24/7/365 roadside assitance

24/7/365 roadside assitance

this is a joke for Tesla. my car had problem with brakes. I have called this service and spend 20 minutes with the guy that didn't know how to fix it.
then he send me to another person, Rodrigo WithoutLastName (who refused to give me his last name). Rodrigo turned out to be a phone operator. he did not even know about my situation, did not know what was the problem with my car. and only could do very minimum. he said that they are basically AAA, which is not true as AAA provides better service.
no, he could not get my car towed today (where is 24/7/365???)
no, he cannot arrange another car for me today (where is 24/7/365???)
no, he cannot arrange a car with tow hitch
no, he would not even tell me where I should go and get rental car tomorrow
he was condescending and rude, interrupting me every time I asked him a question or gave him my opinion
what a shame for Tesla!
just heads up what you should expect from any "specialist" at 24/7/365 Tesla Road Service Assistance

JayInJapan | 9 juli 2017

What was the problem with your brakes? Which model car? Which country?

rxlawdude | 9 juli 2017

What a shame for readers of this thread.

lilbean | 9 juli 2017

Is this a joke? | 9 juli 2017

Not sure how the phone operator is expected to fix a car, although they should be able to arrange a tow.

JayInJapan | 10 juli 2017

Can we file this one under Whompy Posters?