Reveal 3

Reveal 3

Let's discuss the July 28 Model 3 reveal.

dyefrog | 28 juli 2017

It seems as though the base battery is not 60 Kwh.

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

Some key points so far...

First, he reiterated that the instrumentation was based on Autonomous driving - we won't care that there's no instruments for the driver...

Two models - standard (with less range but better performance than the Bolt at a starting price of $35k)and Long-range (310 mile range, 5.1 seconds 0-60 and a starting price of $44k)

akgolf | 28 juli 2017

Surprised at the lower range of the base Model, but liked the upper range.

Surprised they didn't go into more detail of the cars features, but I guess we'll find out soon on the web site and by existing owners.

Frank99 | 28 juli 2017

Standard: $35K, 220 miles, 5.6 sec 0-60, 130 mph
Long Range: $44K, 310 miles, 5.1 sec 0-60, 140 mph

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

Wait... that's it? Seriously?

efrain.floresjr | 28 juli 2017

Wow, was that hard to watch and time wasted...

lcoop96 | 28 juli 2017

I wanted to see someone drive away with theirs.

TheChad | 28 juli 2017

Not a whole lot of info provided. Let the floodgates open of comments bashing the event commence.

carlk | 28 juli 2017

Does that mean both will be open for ordering now? Performance model will be later I assume.

brian | 28 juli 2017

So, I'm glad the cars appear to be produced better than their presentations. Let's get that right out of the way. Love the car... not terribly surprised we didn't hear more specs, design studio info, etc. But I am happy to at least now have range confirmed. Pretty much right where they thought it would be at 220 for the standard (35K) and over 300 miles for a 44K base. Still very interested in timelines and was a little surprised that Elon said that if you order one today, you won;'t get it until the end of next year. That seems very soon to me, frankly. If they have over 400K orders and aren't planning on hitting even 10K/week until at least what sounds like Q2 of 2018... there is no way anyone ordering now gets one that soon. Right?

Robocheme | 28 juli 2017

Wow, $9000 for the battery upgrade!

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

Thanks for watching...

inconel | 28 juli 2017

310 miles. Sweet!

Chunky Jr. | 28 juli 2017

Cars are cool, event was lame (I watched online, maybe it was better live).

TheChad | 28 juli 2017

$100 per mile for the upgrade!

bpool699 | 28 juli 2017

I stayed up for that!...........Boooooooo!

Frank99 | 28 juli 2017

Yeah, the ending was a bit abrupt. I would have liked to see the 30 cars drive away at least, maybe a 15 second bio for the 30 owners...

12Brent | 28 juli 2017

Perhaps that includes Dual Motors for the $9k?

jordanrichard | 28 juli 2017

Ya, that was very ain't-climatic. It basically came down to here are the 2 versions and just watch the first owners walk around a parking lot full of 3s......

acares | 28 juli 2017

well... that was disappointing. And this is coming from a Tesla enthusiast

info | 28 juli 2017

also disappointed...

carlk | 28 juli 2017

"Wow, $9000 for the battery upgrade!"

Wow means too much or too little? From the range difference I assume the two are 55 kWh and 75 kWh or there about. The price difference sounds just about right to me.

sosmerc | 28 juli 2017

Perhaps the battery upgrade also includes dual motors (AWD).......I sure hope so. Certainly not much in the way of details in this presentation. I am surprised he didn't tell everyone to get back to work just before he left. EM is an amazing guy.....but he should leave the talking to someone else.

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

Performance (at least acceleration) on the Long-range version is easily better than the competition, for the price.

No info on options and such - we'll have to wait on leaks and the design studio for specifics

SUN 2 DRV | 28 juli 2017

He said it was going to be a delivery party for 30 cars. That's basically what it was...

gatorj31 | 28 juli 2017

Yea, 9K for the battery upgrade is a no go for me.

Coastal Cruiser. | 28 juli 2017

Thanks for starting this thread Frank...

Short show. But I have to say, both the show and the pre-show hit at a very visceral level. Gotta admit I needed a hankie. I will remember for the rest of my life what happened on July 28th, 2017.

Biggest surprise: Did not identify who was taking delivery of that first 30.

Best takeaway line: When you're going through Hell... keep going.

carlk | 28 juli 2017

People who says disappointed please keep in mind this is a $35K car not to mention a $35K Tesla.

Dr_Zarkov | 28 juli 2017

That's it?!!! Never got a close up view of the car. No idea when they'll be in the showrooms. Lame!

Atlanta09 | 28 juli 2017

So stock will tank right? Base model range and accel well below pre-event rumors on this forum and elsewhere

Guess ppl may wait until independent testing to cancel? To see if #'s as presented are overly conservative?

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

Would have been good for those 30 new owners to have their moment in the spotlight

But he did hit the most fundamental points

Nguyenning | 28 juli 2017

That was extremely disappointing

Buy the dip on Monday :)

keng1_98 | 28 juli 2017

The brief exterior look was meh. I have a 2018 Audi A5 Sportback that's two months old. Will trade it in for TM3 if I like it better, but I must say the car body is less beautiful than my Audi. Wish Elon had shown the interior just a little bit. All I saw was the steering wheel and gigantic landscape oriented screen.

Oh well. Haven't decided yet to go from my Audi to this Tesla, but have reservation in since last August. Will decide next year.

eleestein | 28 juli 2017

I was hoping that the long range would have better acceleration. I realize you get another 90 miles of range but 5.1 0-60 is not that noticeable when compared to 5.6. I was looking fior 4.5. Oh well.

Atoms | 28 juli 2017

Good shot of the dash. 5 more miles for the base! Good luck on the ramp. Manufacturing is a bear.

bedoig | 28 juli 2017

I understand the disappointment if you're new to watching Tesla, but this was honestly exactly what I was expecting. Ya, light on details. Ya, they all suck at public speaking. Par for the course. Hopefully will be an awesome car though.

acares | 28 juli 2017

I'm not disappointed in the car, I'm disappointed in the event. There is almost nothing that would keep me from purchasing.

But I think it's fair to have hoped for more information than we received.

eeb9 | 28 juli 2017

I think (hope) the long-range version is just battery, not battery plus AWD - so a performance version should shave a few more tenths

Tropopause | 28 juli 2017

I liked it. Awesome car. Very excited to get mine.

Thanks Tesla Employees!

Mike83 | 28 juli 2017

They actually made 50 cars. Safest car made. 310 mile range is awesome. colors were cool. Still can't decide on the color.
Thanks to all at Tesla for their hard quality work. Remarkable.

nextelmatt | 28 juli 2017

I do want a few more specs. As others have posted, they will come out with the new M3 owners soon.

I love the 310mi range on the "long range" model. I am hoping the base long range has AP2 standard, otherwise we are going deep into the 50s for price once the options are added up.

Waiting for the order now button instead of 'manage'.

davidtstewart | 28 juli 2017

More info here:

Looks like the Premium package is $5000.

So $35k + $9k + $5k = $49k... and still RWD with no Ludicrous or autodrive...

Bluesday Afternoon | 28 juli 2017

It's back on! There now going to show the handovers!

jordanrichard | 28 juli 2017

Well I am not new to Tesla and that was lame. There was absolutely no fanfare to the owners getting their cars. They just let them walk through the hedges and let them try to find their car.

kkchan67 | 28 juli 2017

Clearly these guys are working hard to produce the car and the thinnest of margin and they're proud of what they do. If people expecting this to be a Broadway show then you realize you're paying for those unnecessary showboating. Just be patient and wait for the car production to ramp up and realize we're all helping to change the world to be a better place!

Frank99 | 28 juli 2017

$44K for the long range version. Right at the limits of my spending cap. Is it worth it? Now I've got to do some thinking....

cloudohana | 28 juli 2017

I was hoping for a more detailed look at the car, interior, charging, features, etc.

carlk | 28 juli 2017


"I think (hope) the long-range version is just battery, not battery plus AWD - so a performance version should shave a few more tenths"

My guess is they are both RWD. That what Elon said will be produced first. AWD and performance models will come later. My feeling is this will end up a $50K for most people. To think otherwise would be a wishful thinking.

Jegonzal | 28 juli 2017

what a waste of time.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28 juli 2017

Sorry, it's a tape of the original.