Right hand drive markets deliveries

Right hand drive markets deliveries

The car looks awesome - but just see that deliveries in RH drive markets will now be in 2019??

Elon previously mentioned summer 2018.

I placed reservation on 31st March 2016

Anyone else slightly annoyed? Thoughts?

Scuffers | 29 juli 2017

Yes, you're not alone!

I was expecting to wait a bit as I want the AWD version, but this is taking the p***.

CraigW | 29 juli 2017

Elon is trying to get as many US drivers delivered early as is humanly possible - the tax credit starts declining 6 mos after the 200,000th US Tesla car is delivered. IMO, this is what will delay deliveries outside the US, rather than any desire to 'tick-off' future owners.

stevenmaifert | 29 juli 2017

It's early folks. If you've followed Tesla for a while, you know that expected dates for just about everything is subject to change. Hang in there.