 miles range), you would leave Waterloo with 90-100% charge (depending on the actual battery capacity, and weather conditions) and charge at the Senlis supercharger enough to reach your destination with a 10% buffer, assuming you will have charging at your destination.

I ask if you are flying somewhere because that is what I do when I go to JFK. So if you are flying somewhere and will be leaving the car unplugged, OR if you won't have charging at your destination, you would charge more than just the 10% buffer, allowing for drain while you are away, and enough to get back to Senlis with buffer to charge for your return journey.

If you won't have charging at your destination, supercharging will add time to your trip. That is why I ask how long it takes you now, to know if you could make it in 3:30. On average, for my trip a half an hour to 45 minutes is added each way depending on weather conditions. In winter it will be the higher end of that range. What I have done for my commute is allow a little more time and I plan my meal/bathroom breaks during my charging stops.

KP in NPT | 15 mars 2017

Oh, and if you WILL have charging at your destination, given your speed and depending on weather, which both reduce range, a much quicker stop in Senlis would get you to your destination. Probably 5 to 15 minutes depending on conditions.

KP in NPT | 15 mars 2017

Sorry one more thing - if you did this in a tesla with a larger battery capacity than the base version, charging times would be reduced.

tkk | 15 mars 2017

If you drive at a constant 140km/h, you will arrive your destination in 2hours. If Tesla puts in a BIG battery, you can go forth and back without having to use a supercharger. You charge at home.

KP in NPT | 15 mars 2017

@tkk I doubt any battery Tesla puts in the Model 3 will do 560km round trip on a single charge, especially driving at that speed. :)

Badbot | 15 mars 2017

Try to get the optional battery to be sure of the range needed.
AND someday you can have the car go and find a supercharger to top off while you are gone.

andy.connor.e | 15 mars 2017

You will need a battery size upgrade to have some mileage contingency. You dont want to take a 180 mile trip at high speeds with a 215 mile rated battery. Obviously that depends the battery sizes, but if you need to do that kind of a trip in 1 shot then i would suggest ~50 miles higher than your trip range.

Haggy | 16 mars 2017

The Nivelles-Sud Supercharger is about 173 miles from the center of Paris. It would use up 189 miles of range if you drive fast enough to get there in 2:45. If you charge for 10-15 minutes, you will have enough charge to get back to the supercharger en route back to Paris. That would make the trip to Waterloo about 3:01 to 3:06.

With the smallest battery, if you start with a 100% charge, it should be no problem. If you need to do local driving at the destination, it is better to charge longer. If you can't afford to take more than 3:30, it might be better to have a bigger battery. Then you won't have to stop at the supercharger on your trip there. There are 8 chargers, and probably no line, but it's impossible to know.

For the return trip, you will start off with few miles, unless there is a place to charge at your destination. If you need to start the return trip with a low battery, you will need to charge at the beginning of the trip at that supercharger. It is only 13 miles from your destination. The Van der Valk Hotel Restaurant & Bar is there, and if you don't mind eating or drinking there, then you can do so, but the return trip might take more than 3:30 depending on the battery, if you start off needing a charge.

We don't know what size batteries Tesla will offer, but the smallest battery will let you get there in under 3:30 but the return trip might take longer than that.