automatic gate opener doesn't recognize gate

automatic gate opener doesn't recognize gate

I guess I am getting spoiled by the automatic garage door opener on my model S. Works perfectly every time. I also live in a gated community and for some reason the automated system on the model S doesn't see it and I have to push a button !gasp. Any suggestion to get it to recognize it?

reed_lewis | 5 juli 2017

It only sends the code when you approach the GPS coordinates of where you programmed it. I would try re programming it closer to the gate.

Haggy | 6 juli 2017

There is some sort of glitch in recent software that keeps it from seeing my gate many times. I had a loaner, and while I had it I programmed in my garage door and gate, and the problems were identical on both cars. That included the geolocation causing the list to pop down at an odd location, and with a message saying that I'm 1100 or so feet from the garage when that happened.

You can try resetting the location. If the car has already memorized the remote, go to the Homelink section and after selecting the gate, while the car is standing still, you can click on the link for resetting the location. A box will pop up asking you to confirm. Then drive to the location where you'd like the remote to work, and press the button to close the pop-up when you get to the right spot.

fskohler | 6 juli 2017

We also live in a gated community. The radio signal doesn't work on Tesla's windshield. Our patrol personnel said they have had problems with Teslas and gave me a device to mount on my front license plate. However, I don't have a front license plate so I took it to my service center and they told me they see this all the time and would mount the device inside the frunk. It works beautifully. The device was intended for use on motorcycles, but it works on Tesla's if not mounted on the wind shield. | 6 juli 2017

@MD8567 - There is some confusion. Are you using a separate gate opener (like fskohler describes) or using the Homelink built into the Tesla? If the problem is with Homelink, I wrote up a trobleshooting guide: that might help.

pepsundar | 29 juli 2017

You will thank me for this. Don't let the car auto open or close the gate. I originally configured it that way out of excitement only to learn later that the homelink flips the door to the 'opposite' position when detected. It doesn't know if the door is already open or shut. One night, my wife parked her car first in our 2 car garage and left the garage door open for me. As I moved slowly into the garage, and started doing my usual stuff like grabbing my cell phone, pausing the loud music, releasing my seat belt, etc. I heard a loud noise on my car's roof; I braked and stopped half-way into my garage. The car's homelink activated the garage door which started shutting down. The door hit and stopped at the roof. Thankfully I was moving in very slow; but still the door edges scratched my roof pretty bad. I disabled auto open/shut option instantly.

NKYTA | 29 juli 2017

@pep, sounds self inflicted. Sorry for your scratches.

akikiki | 29 juli 2017

NKYTA, +1 and sounds like the garage door sensors are too low. That needs to be fixed regardless.

pepsundar | 30 juli 2017

NKYTA, akikiki, I agree - I was totally stupid, not paying attention! I live in a rented place and garage door sensors was the first thing I thought about - I found there was none. I asked the landlord and he said he'd removed it as the previous tenant had a cat, they had some problems with the cat blocking the sensors, so he removed it. I asked him to install them back! No, I didn't sue him for the damage.

CherylP | 14 september 2017

Just got my S. garage worked perfectly. On the gate the car flashed it received signal. Final programming could not make it open or close. I will keep reading. Dallas was unsure on troubleshooting.

Haggy | 14 september 2017

" I asked the landlord and he said he'd removed it as the previous tenant had a cat, they had some problems with the cat blocking the sensors, so he removed it. I asked him to install them back! No, I didn't sue him for the damage."

That's an interesting one. Depending on state law, it most likely would have been illegal to install the opener without the safety sensors but I can't find clauses that prohibit removing them after the fact. Then again, wrongful death lawsuits can be in the millions of dollars and there could even be criminal negligence, so I think a landlord who got off paying for property damage would be pretty lucky.

Some cats will intentionally wait until the garage door is closing and then run out to get it to reverse. The solution is to stand by until the door is completely closed before driving away. If the tenant has a cat, that should be up to the tenant to deal with. Alternatively, the sensors could have been moved up above the recommended height, and the cat could have been replaced with a Manx or Japanese bobtail.

barrymr | 2 augusti 2019

Does any one have a problem accessing a community gate with a Tesla? My community has a gate with a sensor reader. The car has some sort of chip either going on the windshield, upper part of the headlight or a license plate. The sensor number is recorded by our community and as you move up to the gate, it opens without you having to do anything. For some reason I was not able to get it working with my model 3. I do not know if it was a defective chip or the electrical system causing a problem.

EVRider | 2 augusti 2019

RFID windshield tags work on the Model 3 windshield, but not the Model S. Our community uses a similar system, and I had to use a headlight-mounted tag for my Model S, but the windshield tag works fine in my wife's Model 3.

It has nothing to do with the car's electrical system. It could be a defective tag, or just not mounted in the right place. If the tag was previously installed on a different car and you removed it, it's very likely you broke it -- it's hard to reuse them.