"Manage" button gone from my MyTesla Page

"Manage" button gone from my MyTesla Page

I have a Model S along with a reservation for my Model 3.

Up until yesterday, when I logged on, I had a "Manage" button for my Model S and also one for the Model 3. When you clicked on it, you were taken to another page that talked about that deliveries would be in late 2017 blah blah blah.

Now that button is gone.

Perhaps making changes to get ready to accept configurations?

Based in California hoping to get mine by the end of the year!

tushar.delhi | 27 juli 2017

Can confirm, same here. Not sure if its only for California residents, although I am.

Pshah85 | 27 juli 2017

i dont see manage button as well - California resident

Pkalhan | 27 juli 2017

I'm in PA and it is missing from mine as well.

burdogg | 27 juli 2017

Already a thread on this that has 66 responses, just part way down the page. :)

It is gone for everyone.

andy.connor.e | 27 juli 2017


david_gelfand | 27 juli 2017

Me too, I live in Oakland. M S has "Manage" but not M3. Doesn't matter to me since I don't want to cancel my Rez. We'll see how soon Model S or X owners who liven near Fremont will get you may configure emails. It would be great if we could get our MS annual service, this year, at same time as taking delivery of our new M3!

noleaf4me | 27 juli 2017

Mine the same in ATL -- THIS IS EXCITING!!!!

PBEndo | 27 juli 2017

Though the buttons are gone, you can still reach the same page by using your RN number for your ≡ in place of the x's in this link

3dwin | 27 juli 2017

My manage button is back on. Along with and updated picture of car with some new wording. Very exciting

nextelmatt | 27 juli 2017

The Manage button is back folks. On my Model 3 Page!!! Things are moving!

Your Model 3 invitation is arriving soon... But now it says 4/1, but I reserved on 3/31. Oh well :) My reservation number remains intact.

eric.whang | 27 juli 2017

Same my 3/31/2016 was pushed to 4/1/2016. Wtf?

3dwin | 27 juli 2017

Dang sorry to hear that guys. Mine still shows 3/31/16. I ordered it about 11:30 ish am after getting to store at 8:30am and waiting till 10 for them to start

Darryl | 27 juli 2017

The buttons are back.

Siotisj2004 | 27 juli 2017

Yeah. New button is a sign, but my date changed too! Why did the date change?

Derik | 27 juli 2017

Pushed mine to 4/1 as well. Maybe it's the online orders? I did it per-reveal pretty soon after they opened up the online reservations.
Not like it's going to make much of a difference anyway.

nextelmatt | 27 juli 2017

Seriously Eric! Well, the reservation number remains the same, so hopefully it is just a date now. I am very excited.

socaldave | 27 juli 2017

Interesting - mine still says reserved 03/31/2016.

PhillyGal | 27 juli 2017

Mine still says 3/31 as well. Our reservation was in store.

socaldave | 27 juli 2017

^^^ same

weluvm3 | 27 juli 2017

Mine says 3/31 and "Your Model 3 invitation is arriving soon..."

gavinfaulkner | 27 juli 2017

Do you live outside the US Brianjstarr?

Ehninger1212 | 27 juli 2017

Wth!! Mine says 4-1-16 also! I reserved 3-31!... that makes me angry.

Xerogas | 27 juli 2017

So far, based on reports here and other threads, it seems that everyone who stood in line and ordered in store retains their 3/31 reservation date, and everyone who ordered online gets a 4/1 date. Probably to help distinguish "something special" for those who took a large chunk of time out of their day to stand in long lines.

I reserved online on 3/31 and my date shows as 4/1 now. I am not angry, because I did not put in the effort to stand in line all day. You put in the effort, you reap the rewards. Elon chose to reward those people, which seems like a nice thing to do for them.

3dwin | 27 juli 2017

Classy attitude Xerogas.

w8ng4m3 | 27 juli 2017

Mine says 4/7 and "Your Model 3 invitation is arriving soon..."

weluvm3 | 27 juli 2017

CA, and, yes, I stood in line.

Tesla2018 | 27 juli 2017

I waited in line at the store and left my deposit before the reveal a few hours later. It looks like if you went to the store it shows 3/31. Did anyine go to a store AFTER the reveal and if so what date does it say? I am on the east coast so I think all the stores were closed after the reveal. Doesnt matter if we get to order early since our cars are being delivered after the west coast ones. Wonder if it matters what coast you were on when you ordered and if you did it in person and if east coasters and people out of the country can order sooner since their cars are coming later?

CASEMAN | 27 juli 2017

My date was changed to 4/1 after ordering online pre-reveal. It says my invitation is coming soon. WOOOHOOO!! I am in CA.

gavinfaulkner | 27 juli 2017

Brianjstarr...Odd. seems contrary to what others are saying here. I wish you good luck in receiving am early invite however.

alvit | 27 juli 2017

reserved 3/31 in Santa Monica store at 6:30pm. Date says 4/1!!! You get your 4/1 date because that's when you've got your confirmation e-mail....

PBEndo | 27 juli 2017

reserved 2 in line at Riviera store on 3/31, both reservations say 3/31

bj | 27 juli 2017

@Thomas.Bournique - the only Tesla store in the world still open after the reveal was the Honolulu store. It's possible that store stopped taking reservations once the reveal event commenced, but I have no idea.

bj | 27 juli 2017

I reserved in store, and my date hasn't changed. Although it sort of has, it now says "Your Model 3 was reserved on 30/3/2016" - so I beat you all by 1 day due to time zone!! :-) It previously said that my reservation date was 31/3.

I think all they're doing is separating in-store reservations from online reservations. Your position in the queue should be unaffected because all reservations are time-stamped, so if you reserved online before the reveal on 31st, you'll still be in front of those who reserved on the 1st, even if MyTesla says you reserved on the 1st when you didn't.

w8ng4m3 | 27 juli 2017

My page has now changed from:

"Your Model 3 invitation is arriving soon..."


"More information on your Model 3 is coming soon"

Reservation 4/7 in Canada. That makes more sense. Got 16 more months (or so) to configure...

elephant in a bottle | 27 juli 2017

Those with the new 4/1 dates will get an April Fool's suprise from Elon/TM.

elephant in a bottle | 27 juli 2017

should've spelled "surprise"

elephant in a bottle | 27 juli 2017

should have spelled "surprise"

alvit | 27 juli 2017

reservation date has been changed from 4/1 to 3/31 today, July 27th

Xerogas | 27 juli 2017

Mine too: showed as 4/1 most of the day, but back to 3/31 now. Probably a timezone calculation error

Nakkidemus | 27 juli 2017

My page says:
Next steps
Your Model 3 was reserved on 31/12/1969. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ.

1969? :)

gavinfaulkner | 27 juli 2017