when you will get you're model 3

when you will get you're model 3

Xerogas | 28 juli 2017

Please change title to "your"
Explanation: "you're" is the same as "you are", which doesn't make sense and hurts my brain

flogball00 | 28 juli 2017

ordered yesterday, estimate october 25, 2017. We shall see

agkulcz | 28 juli 2017

February 2019.

WSC | 28 juli 2017

Both on October 8.

TheChad | 28 juli 2017

@flofball00 - if you ordered yesterday and expect delivery 10/25/17 you're either an employee or crazy.

kevin | 28 juli 2017

Hard to say. I reserved last year, long after the first batch, BUT I get the Model S owner boost, BUT being on the East Coast hurts. I suspect mid 2019.

Shock | 28 juli 2017

I only reserved in July. I assume 18 months. Could be much worse, though. Any number of things could sideline production hopes massively and put this back. But also I am positive some number of reservations will never result in a sale. I just don't know what that number is.

Also will be interesting to see what $35k actually gets.

jefjes | 28 juli 2017

Teslanomics has me at Feb 15, 2018 if I hold off for AWD. If I don't it's showing Nov.'17

Gemini18 | 28 juli 2017

Made my reservation May 1, 2016. Little do-hickey calculator says I'll get mine in December, at the highest trim they have available on the site. It's all up in the air, until we find out what the option are, and for me, how long the wait will be for all wheel drive.

LA-Fohlen | 28 juli 2017

I suspect that those priorities will work in particular of the people that ordered in the first few days. I ordered on 5/16/2017 and I don't see why previous ownership or location within the US would make a big difference. I checked the teslanomics calculator and it told me as a current owner I would get the base model on Nov 15, 2017 vs Jan 18, 2019 if I'm not a current owner.
It appears to me that this estimator has some serious flaws.

Dr_Zarkov | 28 juli 2017

The estimator at Teslanomics puts me at December 29, 2017. I reserved on April 2, 2016. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't have a Model S or X. I don't work for Tesla or SpaceX and I'm willing to take a base model in red with a 75 kWh battery pack.

hkumin | 28 juli 2017

Flash Gordon?

jsanford | 28 juli 2017

11/14/2017. I think it's optimistic.

Payge | 29 juli 2017

There's a delivery estimator on mytesla now

Blue Diamond | 29 juli 2017

I reserved online on 3/31/16 right when online reservations opened up.

The official delivery estimator says December 2017 - February 2018 for first production, February - April 2018 for standard, October - December 2018 for dual motor.

kevin | 29 juli 2017

I am a Model S owner who reserved in September 2016. My delivery estimate is Sept-Nov 2018 for the dual motor version; however, if I want RWD I can get it November 2017-January 2018. That's way sooner than I every imagined.

Manuelramirez42 | 29 juli 2017

has anyone hit save yet? what happens when you hit save/?

Gwgan | 29 juli 2017

You can change your Save decision as much as you want. I initially chose Soonest because wants, but changed to Latest because need AWD.

Spockmalon1232 | 29 juli 2017

I have a Nov-Jan for first production estimate. I'm from Chicago and reserved on 3/31 at 11am. Im hoping lots of people skip the $49k model 3 so I can get it before December.

Dr_Zarkov | 29 juli 2017

@hkumin - Yes. Flash Gordon. Been a fan ever since I was young. Flash was the muscle and Zarkov solved all of the problems.

Science fiction got us all here in a way. Besides have you test driven Model S/X? They're as close to a rocket ship as most of us are ever going to get.

95dawg | 29 juli 2017

Teslanomic estimator is WAY off vs. estimator.

Off by at least 4 months for me.

jefjes | 29 juli 2017

I can't even open My Tesla account right now. Just keeps taking me back to the Tesla home page and no option to log in.

AZ Travelers | 29 juli 2017

Arizona, Reserved 31 March 2016 around 10:00 AM-PT. Want base/standard model.
According to Teslanomics, delivery would be Nov 6.
According to Tesla, delivery will be Jan-Mar. - See
Darned Ben Sullins, getting my hopes up :)

stevenmaifert | 29 juli 2017

FWIW, my RN is correct in the estimator and it is giving me a 4th quarter 2017 delivery estimate for First Production. The price quoted appears to be without either the Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability. That's exactly how we wanted it. I'm a 2012 MS owner who reserved on 3/31/16 and live in CA.

madrigalo | 29 juli 2017

West coast May 31 reserved in store. Nov 17-Jan 18

JAD | 29 juli 2017

October to December 2017 for me. Current owner, in California reserved on 3/31.

hoffmannjames | 29 juli 2017

Reserved yesterday. My page says "early 2019" for all the options. I want the "1st production" car. I wish I could get mine a bit sooner than 2019 since I want the model that is being produced now.

rxlawdude | 29 juli 2017

Ordered online 3/31/16. Southern California. October-December '17 delivery.

up north | 29 juli 2017

Mpls. Nov. Jan. 2017 waited in in line.

yaheya | 29 juli 2017

Teslanomics predictions on when I will get my model 3 was only 6 months off!

yaheya | 29 juli 2017

rxlawdude are you a Tesla customer or current Tesla vehicle owner? I ordered the same day as you, my delivery estimate is January - March 2018. Not good! BTW, I live in Southern California as well.