Unacceptable behaviour going too far

Unacceptable behaviour going too far

Kathy Griffin faced a severe backlash after a photo of her holding a severed head intended to look like Donald Trump was posted.
She lost her job and suffered opprobrium from many people.

The forum member going under the id of Ross1 (formerly Ross) has just done a similar thing by posting this statement:
"7: You will all be sent a stuffed toy....of bb0tin. And a packet of pins." on this thread:

This is not the first time this member has posted veiled threats against me on this forum.
He has previously asked forum members what they wanted him to do to me should he meet me in New Zealand.
His behaviour is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Somebody at Tesla seems to have banned EaglesPDX for disruptive behavior.
EaglesPDX's behaviour, as far as I am aware, was never personally insulting nor was it ever personally threatening.
Whoever banned EaglesPDX from the forum, assuming they did, should also ban Ross1 from the forum.

The censoring trolls have decided to censor this thread.
I will keep recreating it each time they censor it.