How do I close the windows with the fob?

How do I close the windows with the fob?

My kids forget to close the windows when we leave the car. In my previous car- a ford - i just clicked and hold the key and all windows closed.

We couldn't do it in the tesla - had to reopen door wait for car to turn on. What am I doing wrong.

Best Anders

ICS1 | 26 mars 2017

You can't close the windows with the fob, Tesla didn't enable that feature, sorry.

ICS1 | 26 mars 2017

You can't close the windows with the fob, Tesla didn't enable that feature, sorry.

ICS1 | 26 mars 2017

You can't close the windows with the fob, Tesla didn't enable that feature, sorry.

murphyS90D | 26 mars 2017

Anders, I recommend that you make your kids responsible for closing the windows before they leave the car. If they fail to do it, on the next drive throw the switch on the drivers door that prevents them from opening the windows. They will get the message that the right to open the windows conveys the responsibility to close them.

A Ford fob has lots of buttons. The Tesla fob only has three.

tes-s | 26 mars 2017

Keep the fob in your pocket, open the driver door, and pull up on the window buttons. Windows will close.

steve.roach | 26 mars 2017


Lol, Maybe we need to add pictures.

Silver2K | 26 mars 2017

before summon, you can open all windows with fob. I'm not sure about closing all windows with the fob though

JayInJapan | 26 mars 2017

2013 info--window controls disabled long ago.

stevenmaifert | 26 mars 2017

Once upon a time you could roll the windows down with the FOB but AFAIK, you could never roll them up. That was a handy feature for a car that's been sitting in the hot sun. You could roll the window down and open the door from the inside instead of burning your hand on a hot outside handle. | 26 mars 2017

Seems like most newer cars are removing the feature - perhaps considered a safety risk. Likely some automaker got sued for a owner who closed the windows without looking and an animal or child sticking out the window got choked. When Tesla had the open windows feature, people "butt" opened windows. They put the fob in a back-pocket and with just the right pressure sequence would open all the windows without the owner realizing it and let anyone get into the car.

Silver2K | 26 mars 2017

I hate it when I write my response in swahili

bp | 27 mars 2017

This is a feature Tesla could provide through the smartphone app...

Silver2K | 27 mars 2017

+1 bp

Haggy | 27 mars 2017

With a smartphone app, they could assure that you are close enough and give you warnings that you should be looking at the car.

The rationale for removing the capability for rolling down the windows was that people sat on fobs by mistake and lowered their windows. So Tesla changed it so that the same long press of the center could be used to summon the car instead. In all fairness, summon can be disabled, but the same could have been done with window lowering. Tesla should really put the feature back, if only because people paid for the car and it was an advertised feature. They could no longer use the same button, but perhaps pressing the boot and bonnet at the same time would work.

Nachtschicht | 2 april 2017

I would agree with Anders, it is a standard feature to close windows / roof with the fob / remote of your car!
Any other car can do this and it is extremely practical and I do not see a point in educating my passangers or going back to my car and open the door to close the windows, I did this in the eighties. I understood that opening the all windows may have caused issues but removing closing is somehow throwing the baby out with the bathwater ... bad engineering.

drklain | 2 april 2017

Actually that feature has been removed from new cars sold in the US for safety reasons (child caught in window, etc.). I'm not aware of ANY new car sold in the US today where you can remotely close the windows. Happy to be told I'm wrong, but I believe that rule was passed years ago with some transition time (much like airbags or the pending requirement that all new cars have backup cameras after 2018 or 2020 (can't remember which)).

murphyS90D | 3 april 2017

All cars with power windows are required to immediately reverse a window if it senses an obstruction while closing.
My 2013 Ford can open and close all of the windows and the moon roof from the fob.
The Ford fob has 5 buttons, lock, unlock,remote start, trunk, and alarm.

steven | 3 april 2017

I'm with @Tes-S. Why is it so hard to open a door to get to some controls to operate. Are we all becoming so lazy we don't even want to open doors anymore or walk to the car to do something? :-o

Silver2K | 3 april 2017

All of my loaded BMW M3's, ML350, explorer, edge, wife's Subaru legacy and loaded volt did not have this feature.

that's a lot of cars that don't have the feature.

Silver2K | 3 april 2017

this is where we're headed with all this laziness

tesla | 3 april 2017

The biggest disappointment with the iOS app upgrade was the fact that precisely 0 functionality was added. I would take functionality over another face-lift any day. Window controls would be a good fit in the app.

Haggy | 3 april 2017

I suggest that those of us who bought the car when we were told that we could open all windows with the fob hire a lawyer. We all know that class action lawsuits are a streamlined and highly effective way of solving problems. Look forward to those postcards in the mail telling you that you can opt out, and look forward to getting a code in the mail in a few years that gives you $50 off your next car purchase.

kevin | 3 april 2017

It's easy to close the windows with the fob. Just hold the fob and press it against the window close button on the door handle.

Johndkinney | 21 maj 2017

My 2017 Mercedes opens and closes all windows from the remote. It used to work on my brother's Tesla. This is great as I approach the car on a hot day. I would like to suggest that this be added back.

Tabarnouche | 21 maj 2017

I would sometimes find my car had a back window open even though I was sure they were all rolled up after putting it in park. Turns out my child would sometimes accidentally hit the window button while getting out. I have since locked the windows so my kid can't roll them up or down even if they tried. Yay. I'm not sure why anyone would complain if the app could show whether a window was open and if it could enable us to roll them up and down. For a non-pano car on a hot day, it would be nice to be able to vent the car as the owner approached it. For a computer on wheels, I've gotta think this doable. For those who are making fun of the OP, they wouldn't lose anything because can brag about how they never need to use that feature.

barrykmd | 21 maj 2017

Johndkinney - an even better way to cool the car is turn on the AC from the app a few minutes before you're ready to enter it.

Haggy | 22 maj 2017

There was a thread on this a long time ago. To paraphrase, "my ass is too fat and one day I sat on my fob, and the next day the inside of the car was soaked, so I complained to Tesla that it's a bad feature."

I can see why Tesla took it seriously. But as I said, the excuse that it could happen by accident is a poor one when they repurpose the same key press for something that can move the car.

Tesltoronto | 12 juni 2017

My driver side door does not open anymore (the handle comes out but pulling the handle does not open the door). I have to take it to Tesla Service but haven't had the time. I was looking to see if I can open the windows from the remote (or App) but unfortunately it does not seem possible. I have to climb into the driver seat through the passenger door. :(

Rocky_H | 12 juni 2017

@Tesltoronto, I just had that very same kind of door handle failure last week and was thinking how handy that could be if I could roll the windows down somehow like with the phone app to reach in to open up the door. Oh, well, it was fixed pretty quickly and became a non-issue again. | 12 juni 2017

The Model X can open and close Windows, initiated by the fob key, but only when playing a holiday song...

barrykmd | 12 juni 2017

The way to close the window with the fob is stick the fob under the window up/down switch and push up on it.

hkellington48 | 13 juni 2017

Maybe just an audible warning on the app to say a window is open would be helpful.

Tesltoronto | 13 juni 2017

Thanks Rocky_H. I will just go to the Service center this week. Our Mississauga Service Center never answers their phones and emailing them also does not elicit a response. So just have to barge in there!

Rocky_H | 14 juni 2017

This may be helpful to some people. I saw an interesting symptom about three times before my door handle failed. I didn't know what it was, though, so I didn't know to proactively ask service about it.

I pulled into a parking spot, and then put the car in Park, which makes the handles extend. When they did that, my driver's door also popped open. My wife saw that happen a week or two later. Then, it did it but from the other side: I was walking up to the car, and as the handles auto-presented, it popped the driver's door open. Apparently something with the way it was pushing the handles out was also triggering the door release mechanism. It failed just within a day or two after that last one. So keep an eye out if you see it doing that.

Silver2K | 14 juni 2017

the door handle has to be repositioned, it's touching the sensor that opens the door when extending.

Johndkinney | 26 juli 2017

My other 2 cars will close and open all windows with the key fob. I would really appreciate this from Tesla.

carlo.herrmann | 10 maj 2019

When you lock car you should be able to leave windows in current position or close them automatically. When it rains the car should detect the rain and automatically close windows. Application should allow all windows open or closed. No status needed! Hurry most cars have had this for dozens of years. Need to catch up and improve. Fob key should behave like app. All windows open, closed or lock leaving windows as is. This is not SpaceX science! Why not add a variety of voice command as well .. or even let user program the functionality ... IF CONDITION(S) THEN DO(S). Example, IF rain, THEN close all windows. This would probably require a USER page on the screen!?

Simple USER programmability or customization would be DYNAMITE !! Go ELON, go TESLA!!!

AERODYNE | 10 maj 2019

Bring back the pano roof! Vent and open via the phone app, cools car faster than windows IMO...

EVRider | 11 maj 2019

@carlo: Which of these features have “most cars had for dozens of years”?

nukequazar | 11 juni 2019

Wow, such obnoxious comments.

On 1998 E36 M3, I can roll up all windows and close the sunroof by putting the key in either front door lock, turning in the lock direction, and holding. First all four windows roll up then the sunroof closes.

It's incredibly convenient, and I'm neither fat nor lazy. Sometimes I forget to close the sunroof or a window, but more often I leave the sunroof in vent position and the windows open an inch when it's parked outside on a hot day. Then if I decide to close it up, I don't have to get in the car to do it. Again, incredibly convenient not lazy. Maybe you should all get cars with crank windows if you think this sort of technology is laziness.

Here's a solution that would be safe: Have window commands in the app but make it that you have to be touching a door handle to make it work. That would be no less safe that being able to roll up all windows from the driver's seat.

tes-s | 12 juni 2019

Keep your 1998 E36 M3, whatever that is - seems like a good car for you. Probably has cup holders and coat hooks too. Tesla is not for everyone.

Silver2K | 12 juni 2019

I dont get the mention of other cars having the ability to do a function a Tesla cannot perform, yet no mention of features Tesla has over others.

Cabin over heat takes care of your concerns and so does remotely turning the a/c on before you get into a warm vehicle.

The only reason I see reason for windows opening remotely is when a driver side handle malfunctions.

Silver2K | 12 juni 2019

By the way, e36 or e46 m3 does not have remote access to a/c controls or cabin overheat.

TranzNDance | 12 juni 2019

I had a 2004 Honda Accord where I could roll down the windows by turning the key in the door lock. That was convenient. It still took several minutes of driving before the cabin was comfortable.

What's magical now is that I can have the Tesla at a comfortable temperature by pre-cooling it a couple of minutes before approaching or even seeing it, in 100+ degree weather. What makes it even better is that I have a toddler who would happily get into his car seat instead of one complaining that his seat was too hot.

If I were forced to pick which way was better, I'd have to pick the Tesla.

lilbean | 12 juni 2019

My bicycle is great. I don’t even have to worry about windows. And it has a basket to put my stuff in.

barrykmd | 12 juni 2019

Lilbean - but rain gets in...

lilbean | 12 juni 2019

Oh yeah :/

AERODYNE | 12 juni 2019

Why did no one answer the OPs question?

Firsr, unlock the car with the fob or phone.

Then, get in and lower the windows.

Walk around the block untill app reports a reasonable temp.

Engage the AC about a minute before arriving back at the car.

Get it, roll up windows and drove away to enjoy your amazing ride.