Front wheel half shaft judder fixed

Front wheel half shaft judder fixed

2016 P90DL, 14,500 miles. Just got back from the 12 hour round trip drive to San Rafael to get a buggy charge port door replaced. Which they did. 0800 appointment and had my car back by 2 PM with both the front half shafts replaced also, solving that problem, which on my car was not that bad. Great service from Jay and the mechanics! They told me that they used a new, redesigned part, so I should be good to go. Thanks guys! BTW: these guys fix stuff right that other Bay Area SCs haven't been able to. Really professional down there. Love my car.

lilbean | 20 juli 2017

I just brought up a break in period to ask if that would prevent the shudder.

Tropopause | 20 juli 2017

Maybe flooring it while suspension is above Standard should be blocked by software update. It's possible that flooring it while in higher suspension settings is bad for the DU linkage.

Carlk- if you're not feeling the shudder, I wouldn't test it out in high suspension... Just in case.

carlk | 20 juli 2017

Tropo Good point. No need to look for trouble. I never drive with high suspension anyway.

lilbean Those hijacking comments have nothing to do with you if that's what you thought. You were not hijacking the thread, not to mention you're always welcomed to hijack any thread you want. ;)

lilbean | 20 juli 2017

Thanks, carlk. :-) xo

generic | 21 juli 2017

My Tesla P90DL is always in standard height except when it lifts as I turn on to my driveway. Which I do at <5 miles an hour. So judder is back after two replacements now. Always good for about 6 weeks. I do floor it off the line regularly but that is why I bought a fast car. No point getting "ludicrous" mode over a P90 if you have to drive like your grandma.

I hear the parts are aluminum to save weight. Perhaps some stronger alloy would make them more reliable. Right after they are replaced it is dreamy smooth.

Also, the judder usually happens between 30-50 mph so no one has to break any speed limits to manifest the issue.

This car is fairly simple mechanically with no transmission, ICE, etc.. I mean one of the appeals of a Tesla as a vehicle is fewer moving parts that need maintenance. I think Tesla should consider more durable parts in this instance rather than throwing up their hands and making the shaking a normal feature. I do respect that so far they have always fixed this under warranty.

My car is a 3 year lease and I will probably get something different when it is up. Probably another MX frankly if they fix this since I cannot live without that windshield. Every other car feels claustrophobic now. Then again the roadster might be out by then.....

ken | 22 juli 2017

I let it go without getting it replace for a long time, but the noice got louder and starting to slip, the engineered went with me for a test drive said power lost starting to occur through slippage.

zanegler | 22 juli 2017

I would really like to know with certainty that Elon knows about this and what his position is on a permanent fix. The MS has air suspension, but has absolutely no shudder. Drive a loaner MS and you will see what we are missing. How about focusing some extra attention on root-cause analysis and remediation before digging any holes?

I agree with @generic 100%. In-fact it almost seems as though he(?) is channeling my thoughts.

In my dark thoughts, I worry Tesla is stalling until our cars to go off warranty. Nah, that can't be....could it?

lilbean | 22 juli 2017

Actually, there is a thread on the S forum about the shudder.

inconel | 24 juli 2017

Yes Model S suffers from shudder as well.
My P85D started to develop a shudder under full acceleration at 20k miles

mkbs94 | 24 juli 2017

3 sets of half shafts on my 2016 P90D with 16,668 miles.

ken | 25 juli 2017

got my MX back and they torque he front lower shaft, its doing ok for now, will see in few weeks....

Gwgan | 26 juli 2017

Ken, you mean they didn’t actually replace anything, just wrenched a bolt?

ken | 28 juli 2017

This time around they didn't replace, my paperwork saids they torque both side and inspect for wear, for now, shudder went away, i will report after few wks of driving.

lilbean | 28 juli 2017

I was told that replacing the shafts wasn't a fix so maybe just adjustjng the torque is. Hopefully they are closer to solving this problem.

Triggerplz | 28 juli 2017

Replacing my shafts fixed my problem maybe they tighten the new shafts and had they tightened the old ones it would have fixed the problem , but mine is fine now it was about 8 months ago when they replaced the shafts and mine is still shudder free

tommyalexandersb | 29 juli 2017

Mine doesn't shudder when accelerating in a straight line, but if I'm turning even slightly either way, especially at the take off, it shudders very intensely. Is this the issue you're all having? Or is the shudder also noticeable when you accelerate in a straight line?

lilbean | 29 juli 2017

The shudder happens when going straight.

Gwgan | 31 juli 2017

Worst when going up a curve.

rudywilkjr | 31 juli 2017

I had this issue too. Had a mechanic drive with me and he helped me identify that the issue doesn't occur on low suspension. He acknowledged the problem on standard and definitely on high suspension. They replaced some parts and immediately afterwards the problem was gone. However, it's back now. Frustrating. Difficult to not have people laugh at you for paying over 100k dollars for a car that when you accelerate shakes the car like a 20 year old broken down car.

sandycraft50 | 1 augusti 2017

I have a model x with a bad, bad shudder from 35 to 45 under hard acceleration, service says, SO no fix, PLAN ON going back again soon, service from Tesla is not what it should be. I had a loud noise on my S for 2 years that service said they could not hear, then on the three year service they said there was a recall then they fixed the noise, sounds like the shudder is in the same ball park. Hear what you want.

carlgo2 | 2 augusti 2017

Heavy acceleration with the air suspension set high creates the problem. New axle parts temporarily solve the issue, most of the time.

One poster had good luck by having the motor mounts replaced.

This is a a clue. Unless the axle assembly is simply not up to the job of handling the huge forces involved here, the only answer must be that the angles of the axle components are at times operating at the fringes and therefore subject to premature wear. If the motor is twisting around, the suspension is "up" due to being raised by the air suspension and also because acceleration raises the front up the CV angles must be at or near their limit. If you have ever taken these things apart you would see that they can't operate at high angles. I would imagine that high speed videos would show all this thrashing around, wobbling, subject to great stress.

The only cure, aside from an impossibly strong axle assembly, is to limit these angles, probably by updating the motor mounts, possibly limiting the upper height of the air suspension and in general damping the suspension so that the axles is not being subject to oscillations and such. The last thing might be to deliver the power to the front more gradually.

An experiment would be to literally bolt the front motor down, eliminating the rubber (?) mounts and then see what happens with a good axle in place. Some ICE cars have motor mounts that can be controlled, stiffer at take-off and then mushed up for that smooth drive. Tesla may have to have some sort of interactive mounts that work with suspension that is also controlled in a similar way.

Or, simply reduce the power...not gonna happen!

Redmiata98 | 2 augusti 2017

Actually, they DID software restrict the power on the P versions for awhile until someone noticed it.

zanegler | 2 februari 2018

Bumpage. This issue needs to be resolved sometime before my warranty runs out. I could have lemon-lawed my X long time ago, but I can't go back to pre-X.

harryjoshi | 3 juni 2018

Just took my two month old model s in for this same shuddering on full acceleration. Only happens when cold and not driven for 20 mins or so. Hopefully the half shaft is the culprit not something else.

jjgunn | 5 juni 2018

Does this still happen when you have air suspension high & floor it?

Gustafsonmechanical | 5 juni 2018

I have the shutter issue which happens on full acceleration whether turning or strait, I also have the shutter when backing out of the driveway going from reverse to drive and turning with light acceleration. I was thinking it could be front motor mounts or the axle issue your all talking about. I haven't talked to the SC yet as it doesn't happen ALL the time...and I don't want to give up my X for repairs yet!! I've only had it for 2 months! BTW my suspension is always on low. MX100D

olena.lineberry | 30 januari 2019

There is no fix!! We have had 4 sets of axles and the service center admitted there’s no fix. Axles are angled at standard height. Would have to mount the front drive unit lower or align wheels somehow in low height setting and leave it in low.

glenchillier | 7 februari 2019

Does anyone know exactly what part of the "half shaft" causes the judder? Sounds like it may be a resonant phenomena between the motor/wheel mounts and the half shaft? Has anyone had a hard failure from this judder issue? I've got 63,000 miles on my X and I think I first noticed the judder around 10,000 miles or so. It doesn't seem to be getting worse and I simply put the car in the low level before demonstrating the phenomenal acceleration with newbies.

Uncle Paul | 7 februari 2019

Seems like setting the air suspension to low has been the most effective work around.

Another recent post quoted a service writer as saying that Tesla has been working on a solution and it should be released shortly. Instead of everybody rushing down to the service center to get this latest fix, perhaps it is best to wait until some people get the updates and give it some time to prove itself.

Then we can all make appointments for the upgrades and perhaps have the newly available HEPA filter installed at the same time.

info | 12 februari 2019

Had the shutter issue when I had the suspension on higher than standard. SC advised to leave it on standard height. I did this for app 10 mpoths with no problems. Now I'm having the same issue on the standard height. Called the SC and they advised to leave it on low. I made an appointment for next week at the SC and will leave it there until they fix it.

info | 12 februari 2019

Forgot to add these stats. 2017 MX 90D with 26k miles. Hardly get on it.

tracy | 14 februari 2019

My car is a 2018, built 12/18...Took delivery on 12/31 with 15 miles on the car.

I have the shudder. $118k car, brand new and it has this problem? This is BS. My second Tesla...I cannot believe how bad the fit and finish on this car was right out of mfg. Hood Alignment was way off. Falcon door on Right had gaps, trim was all over the place. Seriously? Who is doing the QC checks that allowed this car out? In fact...All 3 X's I looked at on 12/31 at delivery had the hoods skewed heavily to the right...Embarrassing...or someone in a hurry to make numbers.

Now it has an inherent design flaw in the suspension and this was not disclosed?

Can you say Lemon Law?

jimglas | 14 februari 2019

FUD much?

jjgunn | 14 februari 2019

hey @tracy - I'll buy your "X" off you for $20k.

Yeah that's what I thought.....

This is your 2nd Tesla but all you ever do on the forums is complain - Anything good to say about the vehicle?

Also your opinion on the fit & finish is way off - I've looked at hundreds of Model X's - none of the issues you state above exist.

If the car is sooo bad, why are you buying a 2nd one? Can you say Learn the Lemon Law?

If you have a problem, fine, but stop typing like a kid who had some candy taken away.

FYI - you should keep your X on "Low" all the time - What did you do? Put it on high then floor it? Genius, if so.

Vawlkus | 14 februari 2019


drwike | 29 maj 2019

I have shudder. Was told nothing could be done.

chrisclub | 31 maj 2019

I was told 5 months ago that they are working on a fix. I see there is a new suspension out now... hoping they upgrade our X's for free to fix this shudder problem.

August 29, 2018 delivery.

jjgunn | 1 juni 2019

June 2018 delivery. 23,000 miles. Been on low 99.9% of the time.

No shudder -- just had half-shafts checked out by SC. No issues.

I wonder why that is? I must be lucky.

kurtethais | 10 september 2019

I have the same problem in 2016 Model X with 52k miles. Just came out of warranty. Always took good care and not flooring. Yesterday, I got the bad news the SC of Dania Beach FL wants $2600 to fix a known problem. It is a known problem and I am disappointed that this is not part of a recall. My MX was over $100k and I feel been treat like someone got a $15k car. So much for been early adopter and have deposited trust at Tesla.

Uncle Paul | 10 september 2019

Theory is that the X is based on the S, but sits higher up, and also can be adjusted even higher for off road/back road/heavy snow conditions.

This higher ride puts suspension angles higher that optimum, and leads to the shudder as the parts wear.

They have been trying several redesigns of components, but they still have not gotten it completely sorted. Most cars will never experience shudder, but a certain percentage will be effected. New parts seem to help, but in some cases the shudder will still come back. Seems to be aggravated by heavy throttle use. For the most part the shudder only shows up under heavy acceleration.

Propwash | 11 september 2019

Yes I have shudder when I launch 2017 Model X 16,000 miles

cdavidhord | 14 september 2019

My shudder is still present, even after the half shaft replacement. They told me to always keep it on low, never any higher.

RAUDIKAL | 23 september 2019

Yes, my MX has this issue. Started within a few hundred miles after taking delivery of my late 2016 MX90D. | 24 september 2019

My MX90D front half axle shudder was corrected a couple of months ago under warranty. Works great! Smooth acceleration.

peter | 25 september 2019

What was the fix?