No more leather seats.

No more leather seats.

Wtf I'm an animal guy also, but I love the feel of nappa leather.

EVRider | 22 juli 2017

I see that the Design Studio no longer says the seats are leather, but are you sure that they aren't?

carlk | 22 juli 2017

I have ultrawhite in my X which is a synthetic material. It is very nice imo although FWIW people in the knows can tell right away it's not leather.

Dramsey | 22 juli 2017

The cynic in me notes that the price of “premium” interiors has not changed, so Tesla’s profit margins have gone up a bit, as the vegan interiors are doubtless much cheaper to produce.

This concerns me a bit as the Tesla interior has always been one of the weakest points of the car when compared with similarly priced ICE competition. Removing leather and Alcantara probably won’t help. | 22 juli 2017

They removed "Leather" in the descriptions quite a while ago. I'm fairly sure black and tan are still leather. White was always a very high quality synthetic. I presume "cream" is also synthetic, but that is not totally clear as no one has received this color yet.

My guess is not every surface is leather (if you order premium seats in black or tan) and this avoids legal problems other manufacturers got into when they said "leather" but only the seat surfaces were leather. | 22 juli 2017

Tan seems to have disappeared in favor of "cream".

JBChris | 22 juli 2017

Looks like I got my order in for tan just in time, wifey doesn't like the look of the cream now on offer!

DRFLGD | 22 juli 2017

Only the standard multi-pattern black seats have (some) leather in them (the seat and seat back are made of cloth). The rest are a vegan synthetic leather-like material.

I am about to order a 100D and am dismayed that the tan leather seats are gone as the cream color seems too light. It will have to be black with wood accents for me instead.

On the plus side, I will $2000 from the subzero, premium sound, and LED packages being folded into either the standard or the premium upgrades package.

Bighorn | 22 juli 2017

No more leather seats per Leilani.

lph | 22 juli 2017

Not everyone is disappointed.
3 cheers for Tesla!
Been waiting for this ever since Tesla started making cars.
I much prefer non leather seats.. Now I can choose any color I want from their pallete, and still have a clear conscience. It is good to know that they are also better in every way with their high level of durability and lack of maintenance needed.
I really like the look of cream seats with figured ash trim.

RedShift | 22 juli 2017

I had synthetic in my BMW and loved them. They were more durable, less prone to cracking and wear.

Stop moping, 3000$ is easily afforded by 99% of the Model S customers.

barrykmd | 23 juli 2017

lph | July 22, 2017
I much prefer non leather seats.. Now I can choose any color I want from their pallete,

You can choose any color you want, as long as it's black, white, or off-white.
I think they shot themselves in the foot with limited choices, and it won't last long.

Anthony J. Parisio | 23 juli 2017

I like the new set up. I have had synthetic seats in my Mercedes and could never tell the difference between that and the leather. Really good synthetics are my choice over using leather. I like the new cream color. I'm still looking for one more interior choice. I would like to see a fully Alcantara choice.

inconel | 23 juli 2017

I would have also gone with Alcantara seats if they were offered by Tesla. Had them in my Audi and Porsche and loved them.

EVRider | 23 juli 2017

I like the cream interior -- it looks like the grey interior I have in my S85. I'm not a fan of the tan interior, but many people like it so I'm surprised Tesla removed that option. Maybe that's a temporary change while they ramp up production of non-leather interiors.

SeaP90D | 24 juli 2017

Does anybody remember that old Albert Brooks movie where he's just made it in advertising and is negotiating with the salesman for his first Mercedes and finds out the seats aren't real leather? It's a wonderful classic.

Tropopause | 24 juli 2017

The door and dash come standard with the upgraded material. Before you had to buy the Premium Upgrade pack for that.

Personally, I prefer the new materials, colors and combinations.

jordanrichard | 24 juli 2017

The paint on our cars is vegan, the carpeting is vegan, the glass is vegan,................

Are we now calling anything not made of leather "Vegan". Can we call things what they are?

Seats are either cloth, vinyl, or leather. Mercedes calls their vinyl seats MB-Tex, but they are still vinyl.

Admittedly I have not looked at the design studio lately, but previously, the leather seats in a Tesla were leather on the seating surfaces only, with matching colored vinyl for the rest of the seat, door panels, arm rests and lower dash. If one ordered the Premium interior, all those aforementioned areas would be leather as well.

The white interior in Teslas is a form of vinyl.

danbry39 | 24 juli 2017

Looked up the above referenced Albert Brooks clip for those that might be curious. Hope the link works.

danbry39 | 24 juli 2017

Sorry, link doesn't work for me either.

Bill_75D | 24 juli 2017

Albert Brooks movie is "Lost in America"

hsuru4u | 24 juli 2017

I kind of wish the carpeting in the s was lighter colored like a berber type neutral color and more heavy duty quality.Black is so drab and boring-i know its only flooring in a car. Got the tesla rubber floormats which protect well anyhow.

barrykmd | 24 juli 2017

SHould I start calling my leather seats carnivore seats?

Bighorn | 24 juli 2017

Cows are vegetarian

Bill_75D | 24 juli 2017

They are also delicious.

lilbean | 24 juli 2017

I saw the documentary "What the Health" and I never want to eat meat again.

hsuru4u | 24 juli 2017

the white seats are amazing.Brighten up the inside and are classy looking. | 24 juli 2017

@hsuru4u - Carpeting is the easiest to deal with. Buy the mats in the color and pile that you like. You can get a great set for under $300. I bought Tan carpets to match my Tan seats - really lightens up the interior.

Silver2K | 24 juli 2017
lilbean | 24 juli 2017

Hahaha, silver!
Who's Leilani, BH?

p.c.mcavoy | 24 juli 2017

I'll admit when I saw folks starting to refer to seating choices as vegan I also had the immediate reaction of "so do the seats not eat meat"? Before making any wisecrack type statements, I decided I'd probably better check myself and actually look up proper definitions of the word vegan. According to the Cambridge Dictionary ...

Vegan - noun - a person who does not eat or use any animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or leather

vegan - adjective - not eating, using, or including any animal products

Hence, the usage of the word vegan as a adjective, as in "... the new Tesla cream colored vegan seats ..." would see to be an appropriate use of the word as an adjective describing them as not including any animal products.

Re Silver's link to video from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I actually observed something very similar once. Was on a business trip, group at a predominantly steak house type of restaurant and one of my colleagues asked the server if they had any vegetarian options. Her immediate reply was "sure, we have chicken". It became one of our standard joking points for the rest of the trip about whether other restaurants had any vegetarian chicken on their menus.

lilbean | 24 juli 2017

I thought vegan was just a trendy way to say fake leather, to make people feel better.

lilbean | 24 juli 2017

I thought vegan was just a trendy way to say fake leather, to make people feel better.

Bighorn | 24 juli 2017

Vegan race car driver with a P85+--does a lot of animal activism--Blackfish and The Cove--and is Bob Weir's SIL so runs with B listers.
Leilani Munter.

KP in NPT | 24 juli 2017
KP in NPT | 24 juli 2017

ninja'd by BH :)

lilbean | 24 juli 2017

Thanks, BH and KP. Cool!

Bighorn | 24 juli 2017

Call me sensei:)

Bighorn | 24 juli 2017

You could have schooled me with the proper accent marks:)

KP in NPT | 24 juli 2017

I was lazy. ;)

Captain_Zap | 24 juli 2017

ANOTHER change that I don't like. What's next?

AlMc | 25 juli 2017

As a stock holder I accept that this move gives a higher GM as the material is said to be less expensive, As a purchaser of Tesla vehicles I would prefer choice. Vegans get what they want, people who prefer leather have that option as well.
Dichotomy that I can not reconcile.

jordanrichard | 25 juli 2017

So do vegans not eat vegetables either..........? I mean cow manure is often used as fertilizer. So it is better to use petroleum materials and all that entails getting those materials, to make "vegan seats", shoes, wallets/purses, and any other leather goods, than it is to use the hide of an animal that was dead already... just checking.

I not saying people have a choice to eat/not what they want, I am just trying to follow the logic.

carlk | 25 juli 2017

I don't know much about the vegan thing my question is roughly what's the percentage of population that is vegan. Anybody knows? I could never stop eating animal products but on the other hand there is no problem for me to use less of anything when there are proper substitutes. From my own experience synthetic seat material is just one such thing. It's really better than leather you just have to throw past perception and attachment to leather away.

jordan Petroleum materials are from dead animals too just that they were dead a billion years ago.

jordanrichard | 25 juli 2017

carlk, yep. Also many makeup products use animal based ingredients.

Silver2K | 25 juli 2017

Cows don't eat meat, their poop is vegan :) | 25 juli 2017

Poop appears vegan, but many vegans do not eat honey as it passes through the bee's second stomach. Sorry to hijack.

Rocky_H | 25 juli 2017

@jordanrichard, +1 Yeah, I saw someone complaining on Tesla's Facebook page that it kind of goes against Tesla's ethos a bit, as it's covering the seats in an oil-based material, as most plastics are, and I suppose vinyl is too. Animals are a renewable resource.

KP in NPT | 25 juli 2017

+1 AIMc - that's kind of where I am.

I am not vegan, have leather seats in our S, but was going to choose the vegan option for our 3 as the reviews have been great. From a sustainability standpoint, I totally agree with and understand Tesla's decision. That said, the perception is leather is "better" - I guess we'll see if that can be overcome.

carlk | 25 juli 2017

KP You're right it's just a perception. Leather has always been considered high class and expensive it's really hard for people to change that perception. I mentioned the example of Louis Vuitton's products but that is still an exception than rule at this time.