Any chance burdogg can get the Electoral College changed?

Any chance burdogg can get the Electoral College changed?

Just asking

akgolf | 31 maj 2017

Wouldn't put it past him, but probably not retroactive.

mntlvr23 | 31 maj 2017

Hey burdogg, can you ask my boss for a raise?
(for me)

burdogg | 31 maj 2017

Yikes, I am going to have to quit my day job in order to try to fill these and other requests that might come.

mntlvr23 | 31 maj 2017

How did you get that 8th word (in the OP) past mollum?
Dude, you have some serious pull !!!

Shadowmist | 31 maj 2017

Can he get me my Model 3 sooner? That's what matters.

mntlvr23 | 31 maj 2017

..... but first little Timmie

Iwantmy3 | 31 maj 2017

If you are taking requests,
I would like a 3-75D in red with premium interior and cold weather package by the end of August.
Thank you in advance

Bluesday Afternoon | 31 maj 2017

Better yet, convince/sway Trump to stay in the Paris Accord!

burdogg | 31 maj 2017

Paul.k9 and Iwantmy3 - When I passed your request on to Elon, all he would respond with was....soon. Sorry, best I could do there for you. I will keep trying, but if you have been around long enough, you know Elon time is hard to really nail down. I'll stick with it though :)

@mntlvr23 - your boss just laughed at me and said, who are you. I was appalled he didn't know who I was. You need a new boss.

Iwantmy3 | 31 maj 2017

Thanks burdogg. I appreciate the effort.

bj | 31 maj 2017

@Simply Red - Elon should be in the Trumpster's ear, he's on one of his advisory panels. Not that I expect it would make much difference.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 31 maj 2017

I've wondered what was going on with the Electoral Co.l.l.ege since I was in Fourth Grade. This concept of so-called 'Super Delegates' is even more confusing. Worse, learning that certain States will allow the Electoral Co.l.l.ege Delegates to override the popular vote within their borders 'Just Because'. Makes me wonder if anyone actually knows what the U.S. Constitution is at all. Especially when over a year can pass before hearings are held for a U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee, and no one on The HILL is prosecuted, indicted, arrested, or even chastised, let alone impeached. What's a guy gotta do these days to be considered seditious? Tell the truth?

mos6507 | 1 juni 2017

Any chance the Model 3 forum can be exclusively about the Model 3 and not social smalltalk?

KP in NPT | 1 juni 2017


dsvick | 1 juni 2017

burdogg, there are still several states that won't allow Tesla to sell direct, maybe you can do something about that? And Ohio isn't really EV friendly, perhaps a quick note to the state legislature? oh, and I want a pony ....

dsvick | 1 juni 2017

"Any chance the Model 3 forum can be exclusively about the Model 3 and not social smalltalk?"

You realize this is the internet don't you? Also, you can just not read the threads you have no interest in ....

mos6507 | 1 juni 2017

One does not simply tolerate nonsense threads on the internet.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 1 juni 2017

6502c is Better: Then one should 'simply' abandon the internet entirely. 'This a lost cause in that regard. Goodbye.

dyefrog | 1 juni 2017

You seem to be very miserable and negative. Are you like this all the time or only here? I can't help notice you seem to have a bug up your butt in regards to Red specifically. It's fine to be critical now and then but with you, it's the rule rather than the exception. Here's your chance to prove me wrong. Say something nice about Tesla.
Don't make me call on the Burdogg.

mntlvr23 | 1 juni 2017

"Don't make me call on the Burdogg."

burdogg | 1 juni 2017

My red phone hasn't rang yet...must be still giving it some time :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 1 juni 2017

dyefrog: Ah. You noticed that, eh? That's why he typically remains among The [IGNORED]. I spent a few days under this ID posting from Firefox and read some of his posts. Not anymore if I can help it.

dyefrog | 1 juni 2017

Yeah, I guess you musta pissed in his corn flakes.

burdogg | 1 juni 2017

dyefrog - my red phone still hasn't rang - I sat by it all evening waiting for the call to deploy. :) Guess I will get back to working on the ponies.

mos6507 | 2 juni 2017

Apparently one does not simply ignore people one gratuitously announces is being [IGNORED] as well.


dsvick | 2 juni 2017

@burdogg - " Guess I will get back to working on the ponies."

Yes, good call. The sooner we all get one the sooner the sacrifice of those two birds will be worth it. Oh, and world peace, that'll happen then too.

anthonyanderson13uyg | 28 november 2019

H. Clinton carried the popular vote in 2016 by 3+ million, but carried California by 4 1/2 million. Subtract California and Trump carried the popular vote in 2016, along with 85% of the counties. Why is California deciding the election any less objectionable than the Electoral College?

njchillie | 28 november 2019

It's not California that would make the difference - it's the "one citizen one vote," whichever state they happen to live in. A citizen who votes and lives in California would have exactly the same affect on the outcome as if that same person lives in any of the other 49 states.

David N | 28 november 2019

Founding Fathers were pretty darn smart in seeing potential trouble.
Electoral College did exactly as intended by the FF.
They new this could happen, and they provided a provision for it.
Those who can’t accept it are those who FF were worried about.
Some are using it for a cause of division, I wish they would use that energy for the good of the country instead of division.
We still live in the greatest country in the world.
God bless America.

Varricks | 28 november 2019

Which has what to do with my Model 3?

Bighorn | 28 november 2019

Usually the third grade history class version of events is not accurate.

gballant4570 | 28 november 2019

anthonyanderson13uyg, delusional pretzel logic does not produce a valid argument. Yours is disqualified.

gballant4570 | 28 november 2019

David N, your version of history is wrong. At the time this country was founded, there was not universal agreement on anything. Compromises were made to reach a working conclusion. The electforal college was a concession to those who were simply against democracy.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28 november 2019

A little history behind this “old” thread. Anybody remember EaglesPDX? He/she was relentless with negative, misleading comments. Burdogg successfully had Tesla restrict Eagles posting on the Forum. That led me (aka Simply Red) to request burdogg’s help.

I can’t believe I’m still here! Should I reserve a Cybertruck and change my name again?

Magic 8 Ball | 28 november 2019


Some here are of the belief that FISHEV is EaglesPDX. If you have not been following FISHEV showed up late last year, is from PDX, and has managed to become the forum villain.

Bighorn | 28 november 2019

Funny thing. EaglesPDX is back. Aka FishEV or FISHEV. Toxic as ever.

sbeggs | 28 november 2019

You are wanted over on the Cybertruck 250,000 and counting reservation thread, Model 3 forum!

Aisle C!

lilbean | 28 november 2019

@Bluesday Yes! Reserve one! :)