First Batch of Post Event Model 3 Reviews and News

First Batch of Post Event Model 3 Reviews and News

carlk | 29 juli 2017

Great MT review. A lot of nice things said about its handling. That answered the probably only question I had.

philip.machanick | 29 juli 2017

MT article: When last could someone say of an American car than an Alfa “feels like a wet sponge by comparison”? Ever?

Great news when so many Americans are embarrassed by president T***. Something really to be proud of.

compchat | 29 juli 2017

I'm not embarrased by our Great President. You must be a democrat to spout such trash.

greg | 29 juli 2017

Whether you are embarrassed or not by your president, Musk certainly is.

Hence why he left the Presidents advisory group when and how he did.

And certainly, a large part of the world - you know, all those countries that signed the Paris agreement and have agreed to be bound by it for the common good on the planet, also agree with Musks assessment of him too.

I don't think the rest of the world are simply all "democrats" or are simply spouting "fake news" - as you are - about it, just because Musk and they speak the truth.

And "speaking truth to power" like that ain't fake news, never was, and isn't now, just 'cos the powerful don't like it.


When did America last create a car that could actually, "do" corners properly in the last 50 years?
Probably never, til Telsa came along and showed them how to do it, using electric power trains.

Thats what makes the "wet sponge" feeling go away, proper corner handling not raw muscle power.

But they need European designed tyres to do it. Looks like 'merican tyres simply aren't up to the job... yet.

Nexxus | 29 juli 2017

Awesome review from MT! The masses can't wait to get their hands on one! Me included.

noleaf4me | 29 juli 2017

Game changer....BMW has to be terrified.....

jordanrichard | 29 juli 2017

Let's not ruin this with politic crap.

I too liked MT remarks about the Alfa feeling like a wet sponge in comparison and I am sure the Alfa costs more.

If you look at the whole gallery of pictures MT took, you can see how large the opening to the trunk is.

I am still unsure about the whole "you got to use your phone" approach to getting into the car. The app is all well and good, if the app works. There have been times where my app wouldn't connect, even though I had cell signal. Then of course there is when there is no or little cell signal and the app won't work at all. So one will have to carry that valet key with them all the time and one would have to take it out and swipe it on the upper B-pillar.

Though I guess this is one of the things to separate the S/X form the 3.

Ehninger1212 | 29 juli 2017


Yeah the trunk looks much improved! With an extra carve out area!

Also the no fob still comes with that key card I have read, for valet and I case the app doesn't work on your phone.

Shock | 29 juli 2017

Can you clowns please, for once not make a thread about this car about the president? You're ever bit as silly as the people who constantly whined about obama over everything. Let it go, talk about it in another thread. It's pathetic, stop it. this all looks except it looks like the base $35k version doesn't even have power seats, which is really gross :( I can do with the base model but I'd never buy another car without power seats. Seems basically the base version is $40k realistically.

jordanrichard | 29 juli 2017

Ehninger1212, one will always have to have the valet card on them. There have been times when despite a strong cell signal, that my app didn't work.

weluvm3 | 29 juli 2017

Best car you can buy at any price, and it's designed and built right here in California.

Yes, I'm proud of that. I'm signed up for the first production version. Worth every penny.

Chunky Jr. | 29 juli 2017

Based on that MT article, wouldn't be surprised if it is named car of the year

Scuffers | 29 juli 2017


Access does not need your phone to be in service, just within bluetooth range.

carlk | 29 juli 2017

One question is answered in the MT table. It does have 4yr/50K mile warranty.

KP in NPT | 29 juli 2017

Definitely MT car of the year. What could beat it??


ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

I enjoyed the MOTOR TREND article, for many of the same reasons as the rest of you. I've been pointing out to all the "There's more to performance than straight line acceleration!" folks for much of the past two years that Tesla hires smart people who are fully aware of that. And I've noted time and again that the 'benchmark' of superior ICE handling had been the BMW 3-Series for decades, but that since 2012 they have been repeatedly defeated in that parameter by multiple contenders in the 'entry level luxury' market place. So I put forth that since Tesla isn't stupid, and someone else already did the hard work to figure out how to beat BMW, they would certainly use the opportunity to learn from others so they could beat BMW and its contemporaries hands down when it came to the elusive 'driving feel' for Model 3. So, for all those that claimed the Model 3 would be a porker with poor handling and that it would 'never' match a proper ICE no matter what...? I now say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" Yeah. That felt good. I liked it. A lot.

hoffmannjames | 29 juli 2017

I apologize if this has already been posted but electrek has a nice review of the Model 3:

They say the car drives like a smaller S with a minimalist interior. The article also confirms that the car unlocks automatically via your tesla app on your phone or alternatively, the driver can swipe their keycard on the b pillar to unlock the car.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

I thought they said car of the century in there somewhere!

carlk | 29 juli 2017

Or car of the human history. OK that title might belong to the model T but it could be the car of modern history. ICE cars are ancient history.

KP in NPT | 29 juli 2017

Based on the reviews of test drives, my experience riding in it, people's reaction seems to mirror reactions of driving a Model S for the first time.

I firmly believe when people start driving this car, it's game over for ICE.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

Oh, yeah... One thing I noticed about the MOTOR TREND article was that in the list of exterior/interior dimensions they showed that the Tesla Model 3 trunk was 15 ft³, which was encouraging... But for some reason, though they listed amounts for headroom, legroom, shoulder room, etc...? They didn't list passenger volume at all, and they kept calling it a 'compact'.

I am pointing this out because EPA Size Classifications are determined by adding the useful Passenger and Cargo volume to each other. At 110 ft³ to 119 ft³ a vehicle qualifies as 'Midsize' regardless of overall length, width, height, weight, or price point -- the parameters that marketing/sales executives seem to prefer to use. Only two other cars in the same market segment as Model 3 are Midsize, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Infiniti Q50.

All of these would probably be called 'compacts' in marketing parlance, but I have a strong feeling that Model 3 will join them as Midsize, officially:

Alfa Romeo Giulia ___ 182.6″ x 73.7″ x 56.1″, 111.0" wb ___ 3,029-3,360 lbs
Infiniti Q50 _________ 189.1" x 71.8" x 56.8", 112.2' wb ___ 3,666-4,005 lbs
Honda Civic ________ 182.3″ x 70.8″ x 55.7″, 106.3" wb ___ 2,742-2,923 lbs
Toyota Corolla ______ 183.1″ x 69.9″ x 57.3″, 106.3" wb ___ 2,860-2,885 lbs
Tesla Model 3 _______ 184.8" x 72.8" x 56.8", 113.2" wb ___ 3,550-3,800 lbs

So, this is an interesting omission. Because at 95 ft³ or more in Passenger volume, assuming the listing for trunk Cargo volume is correct, the Model 3 would definitely qualify as Midsize. And I find it hard to believe that an electric car that is so much longer than Civic & Corolla, wider than all these but the Giulia, and with a longer wheelbase than the other four Midsize cars would not achieve a Midsize rating itself.

Model 3 _____ ??? ft³ ________ 15 ft³ _______ ??? ft³
Corolla _______ 98 ft³ ________ 13 ft³ _______ 111 ft³
Giulia _______ 100 ft³ ________ 12 ft³ _______ 112 ft³
Civic _________ 98 ft³ ________ 15 ft³ _______ 113 ft³
Q50 ________ 102 ft³ ________ 13 ft³ _______ 115 ft³

lar_lef | 29 juli 2017

Great reviews-everybody can relax-especially those who ordered.

jefjes | 29 juli 2017

I wasn't real happy last night but after an almost good night's sleep and looking at every thing with fresh eyes, I'm still committed to getting my Model 3. No power seats, I'm the only one that will be driving my car so I usually never change my seat position anyway. Textile seats, in the past I've normally preferred fabric over leather or vinyl since I never have liked my skin sticking to the seats in hot weather. No glass roof over the driver, I hardly open the sun/moon roof in our SUV now. The base should work fine for me when it becomes available so I just need to continue to be patient and wait.

MarylandS85 | 29 juli 2017

+1 jefjes
The only thing that might push me to consider the $5k premium upgrade is if the base lacks heated front seats. Without those, we’d use a lot more battery to heat the cabin in winter. I own a Model S now, but all my previous cars were practical $20k Japanese cars. I can do without power seats, glass roofs, upgraded materials, and upgraded audio.

I’d rather spend that $5k on Autopilot, if I have to choose. I’ll save my $3k and wait on full self-driving until it’s a reality. In like 2020 or later.

rxlawdude | 29 juli 2017

Why are people assuming the $5K premium package contains leather or faux leather seats?

geoffalexander737 | 29 juli 2017

@rxlawdude, I read that Tesla has phased out leather seats and are now only offering textile or vegan leather on M3, so it stands to reason that the cabin materials upgrade at 5k would include the vegan leather.

elephant in a bottle | 29 juli 2017

Driverless cars don't need power seats.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

GM couldn't afford power seats in the Bolt either.

akgolf | 29 juli 2017

I hope the upgrade does include seat upgrade, but I don't think it will.

On the Model S/X they have a premium upgrade, but upgraded seats are separate and I expect the Model 3 to follow suit.