Pity Party Posts for Pedantic Pragmatist Pundits Picking Pecks of Pickled Panic

Pity Party Posts for Pedantic Pragmatist Pundits Picking Pecks of Pickled Panic

I'm sick and tired of seeing so many "Oh woe is me" and "The sky is falling" posts around here. Geez. Some of them just want to wallow in their imagined shock and grief. They don't want to be talked down from the ledge. They want to be joined in a rising chorus of petulant pity as they pat each other on the back and agree they have a reason to be positively [PEEVED].

Well, count me among those in the crowd below chanting, "Jump! Jump! JUMP!!!" Go ahead. You know you want to. Do it. End it all. Go get yet another gas guzzler. Surround yourself with cupholders and grab bars and coathooks. Get a 'real car' with four vents you can direct at your face.

Show Tesla enthusiasts there is more than one way to enjoy driving. Show Elon Musk that you can live better without his vision delivered through 'a giant iPad'.

Be a rebel! Be like everyone else. Go away. And don't come back. Ever again.

You'll feel better that way. Really. You will.

And so will I. Goodbye.


Coastal Cruiser. | 28 mars 2017

"They don't want to be talked down from the ledge"

Where's Dirty Harry when you need him?

NKYTA | 28 mars 2017

Or Mel Gibson in Leathal Weapon. ;-)

I just took the trash down from the kitchen to the garage...guess what, NKYTA is waiting patiently still. Girl needs a wash!

SamO | 28 mars 2017

So much anger. Give in to your hate - Emperor Palpatine


Remember the grab handle threads?

Backup lines?

Real HP Numbers?

Tesla can't make money?

Tesla only survives on handouts?

Tesla is going bankrupt!

Tesla will never be a real automaker.

Elon Musk is too distracted.

Tesla PR is horrible.

Tesla service is terrible.

Where's did my frunk go?

Where did my center console go?

Tesla is watching us.

Tesla doesn't care.

And so it goes. I don't actually mind the genuine complaints. If someone has terrible AM reception, a door handle fails, rear seats aren't comfy, door opening is too narrow, upcoming supercharger locations haven't been installed, hot kids in the 3rd row, and rivets, we should discuss and criticize.


The world is an imperfect place - Bender

JeffreyR | 28 mars 2017

"Everyone owns a piece of the company." -- Milo Minderbinder

Coastal Cruiser. | 28 mars 2017

"Tesla is watching us."

Telsa's watching us??


bmalloy0 | 28 mars 2017

SamO, only one mention of Tesla going bankrupt? :P

SamO | 28 mars 2017

lolololololololol. Seriously.

Red Sage ca us | 28 mars 2017

bmalloy0: If this forum has a hidden character limit for replies, he'd certainly run into it for quoting every instance in the past six or seven years of Naysayers claiming Tesla would go bankrupt 'any day now'. ;-)

SamO | 28 mars 2017

. . . "Tesla KILLER" . . . is my favorite. There are 5,000 NEWS results for that Google Search.

5,000 and not even a single "Tesla wounder" or "Tesla injurer" or even "Tesla similar"

Coastal Cruiser. | 28 mars 2017

Tesla's detractors are part of the formula for Tesla's continued success. If there were no detractors then there *would* be cause for concern. Nothing to push against. It's like the way there is constant attention on troublemakers in this forum. If no one ever responded, which feeds them energy, they'd dry up and wither away.

One other part of the formula to Tesla's success in spite of the opposition *at many levels) is keyed to the old saying... There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

mos6507 | 28 mars 2017

Red, if you want to show how you're so much above the fray, stop starting threads like this that just scream that you're addicted to poster-on-poster drama.

JeffreyR | 28 mars 2017

I don't see how @RS would want to be above the fray. My "Tesla Advantage" thread started as a response to a FUD article. So it's okay once in a while to read the naysayers. Gets those creative juices flowing.

Red Sage ca us | 28 mars 2017

Besides, I really like playing with p's... It's a bit harder with q's.

"Pride in profession and prejudice against potential distorts perception of possibilities and deems poor perspective as well."

Nexxus | 29 mars 2017

Pendantic pundit's putrid portral of pending pitfalls plays parous paroxysms of Tesla being a partly partitive pariah.

Red Sage ca us | 29 mars 2017

Piteous Portrayal of Pending Panic

It seems that Jim Cramer has finally given up at least:

"Then there are the stocks that refuse to play dead. Case in point, Tesla (TSLA) . Today's news that the Chinese firm, Tencent, is taking a 5% stake in Tesla just to shut the door on the shorts once and for all. 'Tesla has made it,' Cramer declared, the company will not fail to hit its target of 500,000 cars a year."

So, it has taken over a year for Jim Cramer to recognize the 'resilience' of the market as a whole, and Tesla (TSLA) in particular? See... This is why I call him an ANALyst.

In early February 2016 TSLA went down precipitously , dropping to around $140 from about $220. Tesla Naysayers rejoiced that finally the bubble had burst, at last the market was seeing things in a reasonable fashion, and it seemed $#0r+s had prevailed. But then... They noticed the entire stock market had dropped that week. So whatever financial gains made from TSLA going down were more than cancelled out by everything else going down unexpectedly.

Plus, the so-called 'Tesla Cultists' responded by buying as much as they could at around $150 and drove the price back above $190 and then to around $205 within days. And well before the rest of the market had rebounded. That was when TSLA demonstrated its resilience -- not more recent runs above $250.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 mars 2017

Just Ponder The Plight of Plundererous Pigeons Planted in 6' deep Petunia Patches .

Carl Thompson | 29 mars 2017

Red Sage ca us:

"It seems that Jim Cramer has finally given up at least:

... 'Tesla has made it,' Cramer declared, the company will not fail to hit its target of 500,000 cars a year."

I think you're sarcasm detector may be broken?


KP in NPT | 29 mars 2017

Jim Cramer was not being sarcastic. He has always thrown up his hands re: Tesla. He's finally conceding they won't be going under tomorrow.

At least that's what he says today.

SamO | 29 mars 2017

Watch the video. Cramer looks absolutely heartbroken. Like the doctor delivering the news to the parents in the waiting room that little Jimmy wasn't ever going to wake up from his operation.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 mars 2017

Cramer is the best contrarian indicator ever invented. Do you recall what he said right before the stock crash of '08?

It's when Cramer loves Tesla that I would begin to worry. Maybe.

SamO | 29 mars 2017


Or a stopped watch is right twice per day.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 mars 2017


Coastal Cruiser. | 29 mars 2017

If anyone on this board actually listens to Jim Cramer for anything other than entertainment value then here is MY prediction for the future:

Stop watching Cramer and before long you will have enough money to afford a Model S!

Red Sage ca us | 29 mars 2017

Coastal_Cruiser: That piece of advice has been offered several times in these forums! ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 11 april 2017

Hmmm... It seems someone is determined to make sure we all converse about that vehicle that shall not be named. So...

Shesmyne2 | 11 april 2017

'Buy Bear Stearns'

Still Grinning ;-)

Nexxus | 12 april 2017

@Red Sage,

Is that vehicle a Voldmort?

Red Sage ca us | 12 april 2017

Nexxus: Shhhh! Someone might hear!