Why would I want a valet to drive 70mph?

Why would I want a valet to drive 70mph?

Why would anyone want a valet to drive their Tesla 70mph? Seems like 30mph would be more than ample. What am I missing here?

barrykmd | 21 maj 2017

To get your car back faster after giving him the claim check?

Tarla's Driver | 21 maj 2017

Most valet situations are simply within a parking lot, but there may be others where they take the care to an auxiliary parking location with higher-speed roads between.

I think what most people want is restricted profiles, where the owner can set various limits, but once in one of those profiles, the driver can't change out without a code. Various restrictions would include:
* Maximum acceleration
* Maximum speed
* Maximum speed relative to the speed limit
* Disable HomeLink
* Disable Frunk access
* Disable glove compartment access
* Limited driving area (e.g., within 1 mile of starting location)

I can see reasons for setting all sorts of different combinations. For example, letting your 19-year-old kid drive might include acceleration limits and speed restrictions, but none of the others.

AlMc | 21 maj 2017

@Tarla's driver: I have been asking (OK, begging) for this software upgrade for years. More control over functions that could be called, 'valet mode' or 'safe mode' or 'restricted driver /teenage mode'

Alas, crickets.

jordanrichard | 22 maj 2017

steve109, what you are missing or rather taking for literal, is the term "valet". Tesla doesn't mean literally a valet, but someone other than you that would be driving it. Ever bought a new car and get 3 keys? 2 opened/operated everything and then the "valet key" would only be able to unlock the doors and start the car, not the trunk or glove box.

Haggy | 22 maj 2017

Tesla doesn't want to place unreasonable restrictions. 70 mph would be moving with traffic on freeways around here, and if a valet needs to take the car to the overflow lot one exit away, getting on the freeway and finding that the car didn't go above 30 mph would be dangerous.

There's also the question of legality. I have no idea what state or federal regulations might apply, and if it's not being sold as a low speed vehicle, I have no idea whether it could have such a restriction.

Stiction | 22 maj 2017

I spied on a valet via the app... bringing my car back to me (in valet mode).
He was moving pretty spritely.

Glad for limited acceleration..that's the cocaine of a Tesla.

4SUPER9 | 22 maj 2017

This question has been raised multiple times since the re-release of valet mode, and every time the argument has been shut down. Any request for limiting speed to less than 70 mph is futile. It will never happen as it is simply unsafe. The primary reason, as well as many others, is that people (many times myself) will drive off and forget they are in Valet Mode. Imagine trying to get on a freeway and being limited to 30 mph. That is not the time to say "Oops, I forgot". The same goes for a valet who may need to hit 50, or whatever other scenario. Tesla simply cannot allow drivers that much flexibility. While there may be people here who are absolutely perfect and never ever need to worry about limiting their cars to 30 mph, there are many more owners, including myself, who are not so perfect. Tesla does not want that kind of legal liability. Besides, I highly doubt the NHTSB would every allow it.

Sailfast | 23 maj 2017

Why would I ever let a valet drive or park my S in the first place?

barrykmd | 23 maj 2017

Sailfast - I'm with you. I've only caeted my car once - at a htoel where there was a destination charger available via valet only. Whenever I've gone to a downtown restaurant where there is valet-only parking, I take my beater SUV.

Solarfan | 23 maj 2017

@Sailfast +1