VAT impact on UAE Customers

VAT impact on UAE Customers | 26 juni 2017

I hope those impacted UAE customers recover. Sounds painful. I wonder how large that vat is that hit those customers :)

rxlawdude | 26 juni 2017

They don't drink there, so it's a smallish vat, I guess.

Watt fun | 27 juni 2017

Google is your friend. The UAE will implement a VAT only on JANUARY 1ST, 2018. The rate will be 5%. So, if a Model S costing the equivalent of $100,000 US was puchased after Jan 1, 2018, then the price would be the equivalent of $105,000 US.

jimmy | 28 juni 2017

There is already a 5% import duty on cars here in the UAE, but that’s already built into the prices for the car. VAT will apply from next year. There’s a chance that EVs will be exempt, but nothing has been confirmed yet. It also looks like Dubai may exempt EVs from road tolls (Salik) and public parking fees. The federal government is also considering easing auto loan regulations to permit down payments of 10% for EVs rather than the currently mandated minimum of 20%, and possibly easing insurance rates.

jmark165 | 30 juni 2017

In UAE, Value- added tax(VAT) will be applied from 1 January 2018 with a rate of 5% on some goods and services. The VAT may impact on companies and consumers in UAE.

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369bhawani | 30 augusti 2019

Now 5% VAT has been applied on some goods and services in UAE.

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