2170 voltage?

2170 voltage?

Can anyone tell me if the new 2170 cells have the same voltage as the 18650? Will these cells be available to purchase in bulk for the DIY industry?

Just as Henry Ford created many, many jobs for the unemployed, for several generations, I believe Elon Miusk can create lots of opportunity for the currently and future unemployed. Future unemplyment will get worse with automation. The battery is the key to solving so many of today's economic, social and infrastructure problems. The Power Wall combined with Solar Roofs is the answer the globe needs. Let me explain...

I want to see Elon mass produce pre-fab'ed stand alone charging stations, complete with solar roof and power wall. Equivalent to a row of gas pumps at your local gas station. Each unit or kit can be shipped and put together anywhere on the planet. Here is a few jobs right here for future installers. Installer teams with a higher paid Lead Electrician to tie each unit into the grid and manage the other workers on each team. Connect a bunch of these kits and power a small business/home/charging station combo. This will create opportunities for would be investors. Creating more employment and driving more "Power Station" sales. Since Tesla will be making money on the production and supply of the power stations, charging could be free for all Tesla owners. And Tesla owners will spend money while they are waiting for their cars to charge for free. This will exponentially build up the charging infrastructure and that infrastructure will be paid for by entrepreneurs and investors, not Tesla!

Tesla will be the one making the initial profit from these Power Stations, creating possibly infinite growth and providing secondary investment opportunities for the multitudes and possibly for several generations to come.

The DIY industry will benefit from these batteries as well. There are many more countless job opportunities for so many more people that hasn't even been thought of yet. A robust ,abundant, affordable and available supply of these batteries is the KEY to fixing the WORLD!

Frank99 | 8 juli 2017

The voltage is set by the chemistry, which for a single-cell LiIon battery is nominally 3.6V.

Dramsey | 9 juli 2017

“A robust ,abundant, affordable and available supply of these batteries is the KEY to fixing the WORLD!”

LiIon batteries are very widely available; everywhere from your local drug store’s battery rack to Amazon. You can buy all the LiIon batteries you need right now, today, for any conceivable project from hundreds of suppliers.

The 2170 cell’s size has been designed to fit into Tesla’s future vehicle designs.

And...not to be picky or anything...but if you don’t know that battery voltage is set by cell chemistry (the oxidation-reduction potential), you need to learn a LOT more before starting on any ambitious DIY battery powered projects.

Nexxus | 10 juli 2017

Every battery they make is spoken for, for the Model ≡, the Powerwalls, and the Powerpacks they produce. There will be none for the DIY for years to come. | 10 juli 2017

As @Frank99 says, the nominal discharge voltage is 3.6 volts and the charging voltage is 4.2 volts max. | 10 juli 2017

I should point out that Tesla has not published these numbers. They are estimates based on the information that the change in chemistry for the 2170 from the 18650 design is modest to increase efficiency by maybe 10% according to J. B. Straubel. Less certain are the maximum charging and discharge currents per cell 4 amps and about 20 amps, resp. for the 18650) Guessing that these numbers will be up to about 50% more for the 2170.

stevo | 12 juli 2017

Dramsey... I'm well aware of that fact. But I read somewhere that the new 2170 is a new chemistry and thought maybe the voltage had increased. Right now I am utilizing 11 Nissan Leaf modules in my motorcycle conversion and it works fantastic for commuting my 10 mile roundtrip to work and home. But it is a work in progress and it will improve every few years as technology advances. I believe the pouch cell manufacturers are going to give Tesla some real competition soon. The 18650 Tesla modules are just now hitting the market for DIY'ers, but they really don't add that much in performance to the Nissan Leaf modules that have been available for years now, other then shaving off some weight from the battery pack. | 12 juli 2017

It will be interesting if the pouch technology will have long term reliability in the harsh automotive environment. One reason Tesla got the cost of it's batteries so low is using cell size that is produced in the billions for other products. Seems like every other EV uses a custom cell design that never gets the manufacturing volumes necessary for the lowest cost. Other than Tesla, I'm not sure there are two EVs today that use the same cells, but I'm likely wrong on that.