Monitoring Tesla vehicles with the REST API

Monitoring Tesla vehicles with the REST API

Full disclosure: I am a Sales Engineer working for LogicMonitor ( - a SaaS-based technology monitoring solution; our product is typically used to monitor hybrid IT infrastructure, however ....

A friend/ former colleague/ customer of LogicMonitor recently acquired a Model S. We had geeked out about the amazing technology in the Tesla platform many times, and I had some awareness of previous efforts to monitor vehicle data through the Tesla REST API. So I set about writing datasources that collect data from the API and display it in LogicMonitor dashboards. As of this post, I've written datasources for:

1. Battery/ charger statistics - includes battery range, battery levels, charge energy, charge miles added, charge rate, charge power, time to full charge, and more.
2. Climate statistics - includes temperature settings, inside and outside temperature, and more.
3. Location data - latitude, longitude, compass heading, power.
4. Odometer
5. Car configuration - sunroof status, remote start confg, seat type, and more.

For some screenshots and additional information, check out the post in the LogicMonitor forums:

This was a really fun project - and I find it super interesting to see the data in action - like the differences between supercharging and charging at home.